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Follain Skincare Review: Holistic For Discernable Consumers

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Last Updated January 2022

Follain Skincare Review

Not all skin care products are created equally. If you’re in the market for holistic skin care, then Follain may be just what you’ve been looking for.

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Featured Product: Follain Moisturizer

Price: $32

The Follain Moisturizer is exceedingly creamy and silky to help your skin look and feel its best. This moisturizer comes in a 1.7 fl. Oz bottle with an easy to dispense pump. You only need a couple of pumps morning and night on your face and neck to begin revealing your best skin. This product was created for all skin types and is clinically proven to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles


Ratings Breakdown


One of the highest quality brands of skincare, due to their constant commitment to create clean products.


Follain products feel great and work hard to make your skin look its best. The price point may be a bit steep for a lot of consumers though.


The Follain products perform great, in most instances. But some products may take longer to see more results.


They have created a vast line of skin and beauty products that are all non-toxic and cruelty-free.

Who is Follain?

Follain was founded in 2013 by Tara Foley who was on a personal mission for better skin care products. Upon a realization that she wasn’t treating the outside of her body the same way she was treating her insides, she went on a mission. And she was hard pressed to find any good skin care options that were non-toxic and holistically helped the skin.

So, she decided to create her own line after getting massive feedback from her blog, Naturalchemyst.

Follain claims their brand has been created differently than other skin care lines by following these specific techniques:

  • Using a holistic approach by following the principles of Green Chemistry
  • Having a restricted ingredients list of over 1500+ toxic ingredients that are banned from their products
  • Consult with dermatologists and environmental health experts to ensure efficacy and quality of their products
  • EWG Verified brand partner
  • Leaping Bunny Certified

All of these techniques help to ensure they are creating some of the best skin care products on the market today. 


  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Non-Toxic
  • Gluten-Free
  • Synthetic Fragrance Free
  • EWG Certified
  • Holistic
  • Made in the USA


  • Fairly Pricey
  • Can be time consuming

Follain Feel & Efficacy

As someone who has always been a fairly low maintenance person, I’ve never had a skin care regimen. This is especially true of my face, as it just seemed much too time consuming to me. Plus, I am extremely particular about what I put into my body and on my skin.

So, I had no desire to use any products that might contain toxins, like a lot of skin care products do. Once I heard about Follain though, I thought it might be time to give this skin care thing a try.

Follain Brightening Serum Review

The Follain Brightening Serum says it is a Vitamin C boost to help brighten and even out my complexion. It uses 5% 3-0 Ethyl Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Niacinamide. Both of these are meant to help brighten and even the skin tone while also reducing inflammation and fine lines.

The directions said to use 1 pump and smooth over my face and neck. This one comes out clear, but does come out with more pressure than the other products. So, I found that I needed to pump it into my hand and not just my finger to avoid getting it all over my vanity. However, one pump does easily cover my face and neck. 

The product dictated that for increased absorption, I should gently press it into my skin after application. So, I did this on my face each time I applied it. Upon application the first few times, I noticed a slight tingling sensation. My face did almost immediately appear a bit brighter though.

I followed the Brightening Serum up with the Moisturizer, as per the instructions. 

After a month of using both, my skin appears to be a bit brighter. However, I haven’t been able to see much of a difference with regard to a more even skin tone. But the product just may need to be used in entirety in order to begin seeing those results. For a 1 fl oz bottle at $38 a pop, I’m not sure if this is something I would purchase again. However, I do still have a significant amount left in the bottle after a month, so that helps to offset the higher price tag.

Follain Eye Cream Review

The Follain Eye Cream claims that it’s supposed to firm, hydrate, smooth, and boost the radiance of my orbital eye area.

This product is supposed to be used morning and night to help firm and brighten the orbital area. I found it much too difficult to use twice a day. And quite frankly I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to use this, the brightening serum and the moisturizer all at the same time. It just seemed like way too much. So, instead, I opted to use it at night when I got out of the shower, and then followed up with the moisturizer.

This cream comes out exceptionally thick so it’s easy for a little to go a long way. There was really no odor to speak of with this product and it was easy to apply.

