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Branch Ergonomic Chair Review: Invest In Your Back

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Reviewed by Nathaniel Lang

Last Updated January 2022

Branch ergonomic chair Review

Featured Product: Branch Ergonomic Chair

Branch Chair Experience

Price: $329

If you work at home or otherwise spend 8+ hours a day in front of your computer you have to invest in the chair you’re sitting in. Branch’s Ergonomic Chair is perfect for those prioritizing comfort and functionality.

Branch Chair Assembly
Branch Chair Assembly
Branch Chair Assembly
Branch Chair Parts

Ratings Breakdown


Almost everything about the chair is well-designed and durable. I would expect this chair to last a long time in any office setting. It loses one point because the armrests can be somewhat hard to manage.


The chair gets the full score on value. I found no other chairs in the marketplace that feature seven points of adjustment for this price.


This is a solid design that performs as an ergonomic chair really well. I use an 8-year-old Herman Miller chair that I got secondhand as my daily task chair. It’s hard to compare these because my Herman Miller is nearly 3x the cost when new at $900. But this holds its own in terms of adjustability, attractiveness, and overall comfort.


Their website’s Ergonomic 101 page provides extensive information on how to use and adjust their products to support both your health and your productivity. Branch also commits to sustainability, using recycled materials, and setting aside a portion of their revenues for charitable organizations.

Who Is Branch?

Branch was founded in 2018 by CEO Greg Hayes who found that office furniture seemed to have only two purchasing avenues: expensive and often slow traditional manufacturers, or cheap and fast options that felt poorly designed and uncomfortable. 

Hayes wanted to offer a third option, one that would help people build affordable and attractive workplaces. So he created Branch Furniture with a focus on speed (think 5-15 business days rather than 6 – 12 weeks), flexibility, and price transparency for their consumers. They have worked with clients such as Tumblr, Squarefoot, and Overtime in what Hayes sees as a case study in flexibility and speed in reconfiguring a 100+ person office in Brooklyn in fifteen days.

Branch Chair Company Story

Using a direct-to-consumer model enabled his new company to survive the onset of the 2020 pandemic. After a promising first 1.5 years, profits hit zero in March 2020, requiring layoffs and putting the company’s survival into question. But Hayes shifted quickly, marketing to all the workers who suddenly needed to work from home, reconfigure spaces, or change their setups completely. This both benefited consumers needing new workspaces immediately if not sooner, while also allowing Branch to flourish. 

Workplaces continue to shift and change form. So Branch also supports companies looking to transition or reconfigure spaces quickly and affordably without sacrificing comfort or quality. Their product lines appeal especially to companies and individuals that need speed and flexibility more than a wide selection, and who don’t feel cheated by choosing from a smaller number of modular items.

The company’s focus on ergonomically comfortable designs makes it easy for people to not just work but also feel their best while developing new work-from-home setups. Their website includes a full ergonomic assessment, and a huge variety of articles with more information that you ever knew you wanted to know about increasing comfort and productivity while reducing potential work or stress injuries. Topics range from general ergonomics to best WFH setups to how to stretch at your desk to office sustainability. 

Speaking of sustainability, Branch is working on that too. Motivated by seeing all the discarded office chairs around NYC, Hayes began to consider the environmental impact of office furniture. Branch reduces such waste by offering a trade-in program, creating products meant to last and be repaired rather than thrown away, and using recycled and recyclable materials. 

The “About Us” page of the Branch website says that they also “implement a social responsibility program that sets aside a portion of the revenue for charitable organizations.”


  • Easy to assemble
  • Fully adjustable
  • Soft seat bed
  • Lumbar support
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Ability to lean back or lock
  • Fully ergonomic
  • Silky smooth on my hardwood floors. Really nice!
  • Online assembly instructions accessible by phone
  • Ships for free in 3-5 days
  • Comes with a Branch warranty


  • The levers to lock/release the arms under the chair are easy to wiggle loose which can make the arms wobbly
  • The seat is warm compared to other mesh seats I have tried
Ordering Branch Chair Delivery

Branch Ergonomic Chair Testing And Performance

I used this ergonomic chair over the course of three weeks as my replacement for my usual task chair. It’s a beautiful work chair with a soft seat and a comfortable backrest. I was impressed with the comfort and flexibility of the ergonomic design.

How to Assemble Branch Chair

The design is truly ergonomic, offering more than just a few simple predetermined options. Every aspect of the chair is adjustable in order to get a perfect ergonomic profile. You can customize:

  • Seat height
  • Seat depth
  • Lumbar support
  • Tilt and tilt tensions
  • Armrest height
  • Armrest depth
  • Armrest width

The anodized aluminum base is light yet solid, as are the casters. No rickety or squeaky connections here! The casters are silky smooth when rolling across hardwood floors, which is a great plus for those working long hours in the same chair and needing to access different areas of their workspace.

I did feel like sometimes the double-layered nylon mesh seat was warm compared to other mesh seats that I’ve used before. Given the structural comfort of the design, it was a minor annoyance that may not bother other people.

Branch Chair Arms

The one design aspect I found mildly frustrating was the armrest. Occasionally when sitting in the chair or putting weight on the armrest, the armrest width adjustment would come unlocked. This would be a little bit annoying if it interrupted what I was doing.

Overall, I think the bottom line for this chair is that it’s an amazing value for an ergonomic chair that looks professional in any office setting.

Branch Ergonomic Chair Sale


All-In-One Razor


Designed in Italy, the Branch Ergonomic Chair offers seven points of adjustment, creating an exceptional range of ergonomic support for bodies of most shapes and sizes.


Is The Branch Ergonomic Chair Good Quality?

The quality is excellent. While I may have a few minor quibbles with the armrest design, the experience of using the chair for several weeks was positive. I love the casters and the full adjustability.

Branch Chair Hydraulic

The materials used are high-quality and seem both durable and comfortable. Branch has used this combination to make a good quality product that you will likely be happy with purchasing and will last a long time. No deliberately-planned obsolescence here!

Is The Branch Ergonomic Chair Worth It?

I found this to be an amazing value for an ergonomic chair that looks professional and attractive as well as comfortable in any office setting. While I personally usually use a Herman Miller chair, they are significantly more expensive than the Branch chair. So at around $300 for a chair that adjusts in seven points, this chair can’t be beat.

Branch Chair Lumbar Support

I can’t think of another option that includes a full 7-point customizable design at this price point.

Branch Coupons & Discounts

At the time of writing this review, I did not find any current coupons or discounts. Branch does run an ongoing referral discount of $20 for every friend you refer. They get $20 off any order of at least $150, and you receive a $20 Visa Gift Card upon their purchase. 

Branch Chair Wheels


Branch Ergonomic Chair Summary

The Branch Ergonomic Chair offers a supportive design with exceptional adjustability.

Branch’s commitment to reducing repetitive-stress office injuries is exceptional, as demonstrated by all the information they make available regarding Ergonomics and the best ways to work in healthy supported postures and positions.

Branch Chair Comfortable

Now featured in Techcrunch, Forbes, and Apartment Therapy, Branch continues to appeal to individuals and companies alike. And they do it while also considering sustainable and planet-friendly practices. Their website announces that they are “committed to doing what’s right and enduring, not what’s easy and ephemeral, to ensure a brighter and healthier future for our products and our planet.” 

For those wanting a balance between an attractively professional look and a customizable, durable design and a socially responsible manufacturing process, this chair may very well be your new go-to for your home or workplace office.

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