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Copper Bottom Swim Review: Luxury With Purpose

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Reviewed by Nathaniel Lang

Last Updated January 2022

Copper Bottom Swim Review
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Featured Product: Eric Trunk in Pebbled Maroon

Luxury Mens Swimsuit

Price: $160

The Copper Bottom Swim Eric Trunk in Pebbled Maroon are designed for refined gentlemen seeking casual swimwear. They sport a 5” inseam and bespoke drawstring. These swim trunks have a four way stretch soft mesh brief lining for extra comfort all day long. The 100 Certified Oeko-Tex fabric has built in UV protection and is quick drying. And with deep side pockets and felled seams it’s hard to go wrong with these swim trunks.

Testing Copper Bottom Swim

Ratings Breakdown


The quality of their swimwear shines through with the attention to detail with things such as the stitching, grommets, pockets, lining, and the feel of the material.


The Copper Bottom Swim line is much higher cost than most of their competitors. But, for a luxury swimwear, the pricing may just be worth it to the right consumer.


This swimwear is designed to look and feel luxurious, while also lasting exponentially longer than any of their counterparts.


The brand goes above and beyond to create a highly sustainable product line along with completely curbside recyclable packaging, even down to the sticker.

Who Is Copper Bottom Swim

Copper Bottom Swim was founded in 2018 by Mercedes Prevost as a solution to an issue that was close to her heart. She and her partner have traveled all over the world, and during all of her travels the water has been a big part of her life. What she noticed was that men’s swimwear styles were consistently ill-fitting, not stylish, uncomfortable, slow-drying, and just overall meant to be tossed in the next season.

Copper Bottom Swim Suit Brand

She wanted to create a line that was more in line with the lessons instilled in her by her grandfather. He believed in buying less things that were better quality, more sustainable, comfortable, and looked good. And he consistently took care of these higher quality items to help them last as long as possible, thereby creating less waste. Out of this philosophy, Copper Bottom Swim was born.


  • Luxurious
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Quick drying
  • Comfortable
  • Sustainable
  • Free shipping


  • Luxury pricing

Fit & Performance

Great Men's Swimsuit

Since I happen to live in a warmer climate, I do spend a good deal of time in a pair of swim trunks. Therefore, I was interested to try out Copper Bottom when I heard about their highly sustainable, luxury swimwear line. 

After a quick glance through their website, my eye was caught by the Eric Trunk in Pebbled Maroon. I took a look at their size chart to make sure I was getting the correct size and settled on my normal size Medium.

Copper Bottom Swim Sizing Chart

This was a good bet because the swim trunks fit me perfectly! The first time I tried them on I knew these were in a completely different ballpark than my typical go-to board shorts. 

These swim trunks not only felt really nice to wear around but they even got a few appreciative raised eyebrows from my wife. They are a bit shorter than I’m used to wearing, coming in at a 5” inseam. So, I consider these in the short shorts category. But, even with them being a bit shorter, they were exceptionally flattering of my body. Which was actually unexpected due to the shorter length.

Copper Bottom Swim Pockets

And I loved that they had two fairly deep side pockets to store pretty much anything I needed while wearing them. This was a nice touch and greatly appreciated.

I got a lot of compliments any time I was wearing them out. This alone made me feel like I was up with the current trends and am hopeful that this will be a long lasting style. 

In the past I’ve had issues with swim trunks causing chafing from the netting, but I didn’t have that issue with these at all. And I put them through the ringer with any kind of application I could think of. I wore these:

  • Lounging by the pool
  • Hot Tubbing
  • Playing pool volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Hanging on the lake
  • Working out at the gym (unexpected, I know!)

No matter where I wore them, they performed as well or better than my experience had prepared me for.

Best Materials for Swimsuit

The excellent workmanship as shown by the stitching, grommets, drawstring, and embroidered logo only boosts my confidence in this company. And the fact that their line is entirely sustainable with fully recyclable packaging just pushes them further up the charts.

The only thing I can find wrong with this company (if you can call it that) is the pricing. I know this is a luxury swimwear line, but the pricing may be a bit too high for me to justify buying a second pair. Therefore, I hope this pair of swim trunks lasts as long as humanly possible to help offset the initial cost. Because they are my new go-to pair of swim trunks and I am simply in love with them.

Copper Bottom Swim Suit Performance

Is Copper Bottom Swim Good Quality

While living abroad in Ljubljana, Slovenia the founder began to realize that this was the perfect place to create the Copper Bottom Swim line. Since the area just happened to be close in proximity to Italy, France, and Spain it would make their product line have a smaller carbon footprint right off the bat. Plus, all three of those locations are well known for their high-quality and highly sustainable raw fabric materials.

Best Classic Mens Swimsuit

The factory they use in Slovenia to manufacture their product line is committed to fair wages and a safe working environment for their employees. Therefore, the combination of these two factors helped the company create a good quality, highly sustainable product line right away.

The brand currently uses polyester and elastane in most of their swim trunks. In one pair of trunks in particular, the Joshua Brief, is made out of 78% Econyl regenerated nylon. The goal of the company is to continually incorporate more of these recycled and sustainable materials into every product they offer.

Copper Bottom Swim Fabric

The fact that this brand is committed to continuing on the path of sustainability while creating as luxurious a line as possible just exhibits the high quality traits we like to see in a brand.

Is Copper Bottom Swim Worth It?

Copper Bottom Swim may definitely be a bit higher cost than some consumers are willing to pay. But, this is a luxury swimwear line. And with luxury products, there are always going to be higher price tags involved.

Favorite Men's swimsuit

However, for those consumers that put a lot of emphasis on the how, where, and why their clothes are made, this company is worth the higher cost. The line they have created is certainly luxurious to wear and be seen in. And the fact that it’s highly sustainable clothing, and heading towards being completely carbon neutral, don’t hurt either.

So, if you want to put your money where your mouth is regarding style, luxury, and sustainability, then this is probably the brand you’ve been looking for.

Copper Bottom Swim Coupons & Discounts

Copper Bottom Swim is currently offering a 10% discount on your first order just by signing up for their email list. By doing so, you’ll be privy to when they’re having other sales (which isn’t too often, I’m told) and early access to new releases.

Stylish Mens swimsuit


Any time someone is in the market for new swimwear, there are bound to be a lot of questions. And these questions may be even more extensive when we’re discussing luxury swimwear, since the expectations are much higher. Therefore, here is where we try to answer some of the most common questions posed by consumers interested in the Copper Bottom Swim line.

Copper Bottom Swim Summary

Overall, Copper Bottom has created a fabulous line of good looking swim wear to help men feel more confident. Their line is meant for every man who is interested in a more luxurious swimwear product but also wants to be a bit more casual. And if you’re someone who cares a lot about sustainability and where your textiles are made, then this is probably a great fit for you.

Buying Copper Bottom Swim

I know that I love my swim trunks from Copper Bottom more than I ever thought possible. And even though the price tag is a bit steep for me to justify buying another pair, I will continue to love mine until the last stitch falls apart. Hopefully, by then, the brand will have a recycling program in place to return them for a credit towards a new pair.

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