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Albany Park Furniture Review: Is this Vegan Leather Sectional the Best Sofa of 2022?

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Reviewed by Matt Hayes

Last Updated July 2022

Albany Park Sectional Sofa

The Bottom Line

If you're looking to upgrade your worn out, sagging sofa with a beautiful, modern alternative that doesn't cost you thousands of dollars – look no further than Albany Park. We recently renovated our home and got the Albany Park sectional sofa in 'vegan leather' and we couldn't be happier.

From the quick shipping and easy setup to the beautiful, high-quality look and feel, there's really no reason to go spend thousands more on an expensive leather sofa. Trust us – Albany Park is the affordable, smart way to go.

Read on for our in-depth review or shop now & get $100 OFF your order.


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Albany Corner Sectional

$2,695  $1895 + free shipping


4.9  ★★★★★

Our Rating

4.7  ★★★★★

Avg. Customer Rating

The Albany Park sectional sofa is beautifully-designed with mid-century modern touches and comes in a variety of color and fabric options, including velvet, upholstered fabric and vegan leather. 

The Albany Sofa sectional comes with a 30-day risk free trial, free shipping and is available for 0% APR financing through Affirm. 


  • Very comfortable, beautiful and high quality craftsmanship
  • Outstanding value for your money
  • Ships in a compact box
  • Easy to setup – took us ~15 minutes
  • Great perks – Free shipping, 30-day trial, 0% APR financing
  • Albany Park is a women- and minority-led business worth supporting


  • Can't add additional customization to build modular sectional
  • Big boxes means lots of cardboard to dispose of after unboxing

Ratings Breakdown of the Albany Park sofa


4.8  ★★★★★
Incredibly comfortable and high-quality build. The sectional came together quickly and easily and looks very high-end


4.9  ★★★★★
Incredible value for money. The Albany Park sectional sofa easily rivals sectionals that cost thousands more. 


4.7 ★★★★★
The site is beautiful, fast and easy to use. Customer service was delightful. And shipping was fast. Only slight issue was the heavy box.


4.6  ★★★★
A great, lesser-known brand that is run by a powerhouse husband-and-wife duo. 


4.9  ★★★★★
With free shipping, a 30-day trial, no-risk returns and 0% APR financing available, the perks are top notch.

Unboxing & setting up the Albany Park sectional sofa

Unboxing the Albany sectional sofa was pretty fun and not too stressful. Albany Park shipped our sectional in three fairly large boxes, each approximately 4' x 3' and weighing ~50lbs I'd guess.

The worst part of the unboxing is the giant leftover boxes. That said, the cushions were all protected, packed in well and all the hardware, legs and setup instructions were in the box and easy to find.

The boxes warn you not to cut open with a razor, so we carefully used scissors to slit the tape and then tore in. All in all, the unboxing was easy, straightforward and it was simple to understand how it was going to all come together once we got it out of the box.

Albany Park sofa boxes

Easy-to-follow instructions

Hardware and legs

Installing the legs

Setting up the sofa was also pretty seamless. The base, back and sides slot together using metal side rails and the weight of the sofa ensures they stay in place. No tools are needed at all, except for the final step of installing the feet to the bottom. 

Although it could probably be done with one person, I'd probably recommend two pairs of hands so it goes quicker with less frustration.

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Albany Park Sectional Sofa

$1,399 $1195 + free shipping

A remarkable sofa that's stylish, super comfy and perfect for relaxing. Ships FREE in compact boxes for easy setup. 


Is the Albany Park sectional sofa comfortable? 

Put simply, hell yes it is!

The seat cushions are made from premium memory foam, which provides the perfect amount of gentle hug and firm support. The vegan leather is supple and smooth, with a feel to the touch that is indistinguishable from real leather.

The back cushions provide a good amount of hug while not being overly floppy / loose. This makes it great for sitting up and working on your laptop or cozying up at the end of the night to watch TV.

Is the Albany Park sofa a Good Value?

Not only do I think it's a good value; I think it might be the best value for money of any piece of furniture we've ever owned. As I've said before, the fit and finish and craftsmanship of this sofa is no different than what you'll get at West Elm, Pottery Barn or high-end DTC brands like Interior Define or Burrow. 

Do yourself a favor and trust me when I say, you won't be disappointed.

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Albany Park Sectional Sofa

$1,399 $1195 + free shipping

A remarkable sofa that's stylish, super comfy and perfect for relaxing. Ships FREE in compact boxes for easy setup. 


What is a vegan leather sofa, you ask? Here's everything you need to know.

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Great For:

Vegan leather, or simply faux leather, is a sustainable, cruelty-free alternative to animal hide leather that is rapidly catching on in the furniture, auto, and fashion industry. 

Vegan leather is usually polyurethane or PVC-based, and is often derived from plant materials like cork, cactus or pineapple leaves. It has similar characteristics to animal leather and feels nearly identical to the touch. 

The vegan leather used in Albany Park's sofas come with a beautiful pre-worn look that adds a sophisticated flare to the rubbery, plastic-looking futons that come to mind when you think of "faux leather." 

A Vegan Leather Sofa is Great For:

  • Those who love a soft, luxurious feel but don't care whether it's "real" animal leather
  • Those who value a cruelty-free and sustainable alternative to animal leather
  • Those who are looking to save money over expensive leather options
  • Those who want an easy-to-clean, durable alternative to fabric sofas
vegan leather sofa

Comparing our "real" leather ottoman from Burrow with Albany Park's vegan leather ottoman

When you put the Albany Park vegan leather ottoman side-by-side with Burrow's real leather ottoman, you can see that the quality, feel and craftsmanship are virtually identical. In fact, I'd argue that the vegan leather from Albany Park looks more like "real leather" than the real leather option from Burrow. Chalk that up to the distressed patterning design.

Nevertheless, this comparison should show you that you can feel confident in your decision to purchase a vegan leather option.

Another Great Option from Albany Park: the Kova Sofa Collection

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The Albany Park Kova Sofa has amazing reviews and is touted as being the most cozy and comfortable sofa in the Albany Park lineup. 

The Kova sofa features a feather-blend cushion, making for a plush, pillow-top like feel that customes are raving about. Combine that with a range of beautiful color options and modular configurations, and you've got another winner on your hands.

Great For:

  • People who love a soft, luxurious feel
  • Those who are prepared to spend a tiny bit more 
  • Those who want more modular configuration options

Albany Park FAQs

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Albany Park Sectional Sofa

$1,399 $1195 + free shipping

A remarkable sofa that's stylish, super comfy and perfect for relaxing. Ships FREE in compact boxes for easy setup.