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CUTS Clothing Review: Durability Meets Comfort

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Reviewed by Matt Hayes

Last Updated January 2022

Cuts Shirt Review

If finding a long lasting, great fitting, buttery soft, moisture-wicking Tshirt seems like a pipe dream, you haven’t tried CUTS T-shirts yet!

Featured Product: Crew Curve-Hem T-Shirt

Price: $48

The Crew Curve-Hem has the look and feel of no other Tshirt. The fabric feels soft, smooth, and is meant to move with your body with ease. It’s preshrunk and wrinkle free to make it one of the easiest garments to throw on and go. All Cuts shirts are made to wear at the office, the gym, or for a date night. The Pyca Pro Curve Hem only accentuates this by reducing bunching at the waist to create an even more contoured, flattering look.

Cuts Crew Shirt Test
CUTS Crew Shirt Feel
Classic-Fit Crew Curve-Hem Sale


Classic-Fit Crew Curve-Hem


The best-selling T-shirt by CUTS, this lovely black shirt is the cornerstone of a comfortable, fashionable wardrobe. Try it on and get hooked on their specialty Pyca fabric.


Ratings Breakdown


These Tshirts have superior stitching and extremely durable material which creates more longevity than most other mainstream brands.


Cuts Tshirts don’t quite compare with industry leaders in this category, but they’re better than the mainstream budget Tshirts. Therefore warranting them a middle of the road ranking.


The fit and feel of Cuts Tshirts are among the best out there. They stand up well to a long day, a lot of abuse, and still look good at the end of it.


Since this brand doesn’t have as much notoriety as other brands yet, there is less recognition while wearing Cuts Tshirts. They do donate a small amount, sometimes, but not enough to warrant any significant accolades for their efforts.

Who is Cuts?

Cuts was founded by Steven Borrelli in 2016 as a solution to an issue he’d be continually having. Since the modern professional doesn’t wear suits nearly as often as they have in the past, the current clothing lines weren’t keeping up with the times. Steven had been on the hunt for a more versatile Tshirt to wear for all different occasions, instead of just one. And since he couldn’t find a shirt that would give him what he wanted, he created his own line instead.

CUTS Founder

The Cuts line was designed to be worn in almost every modern day scenario. These include:

- The office
- The gym
- Date Night
- Hanging out with friends
- Traveling

In order to achieve this, Steven had to work on creating a better, more long lasting shirt. He also wanted to create a bit more versatility with his Tshirts. He was able to achieve this by creating a 3-step system with which to choose the best fit for each person.


  • High quality
  • Fantastic fit
  • Extremely durable
  • Custom Pyca blend fabric
  • Free shipping on orders over $150


  • Priced a bit steeply for a Tshirt
  • No customer service other than email

Shopping Cuts Clothing In 3 Steps

First Step: Fit Type

  • Fitted 
  • Regular style

Second Step: Cut Type

  • Regular
  • Split-hem
  • Elongated bottom cut

Third Step: Collar Type

  • Crew
  • V-neck
  • Henley collar

Once the desired shirt style has been narrowed down, all the consumer has to do is choose the color they want and they’re good to go.

CUTS Shirt Colors

The idea of more versatile clothing is what a lot of us have been looking for recently. But, what about giving back to society? Well, while Cuts doesn’t regularly give to any charities or philanthropies, they did create one beneficial partnership. Cuts partnered with a non-profit in the Orange County, CA area to help give back to adults looking for professional work.

Working Wardrobes helps to give professional clothing to adults searching for gainful, professional employment. Cuts partnered with them to donate one shirt for every order purchased. And as a bonus to Cuts customers, they offered 20% of the entire order when you purchased during the specified time window.

Cuts shirt performance

It doesn’t appear they are currently offering this special though. But it’s a good thing to keep an eye out for if creating some positivity in society is important to you when you purchase new products. And hopefully, Cuts will partner with some other non-profits in the future to give back even more.

Cuts Clothing Comfort & Performance

I was exceptionally pleased with my Crew Curve-Hem T-shirt. The fabric was light and stretchy, but also felt soft and smooth to the touch all day long. Out of the first 3 weeks I had my Cuts shirt, I wore it 5 times. Every time I picked it out of my closet, I loved it even more.