The product says to gently pat 1-2 pumps under the orbital eye area. However, I found that was much too much product for me. I only used ½ a pump because it was more than sufficient for my orbital area.

After using it for a month, I can’t say that I saw much of a difference in most of those areas. I did feel that it boosted the radiance of my eye area. But the other claims may just take more long term use to begin seeing the results they tout. And since it comes in at $36 for a .5 fl oz container, I’m not sure I would buy more after I run out.

Follain Moisturizer Review

Out of all of the Follain skin care products, the moisturizer was the only one I was really familiar with. I’ve been using moisturizer on my body when I get out of the shower for years now, but that’s been the extent of my skin care routine. So, I was hopeful this one would produce even better results than the product I have been using.

The Follain Moisturizer comes out thick and off white in color. The directions say to massage 2-3 pumps over my face and neck. I initially tried only 2 pumps but I found it wasn’t enough. 

I enjoyed the light scent of this product and it went on easily. It does rub in white to begin with, so I had to keep rubbing it a bit longer to get it to fully saturate my skin.

I used this moisturizer twice a day. In the morning, following the Brightening Serum and in the evening, following the Eye Cream.

After using this product for a month, my skin felt softer and smoother. I enjoyed the application and the routine of applying it in the morning and evening after my shower. This is a product I would consider continuing to use because of how hydrated it made my skin feel. And even though it comes in at $32 for 1.7 fl oz, I still have at least half a bottle left after a month of usage. 

Follain Hydrating Cleanser Review

My spouse and I both used the Follain Hydrating Cleanser multiple times. I usually just use my bar soap to wash my face, but my spouse uses a separate face cleanser twice a day religiously.

While I didn’t mind using this cleanser in the shower instead of my bar soap, I wasn’t a huge fan of the smell. This might be due to the rose hip oil they use since I’m not a fan of anything with a rose smell. However, I can say that my face felt like it was cleaner than normal, so that was a plus. 

My spouse did enjoy using this one and felt that it was on par with his regular face cleanser. He continues to switch off between the two products. But, based on the $22 price tag for a 4 fl oz bottle, he says he probably would continue to just use the one he already has. This is simply due to the fact that he likes that scent better and the 2 products appear to work comparably.

Follain Dual Detox Mask Review

The Follain Dual Detox Mask is supposed to purify and resurface the skin on the face. The cream has a slight tan coloration and comes out much thicker than I had imagined it would. It also smells a lot like red clay, which makes me think it’s good at what it’s supposed to be doing.

Getting out a heaping dollop, as per the instructions, was an easy task. And it was easy to put on, but washing off was a different story.

As someone who has never used a Detox mask before, I had no idea what to expect. After a couple of minutes my face began to feel tingly and tight. It felt that if I moved my mouth that my cheeks would crack, which was a slightly unsettling feeling. I did notice that the mask became lighter over time as it began to dry.

I followed the directions and kept it on for the full 20 minutes. Washing it off was more difficult than I imagined. I began by trying to use warm water and my hands to rinse the cream off, but I had a difficult time getting much off. After I found a washcloth to use, that made the process much easier. But, overall, it was still a bit more work than I would probably ever do, in all honesty, especially with a $34 price tag for a 2.1 fl oz container.

Follain Ultra Hydrating Mask Review

The Follain Ultra Hydrating Mask is supposed to restore and soften after using the Detox mask. This mask cream went on a lot smoother and easier than the Detox mask. It was lighter and creamier too. Upon application, it felt cooling and soothing after the face tightening from the other mask.

I kept it on for the full 20 minutes, as per the instructions, but probably could have kept it on longer. It says you can sleep with it on, but I didn’t want my pillow to get greasy, so I opted to remove it. This mask was easier to remove than the other mask. This is probably due to the fact that it is lighter and doesn’t contain the clay that the other mask does. I can say that my face felt softer than it ever has after I removed the mask.

So I really enjoyed the results of it. And even though it comes in at $34 for a 2.1 fl oz container, this is a product that I might actually use more regularly at night after a shower.

My spouse tried both masks as well and preferred the Ultra Hydrating to the Detox mask. He said it made his face feel extremely smooth and soft. This was an odd feeling for him, since he has never used any face cream whatsoever in his life. He liked the end result, but not how long he had to wear each mask.

