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Laundry Sauce Review: Detergent Pods for the Modern Man

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Reviewed by Matt Hayes

Last Updated April 2022

Laundry Sauce Review

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The Bottom Line

Doing laundry isn’t typically loads of fun – and believe me when I say I make plenty of it. Between my morning gym sesh, gearing up for meetings, dinner with my kids and a nightcap with my wife, the opportunities for sweat, spills and stains are endless. Pizza and pinot always make themselves right at home on your fav shirt, amirite?

That’s where Laundry Sauce comes in. You can think of them as the hype for your hamper – and the sheets, shirts and other swag that goes in it. Laundry Sauce’s next-level detergent pods use an ultra concentrated, expertly crafted formula to keep you and your clothes looking and feeling fresh – and they're super easy to use. After just one load using The Sauce, I ditched my former go-to – a big name brand you see lining the shelves at your local store.

Want to know why I’m never leaving The Sauciety? Here’s the low down:



Laundry Sauce Pods

$69.00 $59


4.8 ★★★★★

Our Rating

4.6 ★★★★★

Avg. Customer Rating

Getting the dirt off your shoulders feels good – I’m talking actual mud and marks. Laundry Sauce’s dye-free detergent pods do the hard work many brands don’t, leaving your laundry smelling fragrant and looking spotless by using the power of plant-based enzymes, not unnecessary additives. 


  • Unique, more premium scent options compared to other laundry detergents on the market
  • Two scents to pick and choose from – one more bold and one more neutral (but both smell super saucome)
  • Great value at just $1 per load
  • The packaging and branding feels suited to the modern man – aka, me
  • The fresh smell is long-lasting – on your clothes, sheets, towels
  • Thin outer layer of the pod makes it easier to dissolve in the wash
  • Option to subscribe and save 20% on your pods that deliver to your door every 2-6 months


  • The pod’s outer layer feels thinner than a Tide Pod, like I could possibly pop it if I’m not careful
  • Only two scents – and one or both may not be your jam (but I doubt it)

The Laundry Sauce Story

When Ian Blair, Austin Blair, and Robert Cardiff set out to launch Laundry Sauce, they wanted to challenge the chore status quo – why couldn’t doing laundry be a confidence-boosting activity instead of a less-than-sexy hassle? 

Three Ships Beauty Founders

Their mission to break away from boredom led to the innovation of conscious detergent pods with a high-end spin – from their aesthetic to their sophisticated scents. Recruiting Scent Artist Sabine De Tscharner to craft their signature fragrances, the Laundry Sauce team wanted their product to be inspired by the dual nature of the modern man – dark and mysterious yet fresh and open. 

This image influenced their sleek packaging and desire to support simplicity, both in the ability to pop a pod in any washing machine and to have your detergent delivered to your door at your desired cadence.

Ratings Breakdown


4.9 ★★★★★
Premium product that gets the dirty jobs done. Smells super sauceome. Dye-free and uses responsibly sourced natural ingredients. Scent ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free.


4.7 ★★★★★
Very affordable at just $1 per load, especially for a product with conscious ingredients. Option to subscribe and save 20% makes your laundry even less costly – without sacrificing cleanliness or scent.


4.8 ★★★★★
Quick to ship and arrive at my doorstep. No issues to report!


5 ★★★★★
Branding appealing to the modern man. Super sleek, bold and clever – they serve Old Spice vibes where they aren’t taking themselves too seriously, but I can still trust the product. This is the first detergent I’ve seen created with me in mind.

A Totally Sauceome Experience

Laundry Sauce has effectively created a super clean checkout and delivery experience – it’s simple and efficient, just like their detergent pods. After you order you receive an email with tracking information, and then comes your doorstep delivery. I really dug the packaging the pods came in – and TBH have never seen anything like it in the laundry market.

Each scent came in its own box filled with 69 perfectly shaped pods. Siberian Pine, the muskier of the two scent options, arrived in a crisp white box next to its brother Australian Sandalwood, which was neatly packaged in a nearly identical black box. Each pod package had a magnetic close flap, featuring a small ribbon handle for an easy-open feel

The packaging is definitely an extension of the brand – handsome in aesthetic, modern in design and useful. Each box stacks well on the shelf in my laundry closet, so they’re utilitarian if you’re tight on space and they just look luxe. Plus, the scent profile is outlined on the inner rim of the package, giving it a truly premium feel – not dissimilar to how you might pick and choose your cologne for the right occasion.

Laundry Sauce Smell Test
Laundry Sauce Smell
Laundry Sauce Pods


Laundry Pods

$69.00 $59

Inspired by the far-north tundra, where nature thrives pristine and untouched. Crisp juniper, cool geranium, frozen oakmoss and an ethereal touch of white mint combine to create an unrivaled freshness. Precious amber adds a feeling of clean, while the purity of tonka brings a touch of softness.


The Sauce’s Do’s and Don’t

Your pods come with an informational insert atop a layer of foam that protects them in transit, and also keeps them neatly packed in their box until you’re ready to do a load. The card gives you the quick rundown on how to use your fresh, liquid laundry detergent pods – which is super handy if you typically use pour-in detergent.

Best Mens Laundry Detergent

Here are the do’s and don’ts of laundering with the sauce:

Use one pod per load. You can add an extra pod if you have an XL load running or if you have a high capacity machine, but scent strength is really a personal preference.

