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Lunya Pajamas Review: Luxury In And Out Of Bed

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Reviewed by Amanda Hitchcock

Last Updated March 2022

Lunya Pajamas Set

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Lunya was founded by Ashley Merrill in 2012 after she was able to bring to fruition her years-long dream of creating comfortable, quality, and flattering sleepwear. Primarily known for the silk pieces, Lunya has been featured in Glamour, Forbes, and other highly respected publications. Just how good are these sets for the modern woman?

Let’s find out.

Featured Product: Washable Silk Set

best silk pajama set

Price: $178 each

Lunya is well known for their silk sets, and with good reason. The pieces are gorgeous, with relaxed yet flattering fits in several beautiful colors. The Sleepwear Set is made of 100% washable silk with a high waist and roomy top for a comfortable fit. It comes in Otium Tan, Meditative Purple, Opulent Green, Warm Rust, Tranquil White, Immersed Black, and several other colors. It is thermoregulating to maintain a cozy body temperature, with side slits in the shorts and a flowy back for ventilation.

Featured Product: Washable Silk Robe

Lunya silk robe experience

Price: $248 each

The Washable Silk Robe is a stunning piece of leisurewear that should be a staple in every woman’s closet. From the buttery soft fabric to the secure cuffs and deep pockets, it’s perfect for your next night in. Whether you’re drinking wine, relaxing after dinner, or watching Netflix, it pairs perfectly with the Washable Silk Set or any other Lunya product. It’s versatile enough to use nearly every day, and although it’s made entirely out of silk it’s still easy to keep looking new. It comes in the same colors as the matching Washable Silk Set, so you can complete your minimalist look.

Ratings Breakdown


The quality of the silk itself is apparent upon first glance and first wear. It’s glossy, yet thin and strong. I only knocked half a star off because of the stitching of the top that ripped when caught underneath me in my sleep.


The craftsmanship and design are excellent. It’s freeing to walk around in Lunya products because of how they feel against your skin. Silk isn’t cheap so Lunya isn’t either, but as founder Ashley Merrill believes, you deserve to treat yourself every day. Both products are meant to be worn often so they’re worth the investment.


Both products work as advertised, and are easy to use. As great as the high slits are in both the shorts and top, they may be a little uncomfortable for more modest users if worn outside the house–the slits are cut to the waistband, so someone may catch a cheeky glimpse.


Lunya’s website shies away from their philanthropic work, which is an interesting move. It’s a customer service-based brand that does not cater to everyone, which is okay–silk has been a luxury for thousands of years.

Who Is Lunya?

Lunya was founded in 2012 by Ashley Merrill, who strongly believes in Otium: the time we take to withdraw from the events of the day to enjoy the simple pleasures we enjoy. From reading, watching tv, enjoying a glass of wine, or laying down, Otium is when we are at peace with ourselves. Lunya centers their brand around Otium, framing their pieces with luxury, comfort, and the modern woman in mind.

Lunya Pajamas brand story

Our lives are chaotic enough between work, long commutes, cooking dinner, and everything else it throws at us. We deserve to give ourselves a break. We work hard and need to carve out time for a breather from the hustle and bustle. A good night’s sleep is essential to living, and Lunya has the sleepwear to help make this possible.

After celebrating the first profitable month, Lunya quietly funded a school for the nonprofit Girls Inc., an organization dedicated to helping young girls grow up to be confident, smart, and strong. This isn’t advertised on their website which is a surprisingly humble gesture in this world of keeping up appearances. Instead of focusing on lingerie like most women’s brands, Lunya’s intention is to create pieces for women to feel confident in at home. And let’s face it–lingerie is never comfortable.


  • Exceptionally soft material
  • Beautiful colors
  • Feels cool against skin
  • Shorts have small rubber mounds to grip at the waist without digging into skin
  • Robe cuffs are elastic to keep it snug and clean


  • Stitching is thin and unravels easily
  • Fabric tends to wrinkle if not properly steamed after washing

Lunya Pajamas Performance And Experience

I was shopping around for a nice set of pajamas when I stumbled across Lunya. Silk seemed like such a splurge, but upon first touch I was sold. The glossy color has enough sheen to showcase its quality without being too flashy.

The silk itself is strong, smooth, and cooling against skin, The design is also minimalist and modern, which is how I’d describe myself. I don’t need much to make me happy but I enjoy quality things that add value to my life.

