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Kelvin Coats Review: Staying Warm While Staying Stylish

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Reviewed by Amanda Hitchcock

Last Updated March 2022

Kelvin Coats Review

Kelvin is a heated outerwear brand that takes pride in combining style, comfort, and smart technology. Kelvin Smart Garments create your own personal climate experience with multiple warming zones and adjustable settings so that you can feel comfortable in any environment.


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Designed for the most intense weather conditions, Nova will keep you warm. Whether outside for 10 minutes or 10 hours, you'll be toasty and comfortable in this premier heated jacket. Nova will not only make you look good, but it will enhance your life. Say goodbye to the bulk of marshmallow insulated jackets and hello to the infusion of comfort and quality in a sophisticated chic silhouette. By implementing the latest heated jacket technology into a thigh-length parka, you will not only feel the heat, but you will look great doing so.


  • Stylish comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Multiple warming zones and adjustable settings to adapt to your particular needs in any given setting/activity
  • Animal-free, sustainable insulation on many styles
  • Water-resistant, soft, durable exterior
  • 700 fill-power synthetic down offers more true winter cold protection that more midrange 550-650 fill-power down jackets
  • Removable hood
  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Informative website includes information on dressing for cold weather and best options
  • Free returns


  • Limited colors (although that seems to be common to most heated outerwear brands)
  • A bit pricier that some other heated jackets

Who is Kelvin?

Kelvin is an employee-owned company that advertises its heated jackets as “Modern Comfort That Takes You Everywhere.” Creatively named after the Kelvin (a unit of temperature measurement), Kelvin (the outerwear company) was founded in 2016 as a technology-enabled clothing company concentrating on direct to consumer heated apparel.

Kelvin addresses a challenge often found by those who want to stay stylish—how to keep warm without looking like you are trying to keep warm? Its founders realized that they could never find comfort AND style AND affordability all in one place.

Kelvin Coats Founders

So Kelvin began to design heated outerwear that looks good, feels good, and lasts long enough to make the investment worthwhile. In order to avoid being part of the “fast fashion” trends that just end up clogging landfills, the company creates “premium products that will keep you warm for decades to come.”

In order to reduce its environmental impact, Kelvin proudly declare its commitment to sustainability by:
• Focusing on materials sourcing to provide sustainable products.
• Utilizing heated clothing as a way to reduce use of disposable hand warmers.
• Decreasing the bulk and the weight of fabric so that overall textile consumption is minimized.

Kelvin Nova Women's Heated Parka Features

Kelvin Coats prides itself on making premium comfort a primary focus of the “personal climate experience” created by Kelvin heated outerwear. The founders’ goal was to use comfort in any situation from a “sense of confidence, mindfulness, and warmth that is inclusive to everyone. So they made heated outerwear that offers all-day mobility and comfort in attractive, stylish, lightweight designs.

Kelvin Coat Front and Back

One of the best-selling Kelvin coats is the Nova Heated Parka. This is a thigh-length parka designed to withstand intense weather conditions in a sleek, lightweight design offering fashion along with function. This is a perfect winter coat whether you want to use it for a few hours or all day outside (or inside—hey, we don’t judge where you want to be warm!)

Heat! in three temperate setting options

The Nova has five distinct warming zones including the right and left chest areas, right and left pocket areas, and one on the mid back. With three different heat settings, you can customize your warmth and wearability.

Variable heating times

how many hours of cuddly warmth you get will depend on the weather conditions and what level you use to heat the coat. Estimates run 5 hours at High, 6 hours at Low, and 12 hours at Eco. 

Kelvin Coats Heat Zones

Versatile, durable material

The Nova has five distinct warming zones including the right and left chest areas, right and left pocket areas, and one on the mid back. With three different heat settings, you can customize your warmth and wearability.

Carbon fiber heating technology

Carbon fibers are made into material by placing them under extreme heat, creating a light yet strong material that absorbs energy. Carbon fiber conducts heat so well that it is used in many advanced technologies including everything from prosthetic limbs to space shuttle parts. This makes it the perfect choice for outerwear of all kinds since it can withstand all kinds of weather conditions while still being lightweight, machine washable, and long lasting.

Kelvin Nova Parka Pocket

Machine washable

Always a great convenience. You may extend the life of the coat slightly or get more optimal results by hand washing but rest easy that machine washing will take care of your investment as well

Removable fur ruff and hood

Change your look based on where you are going and what you need.

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How To Care For Your Kelvin Coat

You can machine wash all your Kelvin products. Kelvin recommends using the delicate cycle and hang drying rather than tumble drying. For even better results, try hand washing in warm water. 

Additional washing tips:
• Make sure to remove the battery before washing
• Do not use fabric softeners if you do tumble dry
• Avoid bleach
• If you do need to iron out any wrinkles, dry iron on low

Are Kelvin Products Good Quality Products?

Indeed yes. These heated jackets included warming zones and multiple heat settings to really customize your “personal environment” to whatever your comfort needs are. And speaking of comfort, these coats focus on combining soft, durable comfort with smart technology. You have multiple style options for both men and women, ranging from vests to parkas.

The products are well-designed and versatile. Kelvin does accomplish its mission of integrating style that can even border on trendy with warmth and comfort.

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Are Kelvin Coats Worth It?

A qualified yes. Kelvin coats are indeed durable, functional, comfortable, and stylish. They are a bit pricier than others on the market, however. 

Kelvin Coat Quality

Their 100% sustainable down insulation on some models like the Nova Women's Parka makes this cost more tolerable. So does their sustainable manufacturing, although we would like more details on what they are specifically doing to be featured on their website or more easily available somewhere.

They also may be able to repair your coat at a reasonable rate if necessary, which means one less thing you have to replace/dump in a landfill. The potential repairability of a Kelvin coat also makes the initial investment more worthwhile.

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Kelvin Coats Review Summary

Kelvin offers comfortable, stylish warmth in the form of battery-powered heated outerwear. Its products range from parkas to vests for both men and women in slim and regular fits. 

The designs integrate heating tech with carbon fiber materials to protect that tech from the elements. Lightweight materials reduce the volume and amount of fabric used without compromising warmth. Many models like the Phantom Men's Parka use synthetic down, thereby reducing or eliminating animal products in production.

Kelvin Coats Removable Hood

While on the pricier end of the heated outerwear pricing spectrum. The Kelvin coats offer a higher fill-power (therefore more warmth) than many others that have more mid-range fill-power. Plus it is designed to be durable enough to not need replacing very often, thereby reducing long term costs to you and the environment.

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