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Buffy Sheets Review: Soft Hemp Linen Sheets

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Reviewed by Nathaniel Lang

Last Updated January 2022

Buffy Bedding Review

With the stresses of 21-century life sleep has never been more important. That's why it's vital to ensure the quality and effectiveness of every weapon your nocturnal arsenal. Today we review the quality of Buffy's soft and breathable hemp sheet set.

Soft Hemp Linen Sheets


Soft Hemp Linen Sheets


Our 100% Soft Hemp Linen Sheets are beautiful, breathable, and designed to get softer with every wash. Includes 2 pillow cases, 1 top sheet, and 1 fitted sheet. You have a 7-night free trial so it costs nothing to see what this level of luxury can do for you.


Featured Product: Soft Hemp Linen Sheets

Price: $279.00

The Soft Hemp Linen Sheets from Buffy are designed to be both beautiful and comfortable by providing superior breathability and increased softness with washing. Buffy uses anti-bacterial 100% hemp linen fiber that resists UV light fading, mold, and mildew. These soft, 102 single-ply sheets are lightened with natural and safe hydrogen peroxide and are machine washable.

Buffy Hemp Sheets Review

Ratings Breakdown


I found no loose threads or fibers in the Soft Hemp Linen Sheets I received. The stitching is tight and the worn construction of the sheets overall feels and looks great.


While definitely a good value, the price prevents it from being an incredible value. This is definitely a luxury sheet set and the price reflects that.


The sheets provide excellent cooling and breathability. They are not as soft, at least initially, as preferred but they are supposed to soften over time as they are washed.


Buffy shows an excellent and proactive approach to reducing environmental impact and waste by using hemp instead of cotton and other less sustainable fibers. Buffy’s manufacturing process also integrates recycled plastic, CO2 offsets, donation of returned items, and all standard material certifications.

Who Is Buffy?

Buffy (the “home products for the home planet” company, not the vampire slayer) first entered the direct-to-consumer bedding industry in 2017. Their original signature items were comforters. Founder Leo Wang grew up in a family that made bedding; he always wanted to make the incredible coziness of expensive luxury comforters more accessible and affordable.

So Buffy (not the vampire slayer) was born to keep costs lower than other luxury bedding by reducing both supply chain steps and environmental impact. They started by using fillers like recycled microfiber and eucalyptus, known for using ten times less water than cotton to grow, as well as for its smooth texture.

Buffy Bedding Slogan

As their product line grows, Buffy remains committed to “using sustainably-grown fibers and recycled fluff—which means you won’t find any animal feathers, virgin polyester, or water-wasting-cotton here.” Yet they do it without compromising on comfort by choosing materials not just because they are “better for the planet than the more traditional options, but because they just plain feel better, too.”

To increase cooling, breathability, comfort, and durability, Wang was the first in the bedding business to integrate 37.5 Technology –a technology usually used in sports apparel that uses natural minerals to regulate a comfortable body temperature.

Wang says he is less in the bedding business than he is in the comfort business, knowing how much modern consumers have come to value comfort. He focuses on doing this using soft, sustainable hemp and eucalyptus fibers, natural dyes, and pro-planet shipping with recyclable single package shipments and offset carbon emissions. 

Buffy is a company proud to focus on earth-friendly practices. It is actively working to create a closed loop system, meaning that they replace everything that their production processes take from the earth and that they put nothing harmful back in. Their plans focus on:

  • Responsible materials
  • Product quality and durability (which reduces mass “planned obsolesce” and constant replacement of products)
  • Responsible transport and logistics, including offsetting CO2 emitted from the entire supply chain (they currently offset CO2 emissions all freight and customer shipments)
  • Responsible end-of-life disposition

Additionally, the goal is to create net zero carbon emissions by 2025, they use no animal testing and are vegan/cruelty-free, and even donate or recycle all returned items.

Buffy is definitely a company with a mission that will help you rest easy, in more ways than one.


  • Sleeps very cool
  • Uses 100% hemp linen fiber
  • 7-night free trial
  • Needs less water than cotton sheets
  • Exceptional company commitment to sustainability and reduced environmental impact
  • Free shipping in the continental US, Hawaii, and Alaska with FedEx/UPS (Canadian shipping available for a fee)
  • Informative, fun website


  • 102 single-ply
  • Not initially as soft (although that is a subjective opinion)

Buffy Hemp Sheets Performance and Experience

The first thing that really sets Buffy sheets apart is that you pay nothing upfront when you order. That’s right—you pay $0 to start. Buffy offers a unique 7-day trial period. If you decide to keep them, they will charge your card. Otherwise, you pay nothing.

When assessing the Buffy sheet set quality right out of the package, I found no loose threads or fibers, the stitching was tight at the corners and on pillow cases, and the woven construction of the sheets themselves looks and feels great.

Buffy Sheets Packaging

My first impression was positive. I have no reservations or immediate concerns about the material quality of Buffy.

