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For Wellness Review: Just How Good Is The Good Stuff™?

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Reviewed by Andrew Dodson

Last Updated October 2022

For Wellness Review The Good Stuff™

The Bottom Line

It can be a challenge to keep everyday stress or the fatigue of a busy schedule at bay. Joint pain, lack of focus, and low energy are all common issues that we confront regularly. Thankfully, For Wellness is here with a convenient solution to enhance your wellness routine and improve your overall health – one that stirs directly into your morning coffee.

We put For Wellness' The Good StuffTM performance blend to the test. Read on to discover our experience, and learn what makes The Good StuffTM great!


The Good Stuff™ Performance Blend


The Good Stuff™

Starting at $30

(30 serving pouch)

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★ 4.7 Stars

Our Rating

★ 4.6 Stars

Avg. Customer Rating

The Good Stuff is a proprietary powder blend of MCT oil powder, Ceylon Cinnamon, collagen, L-theanine, and Himalayan Pink Salt. The Good Stuff™ will supercharge the natural benefits of coffee, promote focus, and reduce the caffeine jitters.

- Infuse your coffee with healthy ingredients
- Ditch the bad stuff like sugar, dairy, and artificial creamers
- Fights inflammation and supports skin and joint health
- Makes your coffee taste great


  • Tastes great!
  • Smooth, jitter-free energy boost
  • USDA-certified organic
  • Non-GMO
  • No processed sugars
  • No preservatives
  • Easy to digest
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free


  • Limited flavor selection
  • Espresso bites may be too strong for some customers

Who Is For Wellness?

As you may or may not know, golf is a deceptively strenuous sport. You see it all the time in legends like Tiger Woods; it takes a real toll on your body over time, specifically your back. So when Phil Mickelson won the 2021 PGA Championship, legions of golf fanatics the world over had the same question:
How did this man win a major championship at the age of 50, the oldest to ever do it?

For Wellness coffee

The answer: Phil founded For Wellness so that he could help spread the good word about the benefits of coffee antioxidants, coconut MCT oil, lion’s mane mushrooms, white button mushrooms, and more, all to help fight inflammation and support gut health, brain health, and beyond. After all, according to Phil, he “used to get sick every 2-3 months … In all honesty, I have not been sick in 12 years.”

Ratings Breakdown


Both The Good StuffTM MCT powder and espresso brownie bites do their jobs marvelously, providing the customer with the right boost of supplements and energy.


While their powder is priced like most (at around $1/serving), their brownies might cause a bit of sticker shock for the size of the bite.


The Good StuffTM provides a sweet, subtle cinnamon flavor to your morning coffee but be prepared, the “Superfood Energy” brownie bites have a full-force, powerful espresso flavor that might catch you off-guard.


Simplicity in their design and their approach put full focus on the flavor and benefits of their products.

For Wellness The Good StuffTM Taste & Benefits

For Wellness has two flagship products: The first of which, The Good StuffTM, is the reason they are around today — an MCT oil-based powder purpose-built to improve your morning coffee. Like a less messy and cumbersome BulletproofTM, The Good StuffTM is designed to improve bone, muscle, brain, and gut health as well as enhance ketosis and burn fat. The best part?

You feel the benefits, especially when it comes to gut health and inflammation.

Mixing For Wellness with coffee

Admittedly, the first day I had this in my coffee, I was not feeling my best that morning. I had a bacon and bleu cheese burger and a few drinks the night before. I was bloated, tired, and done with the world. While I obviously can’t say “Phil Mickelson cured me!” what I can say is, within an hour of having The Good StuffTM, my stomach started to feel lighter, my mood lifted, and I had energy I did not have before. Also, it just tastes good, like adding subtle, smokey cinnamon sugar to your morning joe. It stays out of the way, never overpowers your drink, and does its job perfectly.

Side-note: You don’t necessarily need to add it to coffee if you don’t enjoy coffee. In fact, another time I enjoyed The Good StuffTM, I put it in a simple fruit-and-oat milk smoothie and while not as sweetening as your typical protein powder, it blended in perfectly.

The Good Stuff

The Good StuffTM Quality & Ingredients

For Wellness has gone out of its way to source high-quality ingredients for both The Good StuffTM and Superfood Energy Bites. In The Good StuffTM alone, you’ll find: 


L-Theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in tea that promotes relaxation by reducing stress and anxiety levels. It pairs well with caffeine and reduces the jitters.



