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Knickey Underwear Review: The Best-Fitting Organic Basics

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Reviewed by Amanda Hitchcock

Last Updated January 2022

Knickey Underwear Review

Finding bras and panties that actually fit well, look good, and are good for the planet is a tall order. That was until Knickey joined the game.

Featured Product: The Triangle Bralette


Price: $48
The Triangle Bralette by Knickey is one of their best selling bras for its diversity and functionality. This everyday favorite is designed to be cute without compromise by keeping everything in place. The cups are double lined and center-seamed making it a bit more aesthetically pleasing than your typical bra. The double closures come with 3 different hook options for added diversity.

Knickey Underwear Testing

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The organic cotton used to make all of their products is exceptionally high quality and their website reflects this with their bright transparency.


The organic basics offered by Knickey are robustly diverse and are built to last for a long time.


All of their products are made to be breathable and extremely comfortable all day long. The fit was true to form and met or exceeded expectations.


This brand is one of the most sustainable on the market in this genre and their products are high quality. Plus they donate 1% of all purchases towards different non-profits.

Who Is Knickey?

Cayla O’Connell Davis and Lauren Sagadore became friends while studying fashion in design school. The idea for Knickey was founded out of their passion for undergarments and creating more sustainable options for the masses. In 2017, their idea for a better, more sustainable line of organic basics was born.

Knickey Founders Story

The two friends wanted their line of undies and bras to not only be beautiful and functional, but also highly sustainable for long term use. By creating their line of organic cotton products, they help reduce the carbon footprint their products make and drastically reduce the amount of waste normally created by the fashion industry all in one fell swoop.

Their comfy and luxurious line of organic basics are meant to replace everyday products such as Fruit of the Loom and luxury products like Victoria’s Secret in one product. Which is pretty darn ingenious if you ask me.


  • Comfortable
  • Organic
  • Functional
  • Fair Trade
  • Ethically Sourced
  • GOTS Certified
  • Oeko-Tex Certified
  • Multiple Design Options
  • Woman Owned


  • A bit thicker, so panty lines may be a thing

Knickey Underwear Fit & Style

As someone who has been working diligently to replace as many of my fashion industry products with more sustainable options, Knickey showed up on my radar as a viable option.

Currently, they have a few different options in both their panty and bra lines. So, I decided to try their best selling bra and 4 of their different panty options in order to get a good feel for their line. A friend of mine happened upon the same company recently and tried one of their other bras, so I’ve included her experience in this review as well.

The Triangle Bralette

The Triangle Bralette I ordered in a size Small in the Butterscotch colorway. This one seemed like a slightly fun color but nothing too ostentatious.

The bralette was a very flattering fit to my body. And it was thick enough to wear out of the house, which made it much more functional in my book.

Knickey Underwear Comfortable

I liked the added gold touches of the claps and adjustments for the straps. They were easy to adjust and actually stayed put.

I could tell that this was a high quality product just by the stitching alone. Which helped reaffirm my decision to go with Knickey for the long lasting potential of their products.

Low-Rise Bikini

The Low-Rise Bikini was probably one of my favorite pairs of panties that I tried by Knickey. I liked how it cut much lower on my abdomen. And the cut of the butt worked well with my body to give me just enough coverage.

Low Rise Bikini Knickey

The stitching was fantastic with these and made me think they will last a really long time.

However, my issue with all of the panties was that they are a bit thicker than I’m used to. And since I work out frequently, I generally prefer a seamless panty to avoid panty lines.

Mid-Rise Hipster

Mid Rise Hipster

I quite enjoyed wearing the Mid-Rise Hipster around the house. This pair of panties was just as comfortable as all of the other ones I tried by Knickey. It didn’t rise too high on my waist and it showed off a little more of my butt, which I liked.

Mid-Rise Brief

Mid-Rise Brief

The Mid-Rise Brief fit extremely similar to the Mid-Rise Hipster. In fact, it was really difficult for me to say much different about either of these. It’s possible that the cut around the legs is a bit higher on these than the aforementioned. But either way, I liked both of these panties the same. They were comfortable and worked well in jeans or just lounging around.

High-Rise Brief

I can’t say that I’ve ever really been drawn to the high-rise brief as a panty option in the past. But I wanted to try out all of their options, so I figured I should give their High-Rise Brief a shot. While it was just as comfortable as the other panty options, this one was a bit too high cut for my body.

High-Rise Brief Knickey

I loved that the panties matched the bra. But these are simply just not panties I will probably ever wear because they are too high cut and show above my pants.

