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AURATE Diamond Ring Review: A Better Kind of Bling

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Reviewed by Sharon Quinn

Last Updated January 2022


The Bottom Line: Why We Love AURATE’s Stackable Diamond Ring

With hand-crafted, unique designs and high quality, ethically sourced materials, what’s not to love about these dainty jewels? AURATE pieces hail from NYC where they’re concepted and the majority are crafted. This means they aren’t just easy on the eyes, they’re also easy on your wallet — because without middlemen or import taxes, every item is offered at a reasonable price. Hidden markups? Not here.

Beyond creating gorgeous little gems you can style, stack or save as a gift for a special someone, AURATE’s materials are noteworthy across all categories. Their gold is 100% recycled and sustainably made, their pearls are harvested with the highest quality AAA-grade from the South Sea or are sourced directly from Japan, and their minimum SI clarity diamonds are lab-tested to ensure only premium cuts and colors are selected for every product.


  • Beautiful, stylish, versatile fine jewelry
  • Ring comes in a beautiful, teal box and comes with a complimentary petite, magnetic, teal ring pouch
  • Sustainably made from 100% recycled gold
  • You can wear the ring solo or stacked on any finger above or below the knuckle
  • Easily customized – style offered in 14K and 18K rate gold in either Yellow, White or Rose gold colors
  • Lifetime Warranty on each piece includes complimentary re-plating or repolishing
  • Ring sizer page on their website so you know what size you’ll need before ordering
  • On the product pages of the website, AURATE suggests other jewelry that pairs well with the pieces you browse, so you can complete the look for yourself or the lucky recipient of the gift
  • Your purchase gives a book to a child in need
  • Interest-free installment payments option offered
  • Offers engraving on many pieces
  • You can include a personalized gift message at checkout
  • Provide care and repair instructions on their website


  • Depending on the gold rate, color and size you’re looking for, your ring might be made-to-order meaning a longer wait period for your item

AURATE’s Midi Stackable Diamond Ring: Key Features

Sustainably made from 100% recycled gold

Easily customized – style offered in 14K and 18K rate gold in either Yellow, White, or Rose Gold colors

Price ranging from $220 – $250 depending on selected gold rate

1 round brilliant diamond in low, 4 prong setting

SI clarity diamond (0.07 carat)

Razor-thin gold band

AURATE’s Midi Stackable Diamond Ring


AURATE offers beautiful, real, ethically sourced jewelry all made from 100% recycled gold. In order to avoid the devastating impact of gold mining, AURATE‘s team of expert artisans uses ethically-sourced gold, gems, and jewels to create meticulously handcrafted fine jewelry — right here, in New York City.

Every gold piece is made from either 14 or 18 karats, and 14 karat gold vermeil. Additionally, every diamond is lab tested to ensure its clarity, cut, and color.

Ratings Breakdown


Sustainable gold (100% recycled), SI clarity & brilliant diamond, dainty but strong material


Long-lasting, practical style (day to night), reasonable price, comes with complimentary suede, magnetic ring pouch


Speedy delivery, easy check-out, beautiful packaging & unboxing experience, lifetime warranty


Sustainability practices, book donation program, mission, aspirational but attainable


Images showing you how to style each piece solo or with other AURATE pieces, product reviews from customer on each item page, ring sizer page on their website, care and repair instructions on website, optional customized gift message at checkout offered

aurate ring test
aurate ring test
Midi Stackable Diamond Ring
aurate ring test

Unboxing The Midi Stackable Diamond Ring

The experience of opening the branded box all the way to sliding the ring on invites you to immerse yourself, momentarily, in a world that is nothing short of luxe.

After opening the box, you’re greeted with the sweet message GO FORTH AND SHINE. (By this point I was already feeling quite fancy.) Out slides the tall AURATE embossed teal ring box, and inside is a small certificate of authenticity — reminding you of the quality, fair-price, ethically-crafted, and sustainably-sourced piece you’re about to reveal. It also reminds you of AURATE’s lifetime guarantee and confirms that you’ve provided a book for a child in need by purchasing (or receiving) this piece of jewelry.

Beneath the certificate lies a matching teal suede pouch — just small enough for your ring. Remove the pouch and voila, your bright, shining ring waits securely and comfortably in a ring pillow for you wear!

Can’t Dull This Shine: Wearing The Midi Stackable Diamond Ring

I can’t stop looking at my hand. No, really.

Who knew such a delicate piece of jewelry could be such an eye-catching distraction? My Midi Stackable Diamond Ring is the first thing I put on in the morning after washing my face, and I wear it throughout the day. (The only reason it leaves my finger at night is that I habitually take off all of my jewelry before going to bed.) Otherwise, it ventures with me throughout my daily activities — from walking my dog to downward dog in my favorite virtual yoga class.

Washing my hands and dishes with the ring secured on my finger is a non-issue. Who has time to take off their rings (and who can remember to put them back on after laying them on the counter) every time their hands run under water? I don’t see any visual deterioration from the soapy suds yet, but if I did it’s useful to have the lifetime warranty in my back pocket.

The comfort of this ring is unlike any of the rings I’ve experienced, perhaps due to the nature of the design; an ultra-thin band and a low-set diamond. Styled on my right ring finger next to another thin gold band that’s worn on my index, AURATE’s Midi Stackable Diamond Ring is truly gorgeous by itself and loses no punch when worn next to another ring.

I even stacked it on top of my diamond eternity wedding band in place of my engagement ring one morning because the two looked so beautiful together with the contrast of larger diamonds and the petite stackable gem. (I’m sure you know how that went over with the hubs.)

Full Circle: Final Thoughts on AURATE’s Midi Stackable Diamond Ring

Pleased is an understatement if I’m trying to describe my satisfaction with this ring. From the gift box in which it’s sent, to its day-to-day comfort and sparkle, this product shines in every way. AURATE defies the handmade fine jewelry standard by making high quality, special pieces that don’t break the bank.

Look no further if you’re on the hunt for a “treat yourself” staple you can wear every day, or if you’re searching for a unique item for a loved one. We have a feeling you’ll get extra points when they open it and learn that the brand focuses on sustainability from start to finish.

The level of care, quality, and consideration is evident in every detail of the AURATE experience, and the brand’s products are ones you’ll be proud to wear and share.

Wearing Aurate Ring
Aurate Ring Diamond