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Andie Swim Review: Women Made And Women Approved

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Reviewed by Maggie Gibson

Last Updated January 2022

Andie Swim Review

Finding swimwear that not only looks great but stays put was an almost impossible task. That was until Andie Swim entered the scene.

Featured Product: The Tulum – Flat

Price: $115

The Tulum – Flat by Andie Swim is a breakthrough one-piece swimsuit that actually stays in place. The flattering cross straps in the back keep the suit looking great while running, swimming, surfing, or just lounging by the pool. It’s made of 82% nylon and 18% spandex for a flattering look with flexible give in all the right places. This swimsuit sports medium bottom coverage for just the right amount of cheek and maximum bust coverage to keep the girls where they’re supposed to be

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Featured In This Review

The Tulum – Flat


We all want our Baywatch moment. If you’re slow-motion jogging on the beach or frantically running after your toddler, the Tulum’s cross back straps support you.


Ratings Breakdown


The Andie Swim swimsuits feel like they are high quality material and definitely move well with your body.


These swimsuits perform well and appear to be high quality, but the price tag is still a bit steep for a lot of consumers.


Their swimsuits are built to make you look good and stay put no matter what activities you’re doing in them.


Andie Swim is a woman-founded company that focuses on creating great swimsuit styles for every body. But they could incorporate more ecological processes and/or philanthropic endeavors to boost themselves even higher as a brand.

Who is Andie Swim?

Andie Swim was founded by Melanie Travis in 2016. She created the line as a solution to her (and many other women’s) issues with the current swimsuit market. The most common way of having to go into a physical store and try on tons of different swimsuits under horrible lighting isn’t good for anyone. And, the majority of the time, once you get the swimsuit home, it doesn’t fit properly.

She found this to be the case when she bought a brand new, high-end swimsuit and tried it out on the beach the first time. It didn’t stay put in the places where it should and she spent most of the day constantly rearranging her suit, which detracted from the fun she was supposed to be having. And the mission to create a better line of ladies’ swimwear that actually does what it’s supposed to do while being flattering was born.


  • Comfortable
  • Stays put
  • Cute details
  • Different fabric offerings, including eco friendly
  • Woman-owned business
  • Free returns and exchanges


  • LIttle pricey
  • Long shipping times
  • Long dry times
  • Made in China

Andie Swim Fit, Style, and Performance

When it comes to swimwear, I have my fair share of styles and designs. However, I’m always on the hunt for a swimsuit that will stay put all day long and still makes me look and feel great. When I heard about what Andie Swim was doing for ladies swimwear, I decided it was time to give them a shot.

The Tulum – Flat

About Sunday Citizen

The first swimsuit I tried from the line was The Tulum – Flat in Tropical Floral. I have been in the market for a good one piece that doesn’t look matronly for quite some time. And I hoped this one would fit the bill.

Upon receiving this swimsuit, I noticed how nice the fit was. It was snug in all the right places, but also exceedingly comfortable. I put this suit through a day-long test at a barbeque with friends.

I did everything from lounge around to swim to pool volleyball and it flawlessly stayed put the entire time. I received multiple compliments on my suit and I loved the design of the back straps.

About Sunday Citizen

The quality of this swimsuit seems high end and it didn’t make me look like an old woman. Therefore, this is hands down my new go-to one-piece swimsuit.

The Ventura Top – Flat

As someone who owns a lot of two-pieces already, I was interested to see how this one compared. I went with The Ventura Top – Flat in Navy. My thought process was that it would hold everything where it belonged during a lot of activity but also still help me look awesome.

About Sunday Citizen

I ordered a size small because that’s the usual size I wear in tops. As soon as I put it on I realized that it was probably one size too large for me. The straps on this top aren’t adjustable, so for someone as small as I am it made the top fit funky.

While I liked how it looked, not being able to adjust the straps was an issue throughout the day. I felt a little insecure in the top because nothing stayed put the way it should. If I had to do it over again, I would have chosen an extra small size because I think that would have done the trick.

Of course, I may have been able to save myself the error if I had used their Fit Finder. This 12 question quiz is designed to help you find your best Andie Swim fit with all of their products.

The Banded Bottom – Flat

The Banded Bottom – Flat in Navy was much better than the top, with regards to how it fit. These bikini bottoms felt more snug, but weren’t too tight. I thought they made my butt look really nice and I was comfortable in them all day long.

About Sunday Citizen

I put this bikini set through the same whole day testing as the one piece and am happy to say that the bottoms performed flawlessly. They felt sporty but also a bit sexy. My only note with this particular bottom was that the fabric felt a bit thinner than the one piece set.

According to the brand, it has the exact same fabric content, so I’m not sure why that would be. But, I felt that this swimsuit would simply not last as long as the one-piece with regular activity.

About Sunday Citizen

My biggest surprise was that both sets took over a day to dry. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the humidity of that day, but I’ve never had a swimsuit take this long to dry.

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Is the Andie Swim Good Quality?

Overall, my experience with these two Andie Swim bathing suits was great. Most of their suits are made out of the same 82% nylon and 18% spandex blend. This fabric blend is fairly common for swimsuits, but is not necessarily built to last for the long haul. This is due to the UV reactivity of the nylon, which breaks down faster than some other materials, such as polyester.

Plus, depending upon where the nylon is sourced from, it could not be so ecologically friendly. Since the brand doesn’t give us any information as to where they source their raw materials, there’s really no way to tell.

The brand also doesn’t disclose any information about their manufacturing other than they manufacture in China. They claim that all of their swimwear is made by the leading swimwear manufacturer and that the plant follows ethical and fair trade practices. I prefer a bit more than that when I’m looking at quality controls, ethical and fair trade practices, and sustainability.

So, in all honesty, I can’t give them a perfect 5 out of 5 without more transparency there. But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t making a quality product.

Is the Andie Swim Worth It?

The Andie Swim price point is certainly not budget friendly, but, let’s be real, nothing about how they look on me says budget. I feel great in these suits, and I think they make me look fantastic. Which is basically the number one factor in buying a swimsuit in the first place, if we’re being honest. So do I love the price tag? I don’t feel like I’m getting a steal, but it’s well in line with how their beauty and performance.


I also have the concern with how the material will hold up over time so updates will be coming next summer season to see if their quality lasts. I plan to get a lot of wears out of these in the meantime.

Andie Swim Coupons & Discounts

If you sign up for the Andie Swim email list, they will send you a mystery discount code….

The one I got was for free shipping. So, it’s a safe bet that you’ll at least get that one, at some point in time. However, it appears they will send you other discount codes for specific items throughout the year once you sign up also. Plus, they seem to regularly have items on final sale for significant discounts. So, keep an eye out for those to help you save some more money.


Andie Swim Summary

Overall, my experience with Andie Swim swimwear was a great one. I was pleasantly surprised to find a one-piece suit that actually fit me well, looked good, and stayed put all day long. While I had that little sizing issue with the two-piece, it was more than likely my own fault with the ordering. I did like how that particular suit felt like wearing a sports bra and snug underwear.

Again, this prices are on the high side so if you’re looking for inexpensive swimwear, these probably aren’t for you Though, I always encourage people to splurge once and a while so that they can see what not being afraid to spend money on quality items look like.