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CROSSNET Game Review: Is Foursquare Volleyball Legit?

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Reviewed by Nathaniel Lang

Last Updated February 2022

Crossnet Game Review




★ 4.87 Stars

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★ 4.6 Stars

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CROSSNET is the world's first four square volleyball game. Set up within minutes in sand, grass, or indoors.

Height adjustable for men (7'11"), women (7'4"), and children (5'6") Perfect for backyards, beach days, and BBQs All orders come with an official CROSSNET™️ four-way net, poles, and volleyball


  • Fully fleshed out game that left us wanting to play more and more
  • Comes with a pump that has a built-in spot for needle
  • Good price for a game of this size and scope
  • The carrying bag is very well designed and not too heavy
  • Designed to accommodate multiple heights from pros to casuals to children
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Very mobile


  • Bit of a learning curve
  • Cords could have their visibility improved for increased safety
Playing Crossnet Experience

Ratings Breakdown


The items in this bundle are well-made and built to last. There were just a few minor things that we nitpicked on to lose them half a star.


We found that the products’ quality more than meets the price of each of the items in the bundle individually. The mobility and novelty of the game make this a great deal for pro athletes or casual players like ourselves.


Overall, there’s no arguing with the fun. Once you get past the learning curve, there is a solid game of volleyball foursquare that is as addictive as any sport.


The CROSSNET team has done a lot in such a short amount of time. Since their launch, they have legitimized this game into a sport for everyone to play. We appreciate how they've designed the game to include everybody.


Crossnet Founders

The company that is now CROSSNET once started as 3 longtime friends that longed for the fun they had playing four-square at recess. In 2017 they came up with something new to bring novelty and athleticism to the elementary school pastime. CROSSNET was born from these friends’ passion for fun and love for competition.

It is now a sport featured in reputable places such as ESPN and officially partnered with USA Volleyball. You can find them in brick and mortar stores across the country, on their website, or frequently featured on sale as one of our bestsellers at The Fascination.


The rules are very easy to follow. But you have to pay attention to how the points are scored as it will affect how you need to work together throughout the game.

Pick a square

Players pick a square 1-4. The player in the 4th square serves the ball diagonally to the 2nd square.

Get the ball over the net

The ball must be returned over the net to any square in one hit. If playing in teams up to three hits per side is allowed. The 2nd square can not spike the serve. Additional hits can be added with your head & feet to keep the ball alive.

Misplacing the ball

Players are eliminated when the ball lands in the square. Only the player in the 4th square receives a point when a player is eliminated. Stay alive to survive.

Rotation and scoring

Each time a player is eliminated, that player leaves the court and all remaining players rotate clockwise. If the fourth was not eliminated, they earn 1 point. The lowest ranking square is then filled in with a new player waiting in line or the previously eliminated player. Games are played to 11, win by 2.

Crossnet Carrying Bag
Crossnet Ball
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CROSSNET Game Testing And Performance

I’m going to give you some background and myself and my friends who made up the groups testing this product.

I played men’s volleyball all four years of high school. I was a libero on my team due to my 5’8” height. I’ve played off and on throughout the years when I could because I love the game, but I haven’t made time for a league or anything consistent since. I own nets and other equipment and have hosted groups to play at parks with poles and sand.

My friends pictured were mostly my height or a little taller. They would join games like the ones I hosted for casual playing but never played volleyball consistently. We are all in our mid to late 20s.

Crossnet Review Group

How We Tested

We played the CROSSNET on a total of three occasions by the time of this review. We played on grass each time, as the only spots with enough sand to play volleyball already had nets and poles that took up the space.

Crossnet At the Park

We did not have a group larger than four at any of these times, which I think would change the experience a little bit. As explained above, when you get eliminated from a square you would have to wait outside the game if there were more than 4 players. I could imagine that adding more tension to the stakes of each round. It also is a nice break if you want water or snacks.

Due to our heights, we thought it was more enjoyable to take out that number 2 bar and lower the net by about 8”. That is what I’d recommend if most players are not 6’ or taller.

What It Is Like To Play CROSSNET

There is a bit of a learning curve to this game. Experienced or even casual players of volleyball will find this curve a little frustrating. This is because there are three main differences you will realize during this game. Hopefully reading this might save you a bit of time.

The first thing you come to realize when you’re playing this game is that you can’t bump or spike right away! You need to learn how shallow the spaces actually are. In normal volleyball, the sides are about 30’ deep. The squares in CROSSNET are roughly 5x5’.

It feels pretty tiny at first. But you quickly adapt. I think we ended up switching to the two-handed sets rather than the traditional bumps in order to more accurately place the ball in opponents' squares at first. It can become frustrating if you’re trying to spike the ball because it pretty much needs to go straight down or else it will be out of bounds. Obviously, this will affect taller players less, but it’s still something to consider. This brings me to the next point.

Spiking In Crossnet

The second thing you realize when you’re playing is that many of the shots end up falling very close to the net and you find yourself struggling to scoop it back after it falls below the net. Or what happens is that it will brush the top of the net and unexpectedly bounces outwards to your peril. We learned that there is a phase in the round or type of hit where you just have to guard the top net, meaning you can’t let it fall below or you’d probably get out. This was a large part of the learning curve.