Therefore, the whole process for both products takes longer than either of us generally has time for. So, these products are something I wouldn’t realistically use together. If they were offered in a spa setting while I was getting a foot massage though, I would be all in.

Follain Lip Balm Review

As someone who’s been using lip balm for years, I’m always on the hunt for one that will actually perform well. This means I need it to be long-lasting and exceptionally hydrating. So, my hope with the Follain Lip Balm was that it would check all of these boxes for me. This lip balm is priced at $9 and comes in a .14 oz tube.

The lip balm itself is much wider than I’m used to, so I kept getting it on other parts of my face other than just my lips. I’m sure there was a reason for this design, but I just didn’t understand why it needed to be so big. Plus, it has a funky odor that I can’t quite put my finger on that isn’t really pleasant to me. It’s not off-putting, per say, but it’s not a scent I like. It could possibly be the chamomile in it, since that isn’t one of my favorite teas or scents in general.

After trying this for a few weeks, unfortunately, it didn’t perform any better than any of the other regular lip balms I’ve tried. I ended up having to reapply it just as often as my regular lip balm. And, since I didn’t like the smell or the application, this one was a bust for me. 

Is Follain Good Quality?

Follain began as a company on a mission to bring holistic skin care products to the world. And they continue to bring new products to market each year with this same mission in mind. All of their products are:

  • Cruelty-free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-GMO
  • Synthetic Fragrance Free

The brand also has a fairly in depth restricted ingredients list which all products they put out must abide by. This list was compiled based upon loads of scientific research and is regularly updated as new research comes about.

All of their products state they are made in the USA, as well. And while I love all of these things from a holistic perspective, there is a bit lacking with regard to transparency. I wish there was more public information on where their products are made, their laboratories, quality controls, fair labor practices, and where they source their base ingredients. And this is important for those of us with extremely picky standards for which company to support. From what is public, I do have trust they are operating ethically. 

Are Follain Skin Care Products Worth It?

I’ve found that skin care products can vary widely with regard to quality and price. In a lot of cases, you get what you pay for. This is especially true of the much lower priced lines. However, Follain seems to be fairly middle of the road when it comes to how much their products cost. And if you incorporate the fact that they stay away from toxic ingredients, that helps to boost up their worth more.

However, as with anything, whether their products are worth it or not will be a personal, individualized decision. For those who have been using skin care lines for a while and haven’t been having much luck with results, this line may be a great option for you. And if you’re someone who has the extra time to spend on these skin care regimens, you may really like these products.

But, for those of us who are really low maintenance, these products are probably going to be too time consuming. While I really loved the Moisturizer and the Ultra Hydrating Face Mask, I can’t really say how often I will continue to use them in the future. Anything that takes too much time out of my already insanely busy schedule is just not something I’ve got time for at this point in my life. But, that may change one day. And when it does, I’d be happy to give more of their products a try. 

Follain Coupons & Discounts

Follain offers some sort of discount on certain things fairly often. But what they offer discounts on changes regularly. The best way to find out what is discounted currently is to join their mailing list. That way, if you have your eye on a specific product, you’ll be in the know when it’s offered at a reduced price.

They also have a rewards program for loyal users called Clean Points. This program gives you 1 reward point for every $1 spent. You can also earn points by doing the other following actions:

  • Attend Follain events
  • Birthday points
  • Create an account
  • Follow their social media
  • Purchase refillable soap
  • Recycle in the store
  • Refer a friend

After you have enough points in your account (200 points minimum), you can use them to redeem for more Follain products, up to $30.


Follain Summary

Overall, Follain has a wonderful mission and appears to have created a strong, holistic product line. Their packaging is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. The fact that they are EWG certified and continually add more products to their list of toxic banned products helps me feel good about what they are producing.

After Using bioClarity

And, while I enjoyed using the products, a lot of them are fairly time consuming. But, for most consumers, their product line is definitely worth a shot. They seem to have positive results and much cleaner ingredients than most other skin care lines I’ve ever run across. And that’s not something to balk at.