The Edit / Caraway Cookware Review: We Tried the Internet's Favorite Non-Toxic Kitchenware Set


Caraway Cookware Review: We Tried the Internet's Favorite Non-Toxic Kitchenware Set

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Reviewed by Matt Hayes

Last Updated January 2022

Caraway Cookware Review

I've been cooking a lot more since COVID hit us and for years have been using cheap pots and pans that would warp, stick and scratch. I've had Caraway's cookware set for two months now, and I am completely hooked. Read my full review below and see whether Caraway is worth it.


Caraway Cookware Set


Caraway Cookware Set

$545  $395

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★ 4.9 Stars

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 The Caraway Cookware set is a phenomenally-crafted set of pots and pans that will almost certainly upgrade your cooking game. The non-toxic, non-stick ceramic coating makes every aspect of cooking and cleanup easier. They are well made. And they look beautiful.


  • Incredible non-stick ceramic surfaces that repel food
  • Non-toxic – contain no harmful chemicals like Teflon
  • Super easy to clean – you can basically spray off and dry
  • Solidly built – they don’t warp and aren’t uneven
  • Versatile – 4 pieces should be all you need (also includes two, modular storage options)
  • Beautifully designed, with stunning colors


  • $395 is prohibitively expensive for some folks
  • Lighter colored pans may brown underneath from gas burners
  • Metal handles do get quite hot
  • On the heavier side, so they are a bit difficult to maneuver one-handed

Ratings Breakdown


It’s hard to argue with the quality of this set. Beyond the striking aesthetics and range of beautiful colors, the quality of the material construction in the non-toxic, non-stick ceramic design, the heft of each piece, even the tight fit of the lids make cooking with these pots and pans a joy.


$395 isn’t exactly cheap, and I’m sure Caraway gets their fair share of comments on their ads because of the price. But when you consider the quality of the products and the years of performance and utility you’ll get out of this set, it still seems to be a very good value to me.


The customer experience was top notch throughout. The website is simple to navigate, with beautiful imagery and an easy checkout. The packaging is well done too, and unboxing each piece of the set got me giddy and excited to cook.


As a brand Caraway sort of fades into the background – in a good way. They aren’t overly quirky or standout in terms of their tone of voice. They let the product story and imagery do most of the talking.


When you buy the full cookware set, you get a number of nice perks. I received $100 off my purchase, free shipping, a free storage set and a complimentary cork trivet. They also offer 0% APR financing, which is nice for a higher dollar purchase.

About Caraway’s Cookware Set

Non-toxic, containing no Telfon or other harmful chemicals

One of the biggest benefits Caraway touts is that their cookware is non-toxic and produces no harmful chemicals. Unlike a Teflon coating, which can product harmful offgassing at high temps, Caraway cookware is ceramic-coated so you get the benefits of non-stick without worrying about toxic chemicals seeping into your food.

Caraway Cookware Set

Oven safe up to 550º and induction Safe

Caraway’s cookware can transition seamlessly from a variety of stovetops (electric, induction or gas) to high-heat oven.

Non-stick, easy-to-clean ceramic coating

Caraway uses aluminum coated in ceramic for its flagship cookware set, which produces a naturally non-stick cooking surface. You can use virtually no butter or oil and your food still won’t stick.

Caraway's 4-piece cookware set includes:

Caraway 10.5" Fry Pan

Fry pan (10.5″ diameter)
Perfect for eggs, pancakes and sauteed veggies

Caraway 3 qt Sauce Pan

Sauce pan (3 quarts)
Perfect for sauces, gravy, risotto, etc.

Caraway 4.5 qt Sauté Pan

Sauté pan (4.5 quarts)
Perfect for stir fry, and meals with stock

Caraway 6.5 qt Dutch Oven

Dutch oven (6.5 quarts)
Perfect for pasta, roasts and boils

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How Caraway Cookware Performs

Over the past few months, I’ve cooked a variety of dishes using Caraway’s Cookware set: fried eggs and seared steak in the fry pan, boiled pasta in the Dutch oven, sautéed vegetables in the Saute pan, and cooked the kids mac-n-cheese in the sauce pan. My overall thoughts are below:

Caraway Cookware Set

The set truly lives up to its non-stick claims – I’ve literally tried to burn stuff to the bottom of the pan just to push its limits. But time and time again, food just glides right off it. Check out how easily my fried egg glides across it. This is with a tiny dollop of butter.

The fry pan produced one of the best ‘crusts’ I’ve ever been able to achieve on my tenderloin steak – I cook tenderloins (or filet mignon) at least once a week, and I’ve slowly dialed in my technique: Salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, slow cook in the oven at 300º, butter baste and sear in the fry pan, and then rest with truffle finishing butter (write that down 😉).

I was very dubious that I’d be able to achieve any sort of char on my steaks as I’ve had very mixed results in the past. But, I was pleasantly surprised. The ceramic heats quickly and retains heat really well. But the best part: hardly any smoke. As much as I love steak, the part I dread the most is filling the house up with smoke. For whatever reason, the Caraway fry pan prevents this almost entirely. It makes cooking steaks so much more enjoyable.

Cleaning the pan is usually as simple as washing with water and wiping clean with a paper towel

It’s pretty crazy how easily grease, sauce and cooking residue sheaths off the ceramic coating. Just a little hot water and soap swirled around for a few seconds and a quick wipe with a non-abrasive sponge or dishcloth is all it takes to get the pan clean. After, I wipe it dry with a paper towel. I’ve never put my Caraway set in the dishwasher, as I’m concerned it might damage the coating. But when cleanup is this easy, it’s usually not even a thought.

Is Caraway Cookware Worth it?

My personal opinion: Absolutely yes, it is. But as with everyone, the answer is, it depends. At $395 as of this writing, the Caraway Cookware Set is probably on the higher end of most budgets. I know you can certainly get a capable 4-piece non-stick pot-and-pan set off Amazon for much less, but the quality and clean cooking benefits of Caraway are worth the buy in my book. 

Plus, you can't beat the design and modern, modular storage solution that this set offers. Whether you choose to keep it on display or stored beneath the stovetop, Caraway certainly earns a spot in your kitchen.

Caraway Cookware Set

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Caraway was kind enough to offer readers of The Fascination an exclusive offer:
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