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Lane Eight Shoes Review: The Unisex, Eco-Conscious Shoe

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Reviewed by Amanda Hitchcock

Last Updated December 2021

Lane Eight Shoes review

Lane Eight was founded by brothers James and Josh Shorrock in 2017 set out to answer the question of what the everyday athlete requires. Their self-proclaimed “World’s Best Workout Shoe” has been featured in several high-profile publications such as Forbes, Shape, Men’s Journal, and more. Let’s find out if they live up to the hype.

Featured Product: Women’s Trainer AD 1

Price: $110 

The AD 1 Women’s Trainer is a stylish, vegan shoe made of recycled and ethically sourced materials. Eleven bottles of recycled plastic and BLOOM algae-based foam make up most of the shoe, and the vegan suede complements the top lining. It comes in several colors including lunar gray, black, dusty pink, and white, and limited colors like olive green, periwinkle, sage, and pink.

The trainer is an ultra-modern shoe and is actually Lane Eight’s only design. This may sound counterproductive but by focusing on one product, Lane Eight has ensured it’s made well. The founders of the brand want a universal shoe that can be used both in and out of the gym, whether it be for hiking, shopping, or dressing down a casual outfit.

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Ratings Breakdown


The craftsmanship is top-notch, making it easy to forget they’re on your feet. I would never know this was made from recycled plastic and algae--the look and feel is incredible and lightweight.


I’d recommend the AD 1 Trainer to my male and female friends. It has the fundamentals for a training shoe that will last for sessions to come and is comfortable. The shoes have lasted tough workouts and look almost new with every workout I’ve put them through, and it’s within the same price range as other top-quality shoes.


The Women’s AD 1 Trainer is a great choice for the seasoned athlete or brand new gym enthusiast. Not only is it made out of eco-friendly, durable material that weathers all conditions, but it’s also stylish enough to wear with leggings or joggers. Errands, working out, or lounging, the AD 1 Trainer does it all without wearing down your feet.


Lane Eight’s approach to their brand is refreshing: instead of focusing on selling several different pairs of shoes catered to different audiences and lifestyles, they crafted a near-perfect shoe to suit as many feet as possible. Their target demographic is any human being--a lofty goal, but one that they have executed well.

Who Is Lane Eight?

In 2017, brothers James and Josh Shorrock decided to quit their jobs, pool their savings, and take the risk of starting their own company. Their father was in the footwear industry, so their lives were intertwined with the market from a young age.

Josh became a footwear developer for a major sportswear brand for three years while James was an editor for an established online publication. Over time, the brothers learned the intricacies of the footwear industry from different perspectives: Josh from the developmental and creation stage, and James from the culture, marketing, and sales perspective. Together, they realized they could create the brand they always envisioned since they were kids.

Oliver Cabell Founder

The Shorrock brothers developed Lane Eight with the everyday athlete in mind. They sought to fill the void for the demographic that wasn’t being targeted by big sportswear brands because they aren’t athletes competing in a sport, they’re normal people who go on runs, go to the gym, and take group classes.

Lane Eight’s name is inspired by the lanes on a track. The eighth lane is one of the hardest to run because it starts from the outside, requiring a different strategy since the middle lanes are reserved for the fastest runners. This is how the brand sees itself--as underdogs on the outside, but still strong contenders in the race.


  • Great selection of colors
  • Made cruelty-free and with vegan suede
  • Laces stay tied for days
  • Easy to clean
  • Stylish 
  • Unisex, same priced design


  • Slightly narrow fit that isn’t ideal for wider feet
  • May cause foot pain during cardio or sprints
  • Price tag on the higher end for a training shoe

Lane Eight Shoes Performance And Feel

Lane Eight Shoes Style

The AD 1 Trainer is a versatile shoe created for the everyday athlete, which is the everyday human. Personally, I love working out and am in the gym nearly every day. When I’m not sprinting or lifting weights I still try to take care of my body through fuel and preventative measures, which includes what’s on my feet.

The trainers’s algae-based cushioning and thick insole were enough to support my feet without being bulky, but still strong enough to get through difficult workouts. They are a snug fit, so if your feet are slightly wide like mine, then sizing up as the website suggests is a good idea.

Low 1 Marine Shoe Test

In addition to being comfortable and easy to break in, the shoes are stylish. I’m looking forward to the cooler weather so I can pair my Lane Eights with joggers for a relaxed athleisure look. I love my Lane Eights so much that they’ve become my go-to shoe when going to the gym or out running errands. It’s shortened my necessity for both a gym shoe, an outdoor running shoe, and a stylish shoe--and with so many color options I will be purchasing more.

There are several factors that led to my positive experience with these shoes including:
• The stylish, comfortable design
• How well the shoes held up after strenuous workouts
• The vegan suede that is easy to clean
• Laces that stay put

Lane Eight Shoes In Different Workouts

As shoes made for movement, Lane Eight did not disappoint me. In the gym, the shoes are light enough to not be a distraction but sturdy enough to prevent any pain. Whether I was in the middle of an ab circuit, leg day, or yoga, the grip kept me steady and the laces were kept tight even with a lot of movement.