The Cuts shirt was a perfect fit with jeans or khakis. It also stood up well to exercise, without showing any signs of wear, nor any of the stinky exercise smells. I washed it multiple times and there weren’t any signs of pilling or fading.

CUTS Shirt Fit

I ordered my usual size Large (6’, 180 lbs) and it fit perfectly. The length was perfect because it wasn’t too long or too short, like a lot of other Tshirt’s I’ve tried in the past. The neck and the length of the seams also fit seamlessly. So, overall there really isn’t anything negative I can say about my experience with my Cuts Tshirt.

The biggest question now is how long will this Tshirt stand up to others I’ve had in the past? If it lasts exponentially longer than other Tshirts, then it will be well worth the initial price tag.

Is Cuts Clothing Good Quality?

Originally, Cuts was designed and produced right in Los Angeles, CA. But after a couple of years, the company realized they were going to need to outsource their supply chain in order to continue to grow. The first place Cuts outsourced their production to was China (no surprise there).
The Cuts shirt was a perfect fit with jeans or khakis. It also stood up well to exercise, without showing any signs of wear, nor any of the stinky exercise smells. I washed it multiple times and there weren’t any signs of pilling or fading.

CUTS shirt material

But, they realized soon afterwards that the China outsourcing wasn’t cutting it (no pun intended). So, Cuts went to their supply chain solution company, Sourcify, to find a better option. Sourcify then moved Cuts production to India, Vietnam, and the Philippines instead. This move alone was able to increase their profit margins, quality, consistency, and ship time to the end consumer.

Of course, it would be preferable if they could have continued to produce inside the United States. But, it’s also understandable that it’s difficult to make the profit margins work successfully with the much higher labor costs associated inside the US. However, the other big factor that speaks to their quality is the Cuts special Pyca blend fabric.

CUTS shirt comfort

Pyca fabric is considered a tri-blend fabric. Tri-blend fabrics are made up of cotton, polyester, and rayon. The three fabrics combined are used to create moisture wicking ability, durability, longevity, and soft feel to the touch. By using this type of fabric in their shirts, Cuts is creating a quality product that’s meant to last a lot longer than just a cotton or polyester shirt normally would.

Is Cuts Clothing Worth It?

If you’re getting to the place in life where you want more diversity from your clothes and for them to last longer, then Cuts is probably worth it for you. The initial $48 price tag for a Tshirt can stop a lot of consumers in their tracks. Luckily, Cuts has partnered with Klarna to offer financing options on their products.

klarna with CUTS clothing

If making the full payment up front is too much for your budget, then you’ll have the option of making payments in 4 installments instead. No matter which way you choose to do it, there is something to be said for quality over quantity.

And in this instance, the Cuts clothes certainly seem to provide a higher quality product than others on the market. With the addition of the increased diversity of the Cuts Tshirts, it’s hard to balk at the price tag if the shirt really serves 4 different functions.

Cuts Coupons & Discounts

Cuts offers an initial 15% off discount if you sign up for their email list directly on their website. They also have a Cuts VIP Rewards program that allows you to earn points to get a discount on future purchases. You can earn points by signing into your account prior to each purchase and also by completing specific campaign options.

CUTS everyday shirts

Another great program Cuts offers is their refer-a-friend program. Every time you refer-a-friend, they will get $25 off their first $100 purchase and you get $25 off your next purchase.


Not all Tshirts are made the same way. Before any consumer decides to spend a little more on their Tshirt, there are bound to be questions as to what makes each one special. And Cuts are no different. So, here we answer some of the most common questions prior to making your first purchase with them.

Cuts Clothing Review Summary

Overall, a Tshirt may seem just like a Tshirt. But Cuts has been out to prove that’s not actually the case. By providing much more diversity with one shirt and longer-lasting quality than other shirts on the market, they are surpassing their competition.

While the price tag may seem a bit steep still for some consumers, it can be well worth it for how long they are supposed to last. And when you add in the comfort, feel and style on top of that, it’s hard to go wrong with giving Cuts a try. At least once.

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