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Bev Wine Review: Made By Chicks, For Everyone

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Reviewed by Amanda Hitchcock

Last Updated December 2021

Bev Wines Review

Advertising itself as “Made By Chicks…And Good Dudes”, Bev offers canned adult beverages that are crisp, dry, and a bit fizzy. Varieties include rose, blanc, noir, gris, and others. Its goal as a company is to create a brand that is grounded in an inclusive, respectful drinking culture with an emphasis on female-friendly spaces.

Ladies Night Variety Pack (24 Cans)


Ladies Night Variety Pack (24 Cans)

$99 ($79 via Bev Club)

Don’t want to choose? Try a few! Thirsty for a party? Bev’s got all the classic varietals, rosé, blanc, and gris in Bev Ladies’ Night variety pack.


Featured Product: Ladies Night Variety Pack (24 Cans)

Price: $99 (Membership discount available)

Enjoy enough fizzy, delicious, and sugar-free wine to last a few nights actually (mileage may vary…). The Ladies Night Variety Pack comes with the following assortment of 24 cans:

  • 8 x 8.45oz of the Bev Blanc with 11.9% alc/vol
  • 8 x 8.45oz of the Bev Rosé with 11.9% alc/vol
  • 8 x 8.45oz of the Bev Gris with 11.9% alc/vol
Bev Wines Flavors

Ratings Breakdown


These certainly are not traditional table wines, but they are not meant to be. Plus, they are more carb and calorie conscious. There was no reason to believe at any time during the testing process that these were not the highest quality canned wines that you could get.


At between $3-$6 a can, these are a great value. Especially to support a fun, equality driven company.


11.9% alcohol by volume wines that come in cans, offer variety, and are great for day drinking. What’s not to love?


Female owned and driven, Bev makes a great quality and unique product about which they are passionate. It has made a niche in the market accordingly. They really know who they are as a company that promotes fun and responsible drinking with values of vulnerability, candor, accountability, kindness, and passion.

Who Is Bev?

Bev was founded to help break that glass ceiling for women, in business and beyond, and especially in the alcohol industry which has been traditionally male-dominated. Promoting female empowerment, the company proudly advertises being “Made By Chicks and Cool Dudes.”

Bev Wines Team

The company puts that mission into action, being female founded and driven. Founder and CEO Alix Peabody founded Bev as part accident, part necessity. After graduating from Dartmouth and working for a hedge fund in New York City, she switched coasts to join the tech scene in San Francisco. Then a rare medical condition sidetracked her with over a year and half of surgeries and hospital stays. Swamped with medical bills, she began throwing ticketed daytime parties at a family home in Sonoma. 

These became far more successful than she had anticipated, and for reasons she had not foreseen. She now says about those parties that “that was when I really realized that there was a different way that we could build more female-dominated social spaces. The energy of those parties was so much different than the frat life [of Dartmouth] or even the New York City finance life or the tech life that I’d been a part of. If the women are having fun, everybody’s having fun.”

Bev Wine Company

Seeing a business opportunity, she cashed out her 401k (taking a big tax hit), bought way more rosé than the average person ever would, contacted a previous date whose roommate turned out to be a wine supplier, and the Bev startup was born in 2017.

Peabody as a millennial is social media savvy, and Bev comes with her own unique feminine approach to colors, packaging, naming, and product development. The company later secured $7 million in investments in 2019 through the Founders Fund, a high-profile investment and development firm.

Bev Made By Chicks

The once fledgling startup is now being widely distributed and has its own subscription service. Bev as a company creates what it calls a “community of entrepreneurs, creatives, and freelancers” with a goal of “building connections that educate, create, and inspire.” 

It’s refreshing to see a company that unapologetically embraces values of vulnerability, candor, accountability, kindness, and passion.