Lane Eight Shoes Workout Performance

The AD 1 Trainer also holds well for more strenuous workouts including plyometrics, treadmill sprints, and hill workouts. A typical lighter shoe would not have the proper cushion or support to withstand high-impact movements because it’s only made for low-impact workouts. A thinner shoe unequipped for heel-toe striking will wear out quickly, which isn’t the case here. There’s no need for several gym shoes for different workouts when you have a pair of Lane Eights. Lane Eight keeps diversity of workouts in mind and has created the solution for the everyday athlete that is always on the go.

Are Lane Eight Shoes Good Quality?

The AD 1 Trainer didn’t start out as the eco-friendly, vegan shoe we know today. When customers began asking, “Are your shoes vegan?” the Shorrock brothers realized that the world was changing, and listened to their customers. They adapted to their demographic and replaced the leather top with vegan suede and introduced the algae-based foam.

Lane Eight partnered with BLOOM to include algae into their midsoles. BLOOM harvests toxic algae blooms from lakes all over the world, then dries and processes them to become the cushiony sole of the trainers. The uppers are made from recycled plastic yarn, and each pair of shoes equals eleven bottles of recycled plastic. Despite using recycled and plant-based materials, the shoes hold up well with even the toughest of workouts.

Lane Eight Shoes Sustainability

It’s impossible to tell at first glance that these shoes are partially made from plant-based materials. They don’t scratch or scuff easily, and when they do they are easy to clean.

Even after taking a beating from hill sprints, the midsoles are still in good shape workout after workout. A good training shoe that actually does it all is hard to find, and it’s more feasible than having a pair of indoor gym shoes and another pair of outdoor workout shoes. The pebble-like rubber on the bottom grips the ground enough to propel you forward during a sprint and to hold you steady during downward dog.

Is Lane Eight A Good Value?

It’s difficult to calculate the lifetime of a shoe without first knowing what it will be used for and how often. Running shoes should be replaced about every 300 miles, and gym shoes lose much of their cushion within five or six months of use. When the price for a single pair is about $100, investing in a better pair is smarter than constantly replenishing your gym shoes.

Lane Eight Shoes Value

Thankfully Lane Eight has solved this issue with a pair of trainers that constantly delivers no matter the task. Several reviewers have testified that even after a year, the shoes are holding up almost like new. The $110 price tag may seem steep at first glance, but the longevity of the shoes makes up for any doubts. If you’re looking for a well-made, stylish training shoe that you can use in and out of the gym, then Lane Eight’s AD 1 Trainer is a great choice.

Lane Eight Products

Lane Eight’s shoes are not only functional and comfortable, but they are also stylish. The signature design comes in eleven colors, creating endless options for whatever outfit you pair with them. The shoes range in size from 5 to 11 for women, and 7 to 13 for men.

Their website has a size chart if you’re unsure of your size or in between sizes. They are made true to fit, but a half size up is recommend if you have wide feet. Although they only have the one unisex shoe available, the website still has them split up by gender due to the sizing differences:
• Women
• Men

How Do You Care for Lane Eight Shoes?

Caring for a Lane Eight shoe is pretty simple. Their website details a handy guide on how to clean the shoes when they begin to look less fresh. Using a firm brush with a little bit of water or cleaning solution should wipe away any dirt, debris, and stains. If you don’t have a bristle brush then a toothbrush can do the job just as well.

Lane Eight Shoes Feel

Next, a towel should wipe away excess moisture and dirt that wasn’t caught by the brush. If you’re having trouble with a stain, an eraser may help you remove the stubborn blemish. A thorough cleaning with a dry brush after every wear will prolong the life of the shoes, keeping them looking brand new.

Lane Eight Coupons & Discounts

The AD 1 Trainer is priced at $110, with occasional discounts and sales. At the time of shopping for my pair, Lane Eight had a Pride shoe that was recently on sale for Pride Month, and all colors were discounted to $88 as well.

You can also snag 15% off when you subscribe to Lane Eight’s website, saving you more money.

Lane Eight is partnered with Klarna to ease your shopping experience if you’re on a budget. With Klarna, you can split your purchase into four easy payments every two weeks. There is no added interest or added fees, as long as you pay on time. It’s a simple option for Lane Eight fans needing the latest color.


Lane Eight Shoes Summary

Lane Eight has created something that’s nearly impossible: a product catered to a large demographic that is not only functional and stylish but universally loved. They’ve tossed aside the notion that you need several pairs of shoes for the different activities in your life. Instead, they have a shoe that’s designed for movement for the everyday athlete.

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We’re athletes, in some form or another. Whether we are meditating or pumping iron, out on a hike or running errands, our bodies are made to move. Out feet are the core of that movement, and keeping them wrapped in a comfortable shoe is essential.