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Goli Gummies Review: Boost Your Health and Energy

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Reviewed by Amanda Hitchcock

Last Updated January 2022

Goli Gummy Review

If you’re looking for a way to increase your overall health, Goli Gummies may be the solution. They’re tasty, nutritious, and fun to take.

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Featured Product: Goli ACV Gummies

Price: $19 per single bottle or $99 for a 6-month supply

The Goli ACV Gummies are the first apple cider vinegar gummies in the world. The whole point of these little guys is to be a much tastier, and easier vehicle, for you to get the benefits of apple cider vinegar into your diet.

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Review

Each bottle comes with a one month supply. But the brand recommends taking them for longer than one month to really see the full benefits they can offer. And since they come in a delicious gummy form, it’s hard to say no to giving them a try.

Ratings Breakdown


Goli products are non-GMO, vegan, kosher, gluten free, made in the USA, and scientifically backed.


These gummies provide an extremely affordable product for the nutritional ingredients included and the health benefits they elicit.


This product exponentially increases energy, regulates appetite, tastes great, and is a fantastic way to get all of the benefits of apple cider vinegar.


They are dedicated to transparency, high quality ingredients, and easy solutions to common nutritional deficits. The philanthropy they engage in isn’t too shabby either.

Who is Goli?

Goli was founded in 2017 by Michael Bitensky. The initial goal of Goli Nutrition was to help bring the benefits of apple cider vinegar to the world in a tastier package.

Michael and his team knew that the flavor of apple cider vinegar was a turn off to most consumers. So, if they could come up with a better vehicle to get the health benefits to the masses, and pair ACV with superfoods at the same time, then why not?

Goli Gummies Brand

Some of the most well known benefits of apple cider vinegar are:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Supports the nervous system
  • Helps the body metabolize nutrients more efficiently
  • Increases heart health

But, Goli went another step further than just creating a tasty, healthy product. They also have a mission to help resolve malnutrition through vitamins by partnering with Vitamin Angels. This 501(c)3 non-profit is geared towards the reduction of preventable morbidity in underserved populations in need.

Typically, these populations include:

  • Women
  • New mothers
  • Children under 5

Goli partners with them to donate 6 months worth of multivitamins to this organization for every purchase made on their website. Plus, Goli also helped to provide over 2 million meals during the Covid-19 pandemic by partnering with Feeding America. Now that’s pretty tasty!


  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Kosher
  • Nutrient-packed
  • Flavorful
  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Serving size can be a bit difficult to manage for many consumers
  • Gummies can become a bit sticky and hard to get out of the container
  • Contains sugar, which isn’t as healthy

Goli Taste & Health Benefits

I was a bit nervous to try the Goli ACV Gummies, in all honesty. The reason for this is due to the fact that I’ve tried apple cider vinegar shots before and just can’t get over the flavor. It’s really not for me, which has been a deterrent. Luckily, the flavor and the health benefits completely wowed me.

The only real issue I had was the serving size. The brand recommends taking 2 gummies 3 times a day. I feel that for most of us, that’s going to be a bit difficult to achieve. 2 gummies equal one shot of apple cider vinegar, which is awesome.

Goli Gummies Size

But, I just couldn’t swing the 3 times a day thing, especially at night. I found that these gummies boosted my energy, even a bit more than coffee, without the side effects. And I just didn’t want that kind of energy at night before bed. So, I changed the routine a bit to work better for my lifestyle into 2 servings a day of 3 gummies. I found that was a good sweet spot for me.

I did get the opportunity to reach out to customer support and was pleasantly surprised by their quick response. I wanted to make sure I was storing the gummies properly for maximum effectiveness.

Goli ACV Bottle

I was told by customer support that they would be fine to be stored in my cabinet alongside my other supplements. But, if I wanted the gummies to be a bit harder in consistency, they would be fine to be stored in the refrigerator.

This was a great tip because after about a month, I noticed they became a bit too soft for my liking. This also made it difficult to get them out of the bottle, so into the fridge they went.

Goli Gummy Taste

In addition to this, I wanted to execute some objective tests so that I could see how these really affected my overall health and wellbeing. These tests were executed over a 5 month period of time while consistently taking the product.

Brand Claim: The ingredients in Goli Gummies help convert food you eat into cellular energy to give your body the healthy support it needs to get you through the day.

Do Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies give you more energy?
That’s a yes. For me, this was the most immediate and most noticeable effect of Goli’s Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies. After taking my first serving of two gummies, I felt more focused, more awake, and more energetic — much faster than usual. The overall effect is similar to the boost that comes with a strong cup of coffee, but without the jittery feeling that comes with caffeine.

Brand Claim: The ingredients in Goli Gummies help your body’s ability to metabolize nutrients.

Do Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies help with metabolism and digestion?
Yes, it certainly appeared to help with both. As I began taking Goli’s Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies more regularly, I noticed that doing so gave me more control over common digestive issues. Some of these included:

  • Cramps
  • Bloating
  • Appetite regulation

While taking Goli, any cramps, discomfort, or bloating that I experienced were effectively reduced once I took a gummy or two. I also found them to be helpful with curbing and reducing common cravings throughout the day.

Brand Claim: Goli Gummies are not only infused with superfoods, but they’re also a source of powerful antioxidants.

Are Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies good for your skin?
This is one that’s hard to say for sure due to the fact that skin appearance and quality is affected by diet as a whole, rather than a single supplement. I can say that the antioxidant-rich superfoods used do seem to enhance and improve complexion over time.