  • Refreshing summer wine beverage
  • Wonderful for camping, poolside, or anywhere that glass is difficult/restricted to have
  • 11% Alcohol by volume. Zing!
  • Recyclable cans that come in fun colors
  • Calorie and carb conscious
  • Company is female founded, owned, and driven
  • Shipped to your door for free


  • No options without bubbles
  • No shipping to some states, no international shipping
Blanc (8-Pack)


Blanc (8-Pack)

$49 (39 via Bev Club)

She’s zippy, dry, and a lil’ fizzy with aromatics of crisp green apple, white nectarine, and a light, fresh citrus finish. she’s never afraid to speak her mind and is a self-care queen! Spend a night out with blanc and let your hair down!

Bev Rosé (8-Pack)


Rosé (8-Pack)

$49 (39 via Bev Club)

She’s crisp, dry and a lil’ fizzy with aromatics of fresh strawberry and raspberry, paired with a crisp white peach finish. she makes friends in the bathroom line. She wears whatever the f@#$% she wants. she calls you a lyft home. Spend a night out with rosé and have a hell of a time.


Bev Wines Taste Testing

In the interests of full disclosure, I’ve never had canned wine before.

I have of course consumed traditional wine from a glass bottle. I have imbibed a great deal of wine in my day, just never from a can. I’m also well acquainted with other canned alcoholic beverages. So I figure that qualifies me to test out wine in a can.

I thought that these wines would all be of nice quality, taste good, and be refreshing. Which they were. What did surprise me was that all of the wines were fizzy or carbonated in some way, some of them more than others.

Bev Wines Zero Sugar

I drank a few of these cans throughout the testing time, and I always enjoyed them. We had many different options to choose from, including:

On the website, each varietal is personified like a different kind of woman, and comes in its own brightly colored can—all part of founder and CEO Peabody’s way of bringing her own female voice to the traditionally male-dominated alcohol industry.

So how did they go over in a social setting?

Bev Wines Value

I took a bunch of these on a group camping trip to take a survey on tasting. We loved the convenience of just being able to throw them in a cooler and have them whenever we wanted. 

The group all enjoyed them, although one person did say that they would rather just have a glass of wine. For reference, these folks were all 40 years old and above. Most said that they would buy these at the store and that the best thing about them is that it came in the convenience of a can.

Bev Pinot Grigio Review

Some impressions of the wine itself:

  • The Sauvignon Blanc is fruity and has a note of green apple, which I really liked.
  • The Pinot noir has a little bit of a pomegranate or citrus taste while being a little bit dry.
  • The Pinot Grigio has some grapefruit notes and is refreshing.
  • The Glitz wines come in really sparkly cans and are much more like champagne. I could see myself drinking these at the beach or on a sunny spring or fall afternoon. 

Just to make sure we fully tested the Bev wines as the responsible reviewers we are, we drank these during the day, and at night, and during camping, and….you get the idea. I never felt like I was sick or hung over from these. 

Pro tip: Really great for day drinking!

For volume reference, 4 cans equals 1.3 bottles (750ML) of traditional bottled wine.

Bev Pinot Noir Taste

I am still not sure how I felt about slightly fizzy wine. I’m pretty traditional when it comes to wine drinking so I sort of wanted one that was not fizzy. That being said, that is a personal preference, not a reflection on the Bev products. 

Added benefits include that each can is:

  • Only 160 calories per can (100 calories per serving)
  • Zero sugar
  • Only 3 grams of carbs
  • Non-GMO.

Bev wines are 11.9% ABV, and each can holds 8.4 oz of wine (a glass and a half!)

All in all, I was pleased with these and so were my comrades-in-testing.

Bev Wines Review

Ordering From Bev

Each varietal comes in a choice of an 8-pack, 24-pack, or 48-pack. Choose your flavor and size, and whether you want a one-time purchase or to join the Bev Club subscription service which delivers every 4 weeks at a discounted price.

Payment options include credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), as well as PayPal or Google Pay.

Note that you do need to accept the delivery in person and present a valid ID.

Bev Rose Taste TEst

2-day shipping is always free from Bev!

