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Cove Migraine Review: A Must-Try For Migraine Sufferers

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Reviewed by Maggie Gibson

Last Updated January 2022

Cove Migraine Relief Medicine Plan

If you’re a migraine sufferer, finding the right treatment is like gold. Cove makes treating migraines so much easier than other options on the market

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Featured Product: Cove Customized Migraine Plan

Price: Varies

The Cove Migraine Treatment plan will vary for each migraine sufferer. This is due to the fact that each treatment plan is uniquely catered towards the individual. The doctor’s with Cove will take all of the factors you’ve given them to help determine the best course of action. The factors they use can include family history, medical conditions, sleep, stress, eating habits, environment, etc.

Testing Cove Headache Pills

Ratings Breakdown


The products and facilities they use are licensed and fully regulated.


Compared to the price of most migraine diagnostics and treatment options, Cove easily surpasses the industry standard in value.


The individualized migraine treatment plan incorporates many different factors to come up with the most effective long term solutions.


This brand is dedicated to helping migraine sufferers prevent and reduce their migraine attacks at a much lower price point than any of their competitors.

Who is Cove?

Cove was founded by Steve Gutentag and Demetri Karagas in 2018. This is their second healthtech startup with a similar business model. The goal of Cove is to connect customers with experts who can help diagnose and treat their migraines much more effectively.

Cove Medicine Doctors

They have been able to do this by working directly with physicians and medical suppliers. By cutting out the middle men, Cove is able to get treatments to customers at a much cheaper price point.

The pair realized with their first healthcare startup, Keeps, that healthcare is a fractured and disconnected experience. They wanted to continue along the path of getting better healthcare options to the masses. And they decided to tackle migraines since so many people are affected by them in today’s environment.


  • Clinically proven
  • FDA approved
  • Affordable
  • 24/7 access to doctors
  • Migraine tracker
  • Offers natural options as an alternative


  • Have to contact customer service to adjust your plan
  • No notifications regarding billing

Cove Practical Application & Performance

When I sought out Cove, I knew that I had consistent headaches that wouldn’t go away. However, I couldn’t be certain that they were actually migraines or not. Nor was I clear as to whether I needed medication to handle these headaches or if I could use some more natural methods instead.

Cove Headache Pill Package

I had reached the point where I needed some more professional guidance and decided to give Cove a try. The first step to get started is to take the 20 minute Cove Quiz. The questions this quiz entail are the following:

  • Your name
  • What brought you to Cove for a consultation
  • How often you experience migraines
  • How long you experienced headaches
  • Do any family members suffer from headaches?
  • If yes, were they diagnosed by a doctor with migraines?
  • Do you experience nausea or vomiting during an attack?
  • Would you take a daily preventative medication?
  • Would you take medication to reduce the severity at the time of an attack?
  • Your sex
  • Your birthday
  • Your current state of residence
  • Lastly, create an account to see your results

Once I finished the consultation process, I was redirected to a screen explaining their process. In order to proceed further with Cove, I had to pay a $4 doctor’s fee. This fee covered the doctor’s review of my initial online consultation and then ongoing 24/7 support. After the doctor sent me a treatment plan, I had 10 days to review it and adjust, if need be. After the 10 day window, my doctor sent me the medication to start my journey.

Cove Headache Pill

The treatment was delivered straight to my door on the prearranged schedule, so I knew when to expect it. The first thing I did was to download the free migraine tracker. This tool is used to help record any incidents and the following information:

  • Length of the migraine
  • Pain intensity
  • How the medication affected the attack
  • Identification of triggers

This tool helped me get a better understanding of my specific situation and the triggers. It turns out that my migraines are often an effect of my hormones. Which makes sense since migraines are common for women close to or during their cycle when the hormones are fluctuating. This knowledge has helped me better prepare for these potential episodes monthly to stop them from coming on.

Migraine Relief Cove Test

I’ve been able to do so by implementing better management of my triggers. These triggers happen to be too much caffeine, spicy foods, and not enough sleep. Now that I am aware of how these things affect me and my migraines, I make sure to prioritize sleep and avoid caffeine and spicy foods during my cycle. Just these minor changes have dramatically affected my migraine consistency and strength in a positive light.

Another greatly beneficial factor of the whole Cove process was the constant access to my assigned migraine doctor. It’s been easy to reach him through the portal. He typically responds to me in less than 24 hours whenever I send him a question. From the beginning, he has thoroughly explained:

  • The types of migraines I was experiencing
  • Different treatment plans I could pursue and why
  • How the potential medication worked

After using the migraine tool and speaking to my doctor at length for a few months, I made the connection that my migraines were linked to my hormones. At that point, I asked him if I should adjust my treatment plan and medication.

