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Hill House Home Nap Dress Review

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Reviewed by Maggie Gibson

Last Updated March 2022

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Finding a dress that is both comfortable, stylish, and can be casual or dressed up is a tall order. Hill House Home Nap Dress to the rescue!

Featured Product: Ellie Nap Dress

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Price: $150.00

The Hill House Home Ellie Nap Dress is meant to be worn everywhere in practically every situation. It comes with a fitted top and exceptionally flowy gown from the waist down. And pockets to boot! As comfortable as this dress is, it can easily be dressed up for a night on the town too. Since it’s so easy to slip on and off, it’s also a great addition to any new mother’s wardrobe.

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The Hill House Home Nap Dress is meant to last for as long as you want it. However, the material doesn’t lend well to really warm weather and the company isn’t very transparent currently regarding where they source their raw materials.


These dresses are more cost effective than some of the fancier dresses on the market, but can be a bit pricier than other similar dress styles. Therefore, the value will come down to how often and how long you plan to keep this dress in your regular wardrobe rotation.


These dresses are perfect for lounging around or a night out on the town due to their exceptional diversity. They are also great for pregnant or nursing mom’s and are really easy to care for.


The brand is woman owned and operated. They have a desire to be very active in their community and create a personalized experience for every consumer, which is difficult to achieve. But they do it well! They still need more transparency regarding their quality control measures in order to set them above other brands on the market.

Who Is Hill House Home?

Hill House Home was founded in 2016 by Nell Diamond. She was on a mission to create a home line that she envisioned having in her first home as an adult. Since she was constantly disappointed by the options on the market, she decided to create her own line.

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This vision was worked on tirelessly and finally launched about 2 weeks prior to her finding out she was pregnant with her first child. It took her about 3 years to create the vision, find the factories she wanted to work with, figure out trademarking, etc. But once she had everything lined up, the idea launched with a bang.

Nell Diamond and her team are very engaged with their online community, which is one of the ways they have continued to grow the brand. This is one of the things that sets this company apart, along with the fact that they offer custom monogramming on all of their items to really create a unique brand.


  • Flattering fit for most body types
  • Wide variety of colors and prints
  • Very comfortable and easy to wear
  • Easy to dress up or down.
  • Free Shipping on any orders over $100
  • Woman owned and operated


  • Styles sell out really quickly
  • The white colors and prints may be a bit see through
  • Fabric is a bit too heavy to wear in the hot climates
  • Very limited retail availability (mostly online with the exception of their one NYC location)
  • Could use better overall transparency, but they are working on it

Ordering From Hill House Home And How Their Drops Work

Ultimately, I have heard buzz about this company for a little while now and have been waiting to pull the trigger because of the initial cost. However, when I finally decided to do it, I was so happy I did.

Since they sell out quickly every time they do a new product drop, I was a little nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to get the color and size I wanted. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

Hill House Home announced the date they were going to do a new drop, each product they were releasing, and the price of each product. They also showed the models of different sizes in each style so that I could see what it looks like on. This helped me plan what I wanted to buy ahead of time so that I didn’t have to make rash decisions in the moment.

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On the day of the drop, they opened up a digital waiting room 30 minutes prior to the drop where they answered questions via a chat. When it was 12pm, they automatically brought me into the shop page so that I could check out.

I knew exactly what I wanted and was able to check out within 1 minute. I did not deal with any sizes running out, which I was really happy about. but when I went back a week later it looked like many of the colors and sizes were sold out.

After placing my order, one of my products was stuck in customs due to Covid. But they continuously updated me on the delayed order. They also gave me the option to get a different style right away if I wanted. Their communication was constant and I appreciated it. Other than that issue, I received my order within their normal stated shipping times.

Ellie Nap Dress Buy


The Ellie Nap Dress


The Ellie is an A-line Nap Dress® with elasticated smocking, ruffled shoulders, tiered midi skirt, and pockets. It’s our signature garment; soft, comfortable, and pretty enough to wear all day and night. 