Always dry your hands before removing the pods from their package – wet hands handling the pods is a big no-no!

If you have a front loading machine, you can throw a pod directly to the bottom of the wash drum. If you have a regular top-loading machine, you’ll get a super clean spin by filling your wash drum with water then placing the detergent pod in the bottom of the wash drum. This helps to evenly distribute the detergent throughout the water before it tackles cleaning your clothes.

One Or Two Pods Will Do

Pine Scented Laundry Detergent

Here’s the low-down on doing loads with Laundry Sauce. They’re simple and mess-free – which for anyone who’s busy and would rather do just about anything but laundry when they have a spare minute, is a quick win.

Taking the detergent for a (literal) spin, I popped one pod in the washing machine with my clothes. Hands down, it was the quickest, cleanest experience I’ve had with detergent in a while. No trying to measure the right ratio of detergent to load size, and I avoided my all-too-standard sticky mess of detergent dripping down the side of its container. Another bonus? No drying sheets needed – which was perfect since I was fresh out and forgot to grab them the last time I was at the store. Sorry, honey 😬.

Here’s the low-down on doing loads with Laundry Sauce. They’re simple and mess-free – which for anyone who’s busy and would rather do just about anything but laundry when they have a spare minute, is a quick win.

Pine Scented Laundry Detergent

Leveled-Up Laundry

After washing my bed sheets and pillow cases, the first thing I noticed when I woke up the next morning was how scent-sational everything smelled. I was sort of mind-blown — it was clear that instead of only enjoying that fresh sheet feeling as you fall into bed your first night post-wash, these pods manage to stay in bed with you well into the next day. And, it’s the kind of company you don’t mind sharing space with while you snooze — or lingering around for a few mornings. A rare find, indeed.

Great smelling laundry is a level-up from my life before these pods. FWIW, this is coming from a guy who usually avoids scented detergents because I don’t like their chemical residue smell. When I’m trying to rest up for a busy day, the last thing I need to be reminded of as I fall asleep is that I may or may not be sleeping on something super artificial and not designed with my skin in mind. When I switched to Laundry Sauce, I blissfully zonked out with a subtle scent of cologne – serving up some serious aroma therapy.

Sandalwood Scented Laundry Detergent

My wife dug the calming vibes too, and when we woke up said, “D*mn it really smells like these pillowcases are still fresh out of the wash.” She’s always loved it when I do the laundry, but loves it more now that I use Laundry Sauce — especially the Australian Sandalwood scent that she likens to one of her favorite oil diffusers.

So the story goes for all of my loads – from my sheets to my towels and my favorite gear. Everything I’ve thrown in my hamper has come out ultra clean with a scent that slaps. I’ve even felt confident enough to throw my shirt on with just a swipe of deodorant and head out the door — no cologne, just sauceome confidence.

Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at these online reviews:

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"I've been looking for the perfect laundry detergent ever since my old one ran out and I finally found it! This new detergent is so much better than the other ones. It makes all of my clothes smell so good!"

Taylor R.
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"Wow, I just love how everyone compliments my clothes and towels! I'm in love with how easy washing my clothes have become. Drop a pod in your washing machine and boom, now you have the best smelling laundry ever."

Jake G.
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"I love the way Siberian Pine makes my towels smell. My shower game is on a new level. I'm completely hooked and there's no way I can go back to generic detergent!"

Brett M.
Laundry Sauce Pods


Laundry Pods

$69.00 $59

Inspired by the far-north tundra, where nature thrives pristine and untouched. Crisp juniper, cool geranium, frozen oakmoss and an ethereal touch of white mint combine to create an unrivaled freshness. Precious amber adds a feeling of clean, while the purity of tonka brings a touch of softness.


Laundry Sauce’s Conscious Creation

What you put on matters — I’m talking about the detergents that ultimately come in contact with your skin, not just what you wear. Laundry Sauce knows that harsh dyes aren’t the move when you want to avoid irritants or when you want to extend the life of your favorite clothes.

Laundry Sauce Great Smell

So beyond not wanting to be reminded as I fall asleep, towel off or get dressed that the chemical smell of my detergent is actually harsh additives I’m rubbing against my skin, it’s easy to feel good about using Laundry Sauce since their scent ingredients are blended in North America with natural ingredients, containing no animal products, parabens, phthalates, chemicals, pesticides or GMOs. Score!

Because, if smelling this good came at a not-so-pure price, it wouldn’t be worth it. Laundry Sauce’s products also predominantly bio-degrade into harmless compounds that go on to fuel the circle of life – which is another reason I feel good washing with these pods. And, I look pretty good, too.

Don’t Sleep On Picking Up These Pods

Laundry Sauce’s Siberian Pine and Australian Sandalwood detergent pods put store-shelf detergents to shame. They’re made for the modern man – from their confidence-boosting fragrance to their fool-proof instructions. I mean, you throw a pod in the wash and hit “start” – too easy. You want to look and feel your best every day, no matter where it takes you, and Laundry Sauce supports that mission for men everywhere.

Sourced from premium materials and infused with sophisticated, exotic fragrances, they smell as good as they make you look and feel. These pods are truly the secret sauce for a better wash.

Laundry Sauce Great Smell