Lunya Silk Pajamas Feel and comfort

My favorite feature from the Washable Silk Set was the grip on the waistband. The grips are small and dotted, providing enough hold to keep the waistband in place without it tugging against skin. It’s a small detail that I’ve never seen in other products, even ones that aren’t sleepwear. Walking around in the set feels freeing because of the airflow from the slits.

I’m also a hot sleeper and wake up throughout the night from heating up, but the thermoregulating fabric kept me cool. The only issue I had with the set was from the top, which partially tore at the seam. The stitching isn’t made of silk though, which is likely why it isn’t as strong as the rest of the set.

Lunya Pajamas Review Experience

The Washable Silk Robe is gorgeous. Reeking of luxury, I felt like I was on vacation in the Maldives when I tried it on. It’s the perfect length, dropping just above my knees.

The interior tie gives you the option of a more snug fit or an alternate look, and the exterior tie slides underneath another layer of silk, streamlining it against your body. The cuffs are similar to cuffs on a cozy winter sweater: tight at the wrists, loose on the arms.

Lunya Robe Review Experience

This is another great detail that Lunya has incorporated because it keeps your hands free so your robe will stay clean. It’s the perfect pairing with your Washable Silk Set, or to throw over the Washable Silk Slip Dress.

There are several factors that led to my positive experience with this Lunya pajamas including:
- The high-quality silk
- How easy they are to take care of
- The flowy, breezy design

Many competitor sleepwear sets and robes I was researching just weren’t appealing to me. They were either matronly, unflattering, too thick, or the material was too thin and cheap. Lunya has kept in mind what the modern woman wants and has delivered with their wide range of products.

Washable Silk Set

Featured In This Review

Washable Silk Set


This thermoregulating duo is Lunya’s all time #1 best seller so whether you are looking to treat yourself or treat another, this is the perfect purchase. Not your first set? Mix and match with your other colors, or try layering with the Washable Silk Robe.

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Washable Silk Robe

Featured In This Review

Washable Silk Robe


Lunya believes that staying in is the new going out, so we designed the dream robe for your dream night – binging Netflix, drinking wine, and going to bed by 10. It’s versatile, washable, and sure to be the most low maintenance part of your day.

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Are Lunya Pajamas Good Quality?

Lunya strives to use the highest quality products. Silk is a coveted material, therefore the craftmanship needs to be on par. With this and sustainability on the mind, they have created top of the line pieces that are easy to care for, stay intact after several uses, and are extremely comfortable. I could lounge around in Lunya all day which is exactly what the brand strives for.

Lunya Silk Quality

The durable pieces are the opposite of fast fashion because they are not massed produced, and they are crafted to a high standard. Most sleepwear sets won’t last because they are cheaply made. Lunya is low-maintenance and made well and exceeded my expectations.

Are Lunya Pajamas Worth It?

Silk has been a luxury for over 5,000 years, and still is today. Not all silk is created the same, and the delicate material has to be sourced from quality sources in order to live a long life. Lunya isn’t the first or last sleepwear company to create silk clothing items, but what sets it apart is the design.

Lunya Pajamas Worth It

The free flowing cut and cuffed robe sleeves are a Lunya trademark and are a fresh take on the typical pants and button up shirt combo.

In terms of price, Lunya falls in the midrange–a moderate luxury that is feasible and more than enough to satisfy your “treat yourself” cravings. The price may be off-putting upon first glance, but a quick Google search will show you that it’s difficult to find sleepwear with these features. They’re practical, well made, and will last for several years.

Lunya Coupons & Discounts

Lunya offers frequent promotions all year round through their emails. By signing up you can instantly get $20 on your first order. They offer a birthday promotion as part of the sign up process.

You can score free ground shipping on U.S. orders $200+. Finally they always offer a give $20, get $20 for inviting friends to make their first purchase. They get $20 towards their order and you get $20 for your next one.


Lunya Pajamas Summary

Lunya is all about Otium and finding the time daily to unwind and enjoy the little things that make us happy. With the chaotic mess that life is, it’s easy to cast ourselves aside and not allow moments of bliss to happen. Otium is the lost art of downtime–we’ve become so enthralled in this fast-paced world that we have little to no time left to relax. Lunya strives to reframe our brains to stop seeing downtime as unproductive and instead see it as valuable.

Lunya Pajamas Sexy

However, they do have other options for taking their CBD that may be more palatable to some of us. And the fact that they donate a portion of each sale to a fantastic non-profit only helps elevate their company in my opinion. So, if you’ve been looking for some other options to help get better sleep and sex, or reduce your stress, then they may just be worth a shot.