GOLI Gummy ACV Nutrition

I’m prone to occasional breakouts, and I did notice that while taking Goli, my skin became calmer, gradually, as time went on. But again, this could be the result of a number of factors. Therefore, I can’t say with absolute certainty this product is a skincare miracle on its own.

Brand Claim: You can take Goli Gummies with or without food.

Can I take Goli on an empty stomach?
You definitely don’t want to take Goli on an empty stomach to start out with. In my experience, my first time taking Goli Gummies was almost my last. This was due to making the mistake of starting on an empty stomach.

My body simply wasn’t accustomed to ingesting an acidic combination of raw, concentrated, apple cider vinegar, superfoods, and vitamins. Therefore, I enjoyed about an hour and a half of intense, unrelenting stomach cramps. Thankfully, a few crackers and a glass of water later, I was fine.

But it left a lasting impression and I did not forget to eat while taking these again.

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Is Goli Good Quality?

The Goli ACV Gummies are made with the apple cider vinegar mother, which is important to note with regard to quality. The reason is because apple cider vinegar containing the mother can help lower sugar levels. 

And, the addition of the mother can also help improve digestion and absorption of nutrients in the foods consumed. So, by keeping the mother in the apple cider vinegar, Goli helps to ensure your body will absorb as much of the good stuff as possible from their products.

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Summary

Goli Nutrition prides themselves on the quality of the ingredients and their products as a whole. All of their products are produced in a CGMP, FDA registered manufacturing facility in California.

This means the facility where all of their products are produced must abide by the higher FDA regulation standards. Plus, it means all of the Goli products are safe for human consumption and have the ingredients and strength they claim to have.

As a bonus, Goli touts the additional certifications surrounding the quality of their products:

  • BRC Food Certified (now BRCGS) – certifies requirements for a company to develop an effective food safety management system.
  • GMO Free – certifies the absence of genetically modified organisms in the manufacture of products.
  • Kosher Certification – fit for consumption by those who follow the Jewish religious dietary protocol.
  • PETA Cruelty-Free and Vegan Certification – certifies the company doesn’t conduct or commission animal testing, nor have any animal products or byproducts in the finished products. 
  • Vegan Certified – certifies the products don’t contain any animal products or byproducts, nor tested on animals.
  • Allergen Free Certified – certifies the product doesn’t contain any of the top allergens, including: wheat, gluten, soy, shellfish, peanuts, dairy, tree nuts, egg, or fish.

All of these certifications speak to the quality of the products Goli produces. However, there are a couple of flags for me that give me pause with this company. The first, and foremost, is that they are certified non-GMO, which is awesome. 

Goli Gummy test

But, just because a product is non-GMO it doesn’t mean that the ingredients are organic. The brand states they source their ingredients globally, but they don’t give any further information than that. And as a person who eats organically grown produce, I want to know if the fruits and veggies in their products are organic. 

And since they don’t have an Organic Certification, it makes me wonder what isn’t organic about their products.

Goli Gummy ingredients

The other issue I find a bit troubling is the fact that they add sugar to their gummies. They are using pectin instead of gelatin (which I am thrilled with!), which typically requires sugar to properly set the pectin. But, this isn’t always the case if they are using fruits with a higher pectin content to begin with. Some of the best fruits to use with a higher pectin content are:

  • Apples
  • Gooseberries
  • Guavas
  • Oranges
  • Pears
  • Plums
  • Quince

Since the ingredients list apples, I would guess they are using that as the pectin source. And if this is the case, they shouldn’t need to add additional sugar with the acid to get the pectin to gel properly. 

Another issue is the “natural apple flavors” ingredient listed. If they have apples in the recipe already, why do they need to add natural flavors?

Goli Gummy Nutrition Facts

Goli has an entire page dedicated to science and studies about their products. I love this as someone with a science background. However, currently the page is blank while they are waiting for new 2021 scientific data.

I am not a huge fan of this because I feel they should keep all data and studies conducted on the page from previous years for all consumers to have access to. This fact clouds the level of transparency the brand claims to have.

Goli Gummy Healthy

While I think the company does a fairly good job of transparency, these are things that concern me a bit. Overall, this product appears to be pretty good quality compared to many other gummy supplements. And since it’s the only one of its kind, for now, it stands to reason that it’s the best.

Is Goli Worth It?

Goli is working hard to produce innovative, quality solutions to more common health issues. Which is certainly commendable. Luckily, they aren’t charging an arm and a leg for their products either. This helps make their products more accessible to the masses. Which means they can potentially help create more positive health changes for the world at the rate they are going.

The consumer having the option to try just a 1 month supply or splurge for a 6 month supply, creates more diversity within the product offering. And this makes it difficult to not want to give Goli a try. Especially after my experience with the product.

Goli Coupons & Discounts

Goli offers discounts on their package pricing for the AVC Gummies. Their goal is to keep you well stocked and give you a bigger discount with each increase in monthly supply you purchase. So, if you want the biggest discount, the 6 month supply is where it’s at. Plus, if you join their email list, they might send you some even more discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

For anyone embarking upon a new supplement, there are bound to be questions prior to any purchase. And rightly so! Therefore, here we answer the most common questions regarding the Goli product line to help arm you with more information prior to your first purchase.

Goli ACV Gummies Summary

Ultimately, there really isn’t much about this company we can say that isn’t positive. The product line they currently offer has a host of great ingredients and positive results. The mission of this company is also one to align with. And the price point doesn’t hurt either.

Bottom line, despite the questionable first impression, I’m actually a huge fan of this brand and product. Goli’s Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies taste great, and they are by far the easiest and most versatile way I’ve found to incorporate Apple Cider Vinegar. The added boost of vitamins and superfoods doesn’t hurt either.

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