Performance was a bit of a mixed bag. The biggest two things I look for in a sheet set is cooling and softness. On the cooling front, these sheets are excellent. I never felt warm during the night and never woke up sweaty. They feel cool to the touch and the hemp fibers seem to allow a high degree of airflow and breathability through the sheets.

Both my wife and I felt that the sheets slept cool. This is their greatest strength in my view.

I was less impressed with the softness. While the box touts them as “Earth’s softest sheets,” in my experience they were not obviously softer than 100% cotton sheets nor were they softer than my performance polyester sheets. If anything, the weave on the sheets gives them a slightly rough feel.

Buffy Hemp White Sheets Test

However, that being said, while they don’t have that smoothness that I’ve experienced with other similarly priced luxury cotton and performance sheet sets, I still found them comfortable.

Over time these sheets are supposed to get softer, as is true of most natural fiber sheets. So perhaps they are just not as soft and smooth immediately out of the box. If the sheets soften over time with more washes, that will certainly make them a more desirable and better overall feel.

Softness is of course a subjective opinion. My wife had plenty to say about these sheets. She actually felt they had a nice degree of softness and felt they were sufficiently smooth. She also agreed that the cooling was excellent.

Hemp Pillow Sheets

I do really love that the fibers grown to create Buffy sheets use so much less water than cotton to grow. That’s a big win. And hemp absorbs even more CO2 from the air than trees. Its extra-long roots actually improve soil quality over time rather than depleting it like flax.

Knowing that sheets you are resting on are manufactured via a process promoting biodiversity and using earth-friendly materials makes that rest even more, well, restful.

Soft Hemp Linen Sheets


Soft Hemp Linen Sheets


Our 100% Soft Hemp Linen Sheets are beautiful, breathable, and designed to get softer with every wash. Includes 2 pillow cases, 1 top sheet, and 1 fitted sheet. You have a 7-night free trial so it costs nothing to see what this level of luxury can do for you.


Are Buffy Sheets Good Quality?

Overall, I would have to say yes. They are exceptional in their cooling and breathability performance. The quality of the construction and stitching is excellent, and the 7-day trial period is an ingenious offer.

Buffy Hemp Sheet Stitching

While perhaps the softness is more debatable based on subjective opinion, even that is still good quality. They are extremely comfortable, and you certainly aren’t feeling like you are sleeping on straw. A bit of washing should smooth things out for anyone who might be feeling particularly “princess and the pea”-ish. 

The company mission is laudable and the manufacturing process puts their money where their values are. These are sheets you can feel both physically and ethically comfortable resting on.

Are Buffy Sheets Worth It?

As mentioned, the Buffy sheets are definitely luxury sheets, and therefore not inexpensive. Not everyone will find the difference between these and other good quality natural fiber sheet sets to be worth the price. And frankly, albeit sadly, not everyone will be able to afford these. Which is a shame, given how environmentally conscious nature of these manufacturing and packing processes.

Buffy Sheets Look And Feel

But for those who are ready to invest in next-level quality and sustainable earth-friendly products, the Buffy sheets are a great option. Their truly stellar cooling qualities will make them particularly valuable to those who sleep hot, are suffering from hot flashes or night sweats, or are simply often restless at night.

Ordering Buffy Sheets

Ordering is fairly straight-forward: peruse the enthusiastically informative website, choose your sheet style, color, and size, and check out, resting easy in that afore-mentioned 7-day trial period. You have a choice of Standard Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes, as well as Twin XL and California King.

Buffy Hemp Fitted Sheets

If you are looking for a full bedding upgrade, Buffy also offers:

Buffy accepts Apple Pay and Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. 

Shipping is free in the continental US, Hawaii and Alaska via FedEx or UPS. Orders are shipped the business day after the order is placed. 

Canadian shipping is available, with payment required at checkout for shipping costs.

Setup & Install Buffy Sheets

As with any sheets, you will want to wash and dry these before using them for the first time. Buffy sheets are machine-washable and quick-drying which is an added convenience. Tumble dry on low and keep out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Buffy Sheets Coupons & Discounts

Buffy also offers $10 Off First Order through its website for signing up via email. 

While not a coupon exactly, the $0 at purchase/7-day trial period is a great hook for those who may be a bit uneasy about spending the money upfront.

Buffy Sheets Comfort


Buffy Sheets Summary

If you want superior cooling and breathability, these Buffy hemp sheets are the sheets for you. People may have different opinions on the softness (multiple reviews on the website praise the texture) but it is beyond doubt that these luxury sheets are just that—luxurious. 

The price tag may be a bit high for some. On the other hand, Buffy’s mission to make “home products for the home planet” means they are using sustainable products and processes, and that is worth an investment. Their goal of a closed-loop production process in less than 10 years is even more praiseworthy.

Their free trial period and free shipping should reassure you if you are on the fence about the price.