He gave me options regarding what changes I could potentially make. It was great to know that I could easily adjust my treatment plan, if need be, but I decided to stay on my original medication.

6 Months Later
Now that I’ve been using Cove for over six months, I have felt much more prepared to take on, and prevent, my migraines. This process has taught me more about myself and my triggers. Which has helped me learn how to adapt my routine to prevent migraines in the future.

Taking Cove Headache Medicine

Often, I don’t use all of the medication they prescribe me, which is fine. This is due to the fact that I’ve been able to work with the Cove customer service team to adjust my prescription amount so I don’t get more pills than I need.

My doctor has been a great resource to bounce questions and comments off of. And I truly feel that he is there for me on my migraine relief journey.

Is Cove Good Quality?

Cove migraine treatments are meant to help consumers learn and grow from their migraine journey. The doctor’s in the Cove network are all licensed in the states they work in. These doctors base all of their treatments on over 20 research-backed and FDA approved medications. These medications are meant to attack migraines from 4 different perspectives, for a whole body treatment.

Cove Medicine Capsules

These 4 types of treatments include:

  • Acute Medications – meant to reduce the severity of your migraine attack in the moment.
  • Preventative Medications – meant to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.
  • Anti-nausea Medications – meant to prevent nausea side effects that often accompany migraines.
  • Dietary Supplements – meant to naturally help the prevention of migraines.

The first 3 on the list are all prescription drugs. Therefore, they require a doctor’s diagnosis, based on your quiz answers, prior to any prescription being made. The medication offerings range in their method of implementation from:

  • Pills that are to be swallowed
  • Dissolvable Pills
  • Nasal Spray
  • Injections

Currently, Cove is partnered with Eagle Pharmacy to dispense all of their medications. This pharmacy is licensed to dispense medication in all 50 states. They claim to have a minimum of 2 pharmacists look at every order before anything gets dispensed. And they use a third pharmacist to actually fill the order.

Migraine relief with Cove Meds

This process is part of their internal quality control systems, which increases my trust in their process. It would be great if they had some quality control certifications as well, such as the ISO 9001 industry standard.

Ultimately, the quality of service and products that Cove provides appear to be on par, if not better than other migraine treatment options. It’s the value that puts them ahead, in my eyes.

Is Cove Migraine Treatment Worth It?

The process with Cove is certainly much easier and more streamlined than trying to see a traditional doctor in an office setting. This is a huge reason why Cove might be worth taking a look at right out of the gate. Plus, once you create an account and have a doctor, they are much easier to get a hold of than the traditional doctors usually are.

Cove Prescription Meds Delivery

In addition, Cove has a mission to help migraine sufferers break the cycle, and they are doing this through education. In this vein, the Cove educational blog features articles that help learn more about the science behind migraines and implement lifestyle changes. Some of the most popular topics include:

The fact that most of their prescription medications are usually around $20-$25 per month makes them exceedingly reasonable. Although there are some more expensive options offered also. But, in a lot of cases, you can speak to your doctor about which options might be covered by insurance to help alleviate some of those costs.

I feel that most consumers would find the benefit of paying $4 to have a doctor look at your information and give you an initial migraine plan. Even if you don’t decide to go with the plan, that $4 seems pretty darn worth it to me. And if you do decide to go ahead with Cove, you will still only have to pay $4 a month for unlimited access to your doctor. This is so much more cost-effective and easier to manage, than dealing with my regular doctor.

Cove Coupons & Discounts

Cove already has rock bottom prices when it comes to prescription medications. So it’s difficult for them to give much in the way of coupons or discounts regularly. However, it does appear that they will give you 40% off your first order once you sign up.


If you’re a migraine sufferer and have tried multiple different options, then you’re bound to have questions with any new potential treatment option. Here is where we answer most of the common questions consumers have regarding the Cove product and treatment plan.

Cove Summary

Overall, the whole migraine treatment journey was a new concept for me. However, it’s been a great experience thus far. With confidence, I certainly recommend Cove to anyone who thinks they have migraines and/or are looking for a migraine treatment plan.

Cove Headache Medicine

Their easy to use process, educational content, knowledgeable doctors, affordable pricing, and fast shipping have made the process well worth every penny. This might also be a great alternative if you’ve been battling migraines for a while but are looking for something more accessible. Really, there’s not much to lose by giving Cove a try.