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Corq Yoga Mat Review: Time For An Upgrade

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Reviewed by Sharon Quinn

Last Updated March 2022

Corq Yoga Mat Review

The Bottom Line: Why We Love the Corq Everyday Mat

Meet Corq: sturdy, long-lasting yoga mats that are made from premium cork, sustainably harvested from Portugal. We love a mindfully-oriented fitness routine, so leveling up your workout space with 100% recyclable, renewable, biodegradable materials gets an instant thumbs up in our book. These mats are proof of the versatility cork provides - from anti-slip and antimicrobial properties to extra cushion and easy cleaning, your body will thank you for making the investment in your physical health.


  • Made from 100% recyclable, renewable, biodegradable cork
  • Material is harvested in a sustainable, eco-friendly fashion
  • Anti-slip, antimicrobial, resilient and flexible, easy to clean, extra cushion
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Try it risk free for 30 days
  • Carbon offset program - for every order, Corq funds the Jari Para REDD+ Avoided Unplanned Deforestation project to neutralize the emissions created through shipping their products
  • Free shipping and returns in the U.S. and Canada
  • Offers financing
  • Easy add-ons - $5 Carrying Strap and $15 Massage Ball


  • On the heavier side of yoga mats depending on what you’re used to - 5lbs
  • More expensive price point for yoga mats

Key Features of the Corq Everday Mat

$98 price point for adult size, $65 price point for kid size.

5 lbs

Dimensions - 72” x 26” 

Thickness - 4mm

Top material - sustainable, fine grain cork harvested in Portugal 

Bottom material - Vietnamese natural tree rubber


Ratings Breakdown


Heavy duty (but not heavy), fully sustainable and recyclable, great grip, antimicrobial


Long-lasting, versatile for everyday use, supportive of your body and joints Customer Experience - 5*, Speedy delivery, easy check-out


Speedy delivery, easy check-out, and great performance


Mission, founding story, eco-conscious and sustainable from start to finish


Free shipping on all orders in the US + Canada, 100% satisfaction guaranteed - full refund within 30 days of purchase, 1 year product warranty

How To Use The Corq Everyday Mat And Other Thoughts

Unrolling the mat was a pleasant experience. My go-to mat for the last 4 years has been thick enough to give me the support I seek when working out but, unfortunately, is also quite heavy.

I love that my knees always feel protected when I’m doing fire hydrants and birddogs, but it does take a bit of muscle to unroll and put away. If you’ve ever seen me prepare for a workout or stretch session, it looks like I’m whipping a sheet across my bed trying to straighten it simply because it’s...well...heavy. I’m not complaining. I’ve had the same mat for 4 years and use it almost daily. With minimal wear and maintained cushion, it’s still a top contender if you’re in the yoga mat market.

Cork Yoga Mat Benefits

However, it isn’t recyclable, renewable or biodegradable. After a few short uses of my new Corq mat, I can safely say I’m converted. Outside of being in serious need of an upgrade, the lightness surprised me since I assumed something so cushioned would be just as heavy as the mat I’ve grown accustomed to using. Boy, was I wrong. Corq’s mat rolls out effortlessly and has an unbelievable amount of support. The texture is smooth and feels slightly spongey on the underside.

It’s an ideal thickness - enough to keep your joints protected but not so much that you feel raised high above the surface you’re placing it atop. If you’re a mat nut like me, you know the uneasy feeling I’m talking about – when your mat is thick and you somehow step off your mat mid-workout and feel off balance because one foot is raised and the other isn’t. Yeah, total vibe killer.

Cork Mat For Yoga
Happy with Cork Yoga Mat

Doing Yoga On The Corq Mat

One other personal pet peeve when it comes to yoga mats are those that slide...All. Over. The. Place. It’s beyond frustrating to adjust your mat in between each dynamic move when you’re doing a timed circuit workout or are in the middle of a live steam and suddenly your mat has magically made its way over to the corner of your room. So, you have to stop, reposition, and recenter yourself in your workout. I put the mat to the test on my laminate floors. The result? Minimal movement. 

While they’re marketed as anti-slip, I’d say with any mat there’s a bit of inevitable shifting that occurs when you’re moving through downward dogs or HIIT circuits. Corq’s is limited enough to not be a showstopper during your sweat session. My hands and feet did slide a tad on the top of the mat, but, there was minimal movement of the mat itself. So, a decent amount of grip for your hands and feet on the top, plenty of grip on the bottom to maintain its position on the floor and very limited overall slip.

Yoga On Cork Mat
Cork Mat Yoga

How to Clean the Corq Everyday Mat?

As we mentioned, the natural qualities of cork as a material means that it is antimicrobial and antibacterial. Bacteria can't live on this yoga mat! So in a certain sense, these mats are self-cleaning.

But what if I spill something or dirt builds up over time?

To clean the Corq mat, it is best to use a soft cloth with cold water to gently wipe specific or all areas. It is important to avoid using a cloth or sponge with an abrasive surface as well as skipping mat cleaners. Mat cleaners have chemicals that could be bad for cork and has the potential to damage your mat.

As far as how frequent you should be cleaning your cork mat, it is recommended that you give it a gentle wash once a week, assuming you are an average yoga participant. If you are a particularly heavy sweater, consider after every use. But again, this is not as necessary as a regular yoga mat.

How to clean cork mat

The Corq Everday Mat: Final Thoughts

High-quality yoga mats are worth the investment. Predating COVID, I was a huge fan of at-home fitness. When I would venture to a class, more often than not I had to bring my own mat. This meant having an enduring, easily portable piece of equipment was key to me enjoying my workouts (and the walk on the way to the studio). Now that I find myself doing sit-ups and stretches in my living room 100% of the time, I find it more important than ever to have a comfortable space to move. Corq’s mat gives me maximum comfort and makes me feel good about supporting the environment.

While I haven’t dripped enough sweat on the mat to test its antimicrobial properties (preventing germs, bacteria and odor), I’ll be reporting back on the smell without doing extensive wipe-downs in between workouts. If you’re considering entering a gym or group fitness class, I’d say now it’s more important than ever to purchase a mat that keeps germs at bay.