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Daily Harvest Review: The Clean Food Delivery Box

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Reviewed by Valeria L. Palmertree

Last Updated January 2022

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Finding the right delivery box service can make your head spin. But, if you like clean foods, Daily Harvest might be a great service to check out.

Featured Product: 24 Count Best Sellers Box

Price: $140

Daily Harvest has quite a few different choices of product delivery boxes. However, the 24 Count Best Sellers box is the best way to go if you want to get a wide variety of clean food options. This box comes with 2 servings each of 12 different food and snack choices. All of these clean food options have vegetable and fruit bases and have more than generous portion sizes.

Daily Harvest 24 Count Best Sellers Box Sale


Daily Harvest 24 Count Best Sellers Box


For anyone looking to start eating clean, delicious food, Daily Harvest has everything one could ask for. Their 24 Count Box contains 2 servings of 12 generous meals.


Who is Daily Harvest?

Daily Harvest was founded by Rachel Drori in 2014. This company began as a solution to a personal problem she had finding good, healthy, delicious frozen food options. She always knew that she wanted to be an entrepreneur, but she didn’t realize it would be as the founder of Daily Harvest.

Rachel initially started and ran the company on her own for the first full year. She developed and created relationships with local farmers and packaging companies. One of her biggest sticking points is having a personal relationship with the farmers so that she knows where the food in her products is coming from. Rachel requires that the fruits and vegetables be picked during their peak ripeness and are frozen within 24 hours of being picked. This can be a tall order for a lot of smaller farmers.

However, starting the product line out with peak ingredients helps build the foundation to a product she, and her company, can stand behind. As soon as the goods are frozen, they are shipped to the Daily Harvest in house chef’s and nutritionists. At that point, the recipes are whipped up and the best way to package them is determined.

All of the Daily Harvest foods are created to incorporate:

- Nutrient density
- Difficult to find fruits and veggies
- Diverse flavor profile
- Ease of use
- Longer shelf life, whenever possible

To make their products even more appealing, every part of the packaging is recyclable and/or compostable.


  • Variety of veggie- and fruit-based meals
  • Farm-sourced ingredients
  • Chef-and nutritionist-created meals
  • Frozen to preserve freshness
  • Pre-portioned options
  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • Convenient and flexible delivery options
  • Competitively priced
  • 100% recyclable and compostable packaging
  • Skip, pause or cancel delivery anytime
  • Free shipping


  • Automatic enrollment in recurring plan
  • Cancelling requires survey completion
  • It’s a lot of food, so you may need to be willing to share

Ratings Breakdown


Daily Harvest offers chef and nutritionist crafted recipes to help increase clean eating with ease. Fantastic flavor profiles and easy, quick delivery options.


They are competitively priced, easy to prepare, exceptionally filling and offer free shipping.


They offer many different sweet and savory options that are all quick and easy to prepare. Large portion sizes only increase their overall performance.


Daily Harvest subscription box service is environmentally friendly, farm focused, and health conscious.

Daily Harvest Taste & Preparation

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Daily Harvest sent us 12 different products to try in our subscription box. Out of the 12, we really enjoyed 5 of them a lot more than we anticipated.

The Apple & Cinnamon Oat Bowl (4.1 stars) tasted like a warm oatmeal cookie. But it had a little something extra with the added pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and almond butter. All it needed was a little bit of almond milk before I microwaved it and it was perfect.

The Vanilla Bean & Apple Chai Bowl (3.6 stars) was more like dessert for breakfast. This is a tastier version of the overnight oats we already make for breakfast in our house. Plus, this version contains even more nutrient goodness with the addition of apples, figs, chia seeds, hemp, and pumpkin seeds. All we had to do was add some almond milk and leave it in the fridge overnight.

