The Edit / Boka Kit Review: You'll Never Skip Brushing Again


Boka Kit Review: You'll Never Skip Brushing Again

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Reviewed by Sharon Quinn

Last Updated January 2022

Boka Kit Review

Why We Love Boka

Toothbrushes and toothpaste can be…well…boring. But not Boka’s. Their luxe, beautifully packaged oral care products seamlessly disappear on your bathroom countertop and give your medicine cabinet a high-end, minimalist vibe. The best part is they actually do the clean-up work your mouth needs, with your total body wellness in mind.

From trading harsh additives for naturally restorative, non-toxic compounds to simplifying your dental hygiene routine, Boka challenges industry standards and encourages whole-body health by equipping you with high-quality, bacteria and inflammation fighting products.

Boka Kit

Featured In This Review

Boka Kit


This kit includes:
– 1 sonic powered Electric Brush
– 2 activated-charcoal bristle Brush Heads
– 1 4oz. tube of Ela Mint nHa Toothpaste
– 1 box of Ela Mint Floss 
 Option to subscribe for savings

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Featured Product: The Boka Kit

Price – $75 for One-Time Purchase and Refills for $23 with Subscription

The Boka Kit comes with the revolutionary Boka Toothbrush, Ela Mint Toothpaste, and natural floss.

Each one boasting more stand-out features than the last. From the toothbrush’s built-in brushing timer and 25-day battery to the toothpaste’s paraben and fluoride-free formula, Boka designs these products to modernize the dental hygiene world.

Boka Toothbrush Kit

Ratings Breakdown


Cruelty-free, vegan, 100% non-toxic ingredients (free of all the bad stuff), safe to ingest, safe for kids, sturdy and well engineered


Extremely affordable for long-lasting tube of toothpaste, rechargeable brush and USB port dock, 2 brush heads and box of floss, 30-day money-back guarantee, 2-year warranty.


Speedy delivery, easy set up and use, makes me feel like a queen while using.


Mission, product aesthetic, donation program with non-profit partner – Surge.

Boka Floss


  • Designed simply with all the features you need, and none of the ones you don’t
  • Two easy steps for conquering complete oral hygiene (brush and floss)
  • Toothpaste is made with 100% non-toxic ingredients (AKA free of fluoride, SLS, parabens, artificial flavors and endocrine disruptors)
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Very affordable price point + subscribe and save option
  • Comes with two toothbrush heads so you have a backup
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery life on toothbrush (up to 30 days)
  • Product aesthetic is on point, plain and simple


  • Packaging isn’t reusable

Performance – It’s Brush Time, Baby

I’m going to be honest about my oral hygiene habits: they aren’t great. And by that, I mean I don’t typically adore the process of pulling out my old Oral B electric brush that has toothpaste stuck on the side of the handle and monotonously scrubbing my teeth. In fact, sometimes I even skip my evening brush because I’m “too tired.” 

Ironically, I also greatly value healthy habits that promote life longevity. Surprise, surprise, oral and physical health go hand-in-hand, so creating a hygiene routine that you enjoy is pretty important, and one that’s free of harmful additives is effectively a must if you want to do it right.

Boka Toothbrush Performance

When I discovered Boka — a brand that blends beauty and ritual with a premium placed on your overall health — my interest was instantly piqued.

Was I suddenly going to enjoy my AM and PM scrub sessions and were my pearly whites going to magically be as white as the crisp handle of my new toothbrush? Here’s the down and (not so) dirty: after 30 short days, my whole view of toothbrushing changed and it became very clear to me why the brand has 3,500 five-star customer reviews.

My BFF’s Experience – One For Me, One For You

When I try something that’s life-changing, I tend to mention it to everybody and anybody that will listen. My husband, my BFF, my mom, even my dog. I can’t help it. If it’s that good, the news must be spread. 

So, after a few short weeks of using my Boka Kit I shared my revolutionary experience with my gal Courtney. For context, she’s an Art Director and loves surrounding herself with beautiful things: beautiful places, beautiful products. We like to keep each other in the know about beauty, health and wellness trends and always speculate: are they really revolutionary or really average?

Naturally, I had to extend my Boka fandom along, so I sent her a kit.

boka toothpaste performance

The first text I got was, “Wow. Total upgrade from my manual toothbrush.” She went on in true Art Director fashion to share that “the packaging and branded inserts were super thoughtful, high quality, and what I would expect from a brand who knows what they’re doing.” Overall, we were off to a good start on the gift-giving front. Boy, do I know how to pick em’.

We (half) joked that before the timed toothbrush, our teeth were getting the short end of the stick because not all of them were afforded the same TLC.

Emphasis on the half-joke. We both preferred the mint toothpaste over the ginger, felt the floss was a durable quality unlike some of the more flimsy versions we’ve picked up from our local drugstore and agreed that bar-none, our self-care routines, oral hygiene and overall health were majorly benefitting from the transition to Boka.   

Is Boka Quality?

The Science behind Boka’s products is easily accessible on their website. They give their customers access to factual information on why they use a NASA-developed ingredient (nano-hydroxyapatite) in their products, linking to an NIH study showcasing it as a revolutionary material for preventive, restorative and regenerative dentistry.

boka kit testing experience

Additional outside resources like highlight a variety of industry professionals who recommend Boka to their patients as the preferred toothpaste because it’s nontoxic and outperforms fluoride.

Is Boka Worth It?

IMO, Boka is 100% worth the hype. Beyond the two brush heads that come with your easy to hold brush and portable charging station, the toothpaste lasts forever. I’ve favored the Ella Mint flavor, using it AM and PM for the most part. It’s been over a month and a half, and the tube still has a good amount left in it.

boka toothbrush kit quality

When I do find myself in need of a refill, it’s only $12 a tube (or $9.60 if you subscribe and save with 20% off). That’s slightly higher than what I typically opt for at my local drug store but is significantly less harmful to my overall health based on its clean ingredient list.

Frequently Asked Questions

boka toothbrush charger
electric charcoal toothbrush

Wrap Up

As an expecting mother who did a full-on product overhaul to clean alternatives when I found out I was pregnant, I can say with full certainty that Boka is going to remain in my beauty cabinet postpartum. Their products are just that good. Just that effective at leaving you with an oh-so-fresh clean feeling. And make me feel just that luxe.

I mean, who doesn’t want to feel like they’re reaching for a luxury tube of facial moisturizer when they’re grabbing their toothpaste? 

I may not be able to say that after 30 days of use my teeth were a shocking new shade of white that I’d never seen before, but progress takes time and prioritizing my health (and my happiness while I take care of myself) is not only easily achievable with Boka’s kit…it’s a sure thing.