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Hill House Nap Dress Performance, Feel, and Comfort

The reviews say to order a size down from what I normally wear, so I ordered the XS versus my usual S. It fit well so I’m glad I sized it down. The straps have material underneath to ensure they don’t slip, but they are not adjustable so could be big for some people. I like how I can move the straps around and change the look for the dress to create an entirely different style (i.e. move from off the shoulder to more of a halter top).

I love the way this dress fits and feels on. I can throw it on and feel comfortable doing anything. In fact, I find I’ll just throw it on without planning it and instantly feel comfortable and confident.

Elllie Nap Dress Bust

It’s long so I don’t have to worry about coverage. The top hugs my body but doesn’t cut into my body and it actually stays in place. Which is a miracle all by itself since I’m so used to these types of dresses moving around and needing to be adjusted throughout the day.

I can also easily dress it up or down and not feel out of place wearing it in most situations. For example, I wear it while running errands fairly often. But I also plan to wear it to an engagement party soon and am excited to see the response.

Something to note though is that some people with larger breasts may have to wear a bra with it due to the light support. However, it should hide the bra based on the cut. If you don’t need as much support, you can probably go braless and it not be an issue.

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The only other minor issue I ran across was when I wore it on the NYC subway in the summer. When I got home, I realized the bodice area showed the sweat stains in the chest and back area. It is something to note certainly, but not a reason not to get it. The NYC Subway is ruthless, and for the Nap Dress that’s no exception.

Overall, I love this dress and how versatile it is. It is now one of my regular go-to pieces of attire.

Is Hill House Nap Dress a Quality Product?

Hill House Home has worked with smaller owner operated businesses around the world to create their line. By doing this, typically the quality standard is higher. Which is what you want to see with higher priced ticket items, of course.

Their products are designed to last the test of time, and speak of comfort all the while. However, they don’t currently offer much transparency regarding where their raw products are sourced or manufactured. Each product will tell you where it’s made (my dresses were made in China), but that’s about all you’re going to get.

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The brand does state they are working on creating more transparency by onboarding a supply chain management network and a third party auditing firm to focus on their manufacturers. But, there isn’t any further information listed about that other than they wanted to get it implemented by 2021.

While this is something I’d really like to see from a higher priced brand, it’s also completely understandable that it takes quite a bit of time and resources to implement this. So, it’s just something I’ll plan to keep an eye out for in the near future, hopefully.

Ellie Nap Dress Buy


The Ellie Nap Dress


The Ellie is an A-line Nap Dress® with elasticated smocking, ruffled shoulders, tiered midi skirt, and pockets. It’s our signature garment; soft, comfortable, and pretty enough to wear all day and night. 

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Is The Hill House Nap Dress Worth It?

My Nap Dress is definitely worth the higher price tag, hands down. As I’m sure all the rest of their products are as well. There was a lot of thought, design aesthetics, and functionality brought into their products, which only boosts their worth.

Ellie Nap Dress Value

Yes, my dress is $150, but it has been worn so many times already that I may have already recouped my initial investment. Therefore, if you’re looking for higher quality products that are bound to last quite some time, these are probably worth it for you to take a look at.

Hill House Home Coupons & Discounts

Hill House Home offers an initial discount of 10% just by signing up for their email list. They don’t currently offer any other discounts or coupons, but they say they have a referral rewards program in the works. However, joining their email list is really the way to go since their new drops go so fast. And it’s the best way to get your initial discount also. Bonus!


Before you decide to dive right into a pricier dress, there are probably still a few lingering questions. Therefore, here is where we answer the most common questions posed by consumers prior to purchasing a Hill House Home Nap Dress.

Hill House Home Nap Dress Summary

Overall, I have been nothing but overly pleased with my Hill House Home Nap Dress. It doesn’t fare as well in the sweltering heat, but what really does? The brand is working hard to create products their followers want and like, which speaks volumes to their overarching mission.

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Ultimately, finding products that look and feel great isn’t as easy as it should be. But this company makes it easy to feel comfortable with my purchases each and every day. I will certainly keep an eye out for new drops to see what else I can add to my wardrobe for even more diversity.