The Strawberry & Peach Smoothie (4.5 stars) was a huge hit with our smoothie-loving kids. The kit comes with everything we needed to make a quick smoothie, sans the liquid. This smoothie tasted similar to a delicious sherbet, but was even healthier with the addition of oats and flax seeds. I just needed to add some almond milk to the package contents, toss them in my blender and it was done.

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The Spinach & Shiitake Grits (4.3 stars) was probably the biggest surprise for us. We love both spinach and shiitake mushrooms, but aren’t really sure how we feel about grits. Much to our surprise, it was creamy, cheesy, and delicious. The addition of millet and nutritional yeast gave it the cheesiness and extra filling capability. All we needed to add was water and pop it in the microwave.

On the more sweet side, the whole family absolutely adored the Hazelnut & Chocolate Bites (4.2 stars). They looked and tasted like small decadent chocolate bites. But, in reality, they were exceptionally nutrient-packed little snacks. They are made with avocado, cacao, and hazelnuts. The avocado was the trick to getting the really creamy flavor. But, most of our kids aren’t fans of avocado so we didn’t tell them and they had no idea. It was awesome!

Since all of the foods sent to us have a pretty decent shelf life, that made them even more agreeable to us.

Is Daily Harvest a Quality Product?

Daily Harvest offers many different snack and meal options that choosing seems to be the most difficult part of the process. For those consumers looking for more ways to add in clean eating, Daily Harvest makes it simple. This is even true if you have dietary restrictions, as they cater to the following:

- Gluten Free
- Keto
- Paleo
- Vegan
- High Protein
- Low sugar/carb/calories

If you aren’t sure they will have enough food variety for you, then looking at their dietary preference list ahead of time should help.

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The portion sizes are exceptionally large. So much so that you basically have to share, or you’ll just have leftovers for another meal. This is great for those items that last longer, like some of the Daily Harvest bites.

A good example of the portion sizing are the aforementioned bites cups. They come with 7 bites per cup. But, because they are so nutrient dense and filling, it’s actually hard to eat them all in one sitting.

When it comes to how easy their foods are to prepare, it’s fairly simple and straightforward. Generally, if you can’t eat it right out of the container, all you need is the following:

- Fork
- Spoon
- Straw
- Blender
- Microwave

That’s it. and no, you don’t use all of these at once. It’s typically more of an either/or situation. Plus their Harvest Bowls are made out of compostable molded pulp, which makes them environmentally friendly. No matter what, their foods seem to be healthy, delicious, nutrient dense, and easy to eat, which speaks to their quality.

Daily Harvest 24 Count Best Sellers Box Sale


Daily Harvest 24 Count Best Sellers Box


For anyone looking to start eating clean, delicious food, Daily Harvest has everything one could ask for. Their 24 Count Box contains 2 servings of 12 generous meals.


Are Daily Harvest Subscription Boxes Worth It?

If you are someone who likes the idea of subscription boxes and clean eating, then Daily Harvest is probably worth it for you. They pride themselves on creating clean eating experiences within most people’s grasp. And they do this in conjunction with getting out quick deliveries that are fast and easy to prepare.

If you still aren’t sure Daily Harvest is worth it for you, don’t forget to consider the massive portion sizes. Just that alone can help offset the initial perceived cost. Plus you’ll get to try some new plant based dishes and snacks that you may never have had the opportunity to before.

Daily Harvest Coupons & Discounts

Daily Harvest offers specific deals and discounts throughout the year, particularly for new subscribers and large orders. Check out their homepage for the latest offerings.


If you aren’t sure about starting a subscription box service with Daily Harvest yet, you may have more questions. So we try to address the most common questions you might have here.

Daily Harvest Subscription Box Summary

Ultimately, these subscription boxes require little, to no, extra effort, tools, or utensils. Daily Harvest foods are also filling, which makes snacking, breakfast, and/or lunch much faster and enjoyable.

They bring multiple clean eating options right to your door that are healthy and delicious. And since they have a comparable price point to other subscription boxes, it seems like a no-brainer to give them a try.