Bev ships to anywhere in the United States EXCEPT Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Utah.

Most orders arrive in 2-3 business days from the date of the order. They do note that some orders may be delayed due to COVID-19 and the stress on the delivery system during this time.

BEV Gris 8 Pack


Gris (8-Pack)

$49 (39 via Bev Club)

She’s bright and a lil’ fizzy with light and refreshing notes of elderflower, pear, and a zesty grapefruit finish. She loves goofy dancing. she becomes best friends with everybody’s pets. She’s cute, but can cut anyone who messes with you! spend a night out with gris and have a hell of a time.


Are Bev Wines Good Quality?

For adult beverages that come in convenient cans, it’s hard to beat Bev.

Bev Wine Quality

No, we are not talking traditional imported wines for a luxurious dinner out, but that is not what Bev aims to do. Bev wants to provide a fun drink at a great price, made from sweet California wines, to add to social gatherings—and at that, it hits the mark quite well.

Bev Gltiz 8 pack


Glitz (8-Pack)

$59 (47 via Bev Club)

BEV CLUB SUBSCRIPTION EXCLUSIVE | SHE'S BACK! Bow down because the queen is back and this time as a Bev club exclusive! Nothing's too much for Glitz - she's all dressed up and ready to celebrate. What we love about her most is her outlook on the world: silver linings and sparkles. Zero sugar and all the glam, what more could you ask for!? Sign up for Bev club and get your Glitz on with 20% off the single-purchase price! 


Are Bev Wines Worth It?

I would say so, especially at the subscription price. Each can runs $3-$6 averaged out per can, depending on the quantity ordered.

Bev Pinot Grigio Review

For example, the Bev Gris Pinot Grigio currently will cost you:=

  • $49/8 pack, $39 on Bev Club = $6.13 or $4.88/can
  • $99/24 pack, $79 on Bev Club = $4.13 or $3.29/can
  • $190/48 pack, $152 on Bev Club = $$3.96 or $$3.17/can

Considering that each can is 1.68 regular servings (over a glass and a half), and that most wines will run you more than any of these prices for even one glass, the Bev products offer definite value. 

Add in the recyclable convenience of the can and the fun of the fizz, and you have yourself a great deal.

Bev Glam (8-Pack)


Glam (8-Pack)

$59 (47 via Bev Club)

Glam has entered the chat!! The sparkling rose of your dreams with tasting notes of passion fruit, delicate red berries, and a white peach finish. Glam is your inner superhero. Glam is your alter ego. Here to remind you that being glamorous is so much more than what’s on the outside (even if that’s a glitter box!) & that true confidence comes from within.


Bev Coupons & Discounts

Sign up to receive Bev emails and get 15% off your order.

The Bev Club is its subscription service. Save 20% by signing up for deliveries which come every 4 weeks. You can cancel or adjust anytime with no commitment. 

Bev offers a Military and Service Discount for:

  • Current & former U.S. military
  • Military spouses & dependents
  • First responders including law enforcement, fire, and EMS
  • Teachers (K-12 and University teachers/staff)

Verified individuals can receive up to 20% off of qualified orders.

Bev Noir (8-Pack)


Noir (8-Pack)

$49 (39 via Bev Club)

Yes red lovers – we heard you! Meet Noir. She’s edgy, dry and a lil’ fizzy – a delicate, coastal pinot, with aromatics of citrus blossoms & fresh pomegranate, paired with a light blackberry finish. bravissimo! *chef’s kiss*



The Bev Wines Summary

Bev offers crisp, dry, and fizzy drinks in convenient cans at a great price. It’s nice to get a simple product with a clear mission—to promote responsible drinking, female empowerment, and partnership and teamwork across all communities and genders.

Bev Pinot Grigio Taste

It’s hard not to smile when you see the cool colored and sometimes sparkly packaging with its distinctive signature, and easy to support Bev’s values of vulnerability, candor, accountability, kindness, and passion.