Scoring In Crossnet

The third thing you realize is that you NEED to work together against the scorer. In the base version of CROSSNET that we were playing, you don’t have another person in your square to bump, set, spike the ball with. But, if you’re playing the game right, you’ll quickly discover your teammates are the other players who aren’t in that scoring position. You can bump, set, and spike with them!

Once we got to this stage of the game, it was a lot more enjoyable. It was super fun to come up with combos on the fly to get the scorer out. But sometimes you don’t have the best hit and you end up tipping it into another non-scores square and humorous yelling ensues.


The feedback I received from most of my friends is that the game took a little while to understand how it needed to be played. Not just the rules, but the pacing and how to expect the rounds to play out. At this point, I think I can explain it well enough to newcomers and most of my friends have already played it once. Aside from the learning curve, there were a few other notes we had about the game.

Crossnet Game Bump

A lot of us felt like the squares were too tiny or that we wish we had another person to bump, set, spike with consistently. The good news about this problem is that it has a solution. CROSSNET sells a doubles version of the game that gives people exactly that. You can buy it as a complete bundle or as an add-on to the original set you’ve purchased. We have not tested that product yet, though.

A smaller issue we had was with the cords used to stake the poles into the ground. The thin black cords ended up getting lost in the background of the park so we run into them more than a few times. I think the only solution there is placing tape or flags to dangle off of them to increase their visibility.

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Is CROSSNET a Quality Product?

We’ve played with it three times now. That includes assembly and disassembly along with hundreds of hits with the balls. We’ve hit the net, we’ve hit the poles, and we’ve hit the cords staked into the ground. I think it’s a quality product. I wasn’t disappointed by anything. That being said, there are a few things to mention.

Crossnet Bundle Pieces

If we analyze the quality of CROSSNET by the quality/durability of each individual piece the set comes with I would give it a 4/5 rating. Some of these pieces could be made of slightly higher quality material like the pump or the cords on the stakes that hold the net in place. Then some other pieces might have been machined a little better so they slid in perfectly. But even with these minor nitpicks, the product, on the whole, feels solid and built to last a long while.

Crossnet Ball Pump

As I mentioned, the pump had a wonderfully nice touch to include a spot for the needle during storage and transport. I’ve owned a number of bike and ball pumps and where to store the needle has always been a concern. I’ve bent or lost quite a few of them over the years. This little touch was very appreciated.

The bars that get assembled to form the stand are very durable and almost all of them slid together smoothly. There was one that gave us some trouble on the assembly and the teardown. I can only guess that it was slightly malformed so it just got stuck going in or out of the point of connection.

Crossnet Wilson Ball

The ball that the game comes with is very decent quality, but we found that it wasn’t the softest. I’ve played volleyball with all levels of players over the years and I’ve seen how beginners cringe a bit when bumping a normal volleyball. We found that this ball is not particularly soft in that respect, but it performed without any issue. We actually received the Wilson X CROSSNET - OPTX Replica Game Ball as well and that was our preference. Probably my favorite ball that I’ve ever played with, to be honest. If you’re sold on the concept of Crossnet, or just like volleyball, pick up one of those.


Buying the basic CROSSNET set gives you the equivalent of buying: a stand, a net, a ball, a pump, and a carrying case. If you were to price out these elements individually, they would easily cost about the same as what CROSSNET charges for the set. Taking a look at full volleyball net sets on Amazon reveals a price range of $100 on the cheapest end and $500 on the high. Therefore, $139.99 is very reasonably priced for a comparable item.

Crossnet Carrying Bag

You should also factor in that this can be set up anywhere the stakes can be placed in the ground. We played on grass at a local park. Between those locations or a stretch of sand on a beach, it makes this very mobile.

Finally, let’s factor in the fact that there really isn’t anything like this. It’s a unique experience that your family and/or friend group will be talking about for a long time after playing just once. “It’s four square but with volleyball!”

So if you’re group is athletic and likes the beach, volleyball, competitive games, or four square, this game is worth trying out.

Assembling CROSSNET

We found the setup for CROSSNET to be very easy. At first glance, it looks like there are a lot of pieces, but most of them belong to the poles. This means you just do the same thing four times and you’re already most of the way there. The instructional booklet that came with the set is very helpful. Here is the basic assembly instructions from CROSSNET. In my opinion, you can break it down into just 4 steps:

Assembling Crossnet

• Step 1: Connect all of the poles that make up the stands. The poles are all numbered to tell you their order and they can be placed down flat to get ready for step 2.

• Step 2: Slide the net over the tops of the poles and place the small center rod in the middle to provide shape and rigidity to the net.

• Step 3. Clip the cords attached to the stakes onto their position at the top of the pole and place the stakes into the ground so that they are tight at a 45-degree angle to stabilize each pole.

• Step 4: Place the boundary webbing around the poles starting with the first stake at the corner of one square. You may need to reposition the stakes or poles so they are equal and that the yellow line on the webbing lines up to each pole.

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Final Thoughts On CROSSNET

Everybody had a great time. It was a memorable experience for everybody involved and the friends I got to come out have mentioned it every time since playing. A lot of us had this shining nostalgic moment where we remember how fun it was to play four square at recess when we were in elementary school. This game gives you that competitive feeling again along with all the comradery that comes working together to get the scorer out.

Crossnet Game Summary

I think this game is a solid bet for anyone athletic group of friends who is looking for another fun beach/park game. It is not a gimmick and it didn't get old for us. I look forward to see how the game evolves in the public consciousness over time.

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