However, even with that said about this one particular pair of panties, all of their products were easy to wash and didn’t stain. So, I really enjoyed my experience with the Knickey line and plan to add more to my wardrobe in the future.

The Scoop Bralette – My Friend Shanah’s Review

As a larger chested woman, finding a bra that fits me well and doesn’t drive me crazy by the end of the day is always a challenge. I looked at a few different sustainable basics companies, but the majority of them didn’t seem to cater to someone of my size. Which is unfortunate. But, that’s when I found Knickey and was really excited to try The Scoop Bralette.

Knickey Scoop Bralette

In regular bra sizes I am typically a 36 DDD, so I ordered an XL in the Bon Bon colorway. Their size guide made it easy for me to figure out that this should be the correct size for me and they were correct.

The bra fit like a dream and felt extremely comfortable all day long. I didn’t have to continually put the girls back where they belong, as has happened to me so many times with other bras in the past. Plus, this bra is cut low enough that I can wear it under different shirts with different cuts if I want to.

Knickey Bralette Comfort

Overall, I am in love with how well this bra fits and works with me all day long. Trust me, I’ve put it through the wringer a few times now and still not one issue with it. My only complaint is that I don’t have more of these bras yet to add into my rotation.

Knickey Scoop Bralette Shop

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The Scoop


With a ballet back that mirrors its front, this bralette will surely earn first position in your top drawer.

Triangle Bralette Ship

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The Triangle Bralette


Designed with support and security in mind, the Knickey Triangle Bralette keeps this everyday classic cute without compromise.


Is Knickey Underwear Good Quality?

The brand set out to create an organic highly sustainable product line that was high quality, and that seems to be exactly what they’ve done. Knickey searched high and low to find the best supplier of organic cotton. Their certified organic cotton is sourced from the cotton capital of the world; India.

Once the cotton is sourced, it is sent to their fair trade certified manufacturing facility in another part of India. After the products are made, they are sent to the company headquarters in New York to be shipped out to consumers.

Knickey Bra Clasps

This brand has done sustainability justice when it comes to their level of transparency. Knickey posts an annual Impact Report right on their website for all consumers to see how well they’ve done. The company is also both GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified to assist with pristine quality assurance to consumers.

As an added bonus, the brand has a First Pair Guarantee and Recycling program. Both of these help instill confidence in the quality of the brand, which is pretty important and nice to see from a newer company.

Mid-Rise Hipster Shi

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Mid-Rise Hipster


This hip-hugging fan-favorite offers a comfortable rise and a bit of cheek in the back.

Mid-Rise Brief Shop

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Mid-Rise Brief


A just-right rise with a full coverage seat – this is the ultimate undie for every body.


Is Knickey Underwear Worth It?

Just the sustainability alone makes Knickey products well worth the money. And the fact that their bras and undies are competitively priced to begin with, doesn’t hurt either. For those consumers that are really big into sustainability and every day comfort, Knickey should be on the top of your list.

Wearing Knickey Underwear

However, if you’re like me and prefer panties that are seamless, then Knickey may not be the best brand for you. At least in the undies category…yet. The bra’s are still fantastic options, especially with regard to the price point and the sustainability, for any person. But, still not the best option for working out simply due to the nature of the organic cotton. It simply doesn’t wick sweat as well, so these are better for everyday wear instead.

Knickey High Rise B

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High Rise Brief


The cult classic that put Knickey on the map.


Featured In This Review

Low Rise Bikini


Knickey’s update to the basic bikini, with an ultra-low rise and very cheeky coverage.


Knickey Coupons & Discounts

Knickey doesn’t generally offer coupons or discounts on a regular basis. However, they do have one to two sales a year with discounted items. So, if you join their mailing list, you’ll be ahead of the game to know when those are happening.

And if you choose to bundle when you purchase products, you will get a discount on those bundled products. So this might be a good way to get more of a good thing and save some

Knickey Underwear Feel


Knickey Underwear Summary

Overall, Knickey is a fantastic company with a wonderful mission to make the world a better place via textiles. They have created a fairly diverse line of bras and panties that are great for everyday wear and extremely comfortable. While the panties may not be a great option for those of us wanting a seamless option, they are fantastic for those who don’t mind the panty lines. Or for any of us who just want some great lounging around panties.

Knickey Underwear Summary

Their bras both fit and feel exorbitantly comfortable and are a good fit for women of all sizes and shapes. This isn’t something that is easy to achieve, so I’m thrilled to have found this option. And the fact that they are one of the most sustainable undergarment textiles companies on the market currently, that is completely woman owned, only helps their cause.