Collagen accounts for 30% of your body's protein. It provides structure, support, or strength to your skin, muscles, bones, and connective tissues.


Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon is full of antioxidants, which help your body handle free radicals and can lower your risk of disease. It's rich in manganese which helps repair bones.

Ceylon Cinnamon

C8 MCT Oil

A healthy fat found in coconut oil which can instantly convert into ketones in the body, which are known to enhance ketosis, boost energy, and burn fat.

C8 MCT Oil

Himalayan Pink Salt

Pairs perfectly with coffee to reduce the acidity and smooth out the flavor. Full of minerals that can improve skin and reduce muscle cramping.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Plus, if you subscribe monthly to The Good StuffTM, you’ll receive a starter pack with your first shipment which includes a beautiful canister to stash your powder in style. My kitchen thanks them.

For Wellness Starter Pack

For Wellness Superfood Energy Bites

Then there’s their second flagship product, the Superfood Energy Bites, a cocoa espresso brownie. Made with cacao, lion’s mane mushrooms, and sweetened with honey, monk fruit, and yacon, these brownie bites pack a punch of espresso flavor that might shock non-coffee lovers. However, for the coffee lovers among us, it tastes like a brownie rolled in espresso beans.

I found the best way to temper the strong taste — especially if you have one early in the day when your body isn’t quite up to the energy level the brownie bite demands — is to drizzle honey on top. That being said, it gave me a real kick of energy and one day, I ate about 3 too many and realized the caffeine in the bites were also no joke. It’s the real deal.

For Wellness Superfood Energy Bites

The Superfood Energy Bites are packed with:

- Cacao to fight inflammation
- Lion’s mane mushrooms to enhance brain function, cell re-growth, as well as healthy blood pressure
- Raw unfiltered honey, one of the ultimate superfoods
- Monk fruit and yacon for a natural sweetness

Between these two For Wellness products, your body will get the boost it needs every morning. I know mine did! 

For Wellness Superfood Energy Bites


Superfood Energy Bites

Starting at $20

These Superfood Energy Bites will satisfy your hunger with healthy, performance-driven ingredients… and none of the bad stuff.

Order Now at For Wellness

Is For Wellness Worth It?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? In a world saturated with wellness supplements, powders, creams, oils, and more, why try this? Well, because For Wellness keeps it simple. The Good StuffTM is the perfect solution for anyone who wants all the benefits in an easy-to-prepare powder. Add it to your coffee (or order some of their very own hand-selected arabica whole bean coffee), use an official For Wellness frother, and enjoy. At only $1/serving, it’s an easy-to-afford addition to your daily routine that tastes good and works well — a clear winner.

The Superfood Energy Bites are a little pricier and if you are trying to be truly mindful of your budget, 40 bites do cost $80. Now, that being said, you get what you pay for and with both items, you feel the effects after every serving (or at least I did), so maybe try 10 bites for $25 and see if you like it. Chances are, you will.



"I'll admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but after 3 weeks I'm impressed. I feel healthier and I'm actually sleeping better (which I didn't expect). It's very subtle, kind of sneaks up on you and bam you find yourself admitting you made a solid purchase. As for taste, well....I drink my coffee black and wasn't sure how this was going to work with my morning brew, but I am very impressed with the taste. So much so, that I look forward to that first cup with it mixed in. Honestly, I'd drink it with every cup if I could. Cheers!"

Robert B.

"The Good StuffTM is just that! It is a great and better alternative to creamer or sweetener and promotes all of the wellness properties that are described. Most importantly, with a scoop of The Good StuffTM, you’ll realize that less coffee will get you throughout the day. Why wouldn’t you want it!"

Andrea F.

"I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at how well The Good StuffTM works. I have been using the powder in my coffee for several weeks and notice I feel better, more focused than usual. I love that I can just add it to my morning coffee so I don't forget plus it adds a nice cinnamon flavor."

Candace N.


The Good Stuff™ Performance Blend


The Good StuffTM

Starting at $30

Shop Now at For Wellness
For Wellness Superfood Energy Bites


Superfood Energy Bites

Starting at $20

Shop Now at For Wellness