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8 Reasons Why Foria is Our Go-To Brand in the Bedroom

Reviewed by Alyssa Enneking

Last Updated February 2023

8 Reasons Foria is the Perfect Holiday Gift for Everyone on Your List

Foria is bringing some serious benefits to the bedroom and beyond with a line of plant-based products formulated with hemp to deliver unforgettable pleasure, comfort, and relaxation – as well as support for your overall wellness. Here are 8 reasons why Foria is our go-to to brand in the bedroom: 

1. Designed to deliver pleasure and comfort from start to finish

Foria's collection of intimate wellness products is designed to support, enhance, and adapt to your personal experience. From their Awaken Arousal Oil to spice up the sensations you love, to their Intimacy Melts to deliver deep connection and comfort, Foria has you covered so you can enjoy every second from start to finish - as you should!

Foria Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD
Foria The Quickie Kit


The Quickie Kit


Mini sizes of our three Intimacy best-sellers designed for those that want to explore the benefits hemp in the bedroom, but don't know where to start. These products will help increase arousal & pleasure while easing any discomfort. 


2. Foria has something for everyone

Foria Intimacy Oil with CBD

With bachelorette weekends, weddings, and Mother’s Day seasons all approaching, Foria has something for everyone on your list. I got some family members assorted non-intimate products like the Relief Collection for mom and the Cramps be Gone Bundle for my sister. But the one I'm most excited for is the best selling Quickie Kit for my partner. It's the perfect gift for both of us to experience each of Foria's bestselling intimacy products together and pick our favorites. I was able to get something for everyone (including myself)!

3. Foria features 3 versatile product collections

Of course Foria's intimate products are designed to enhance arousal and sexual intimacy, but it doesn't stop there! The Relief collection provides hemp plant-based support for menstrual cramps and chronic discomfort, while the Wellness collection formulas focus on balancing stress and supporting sleep. But if you're hesitant to try hemp, Foria offers a few botanical formulas as well. Whatever your personal preference, Foria's products are sure to satisfy, no matter the occasion.

Foria Intimacy Oil with CBD
Foria Relief Melts with CBD


Relief Melts

Starting at $42.50

Find relief from pelvic and menstrual discomfort with hemp suppositories, designed for vaginal and anal use. They melt and absorb to target discomfort associated with menstrual cycles & pelvic floor conditions, so you finally find all-natural relief.


4. Award-winning formulas made with top quality natural and plant-based ingredients

Just like you, Foria has high standards in the bedroom (and beyond). That's why they're committed to plant-based and organic ingredients – for your health and for the health of our planet.

All of Foria's ingredients are 100% plant-based, organic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and  pesticide-free - no synthetics ever. They even use sustainable packaging - such as highly recyclable glass, post consumer paper, soy based inks to minimize waste and plastic pollution.

Foria Intimacy Oil with CBD

5. Thousands of 5-star customer reviews

While I think Foria is an amazing brand, you don’t have to take my word for it. With thousands of 5-star reviews, Foria has a great community of happy customers eager to share their experiences with Foria's sexual wellness products:


"The Arousal Oil is magical. We didn't need any help but we're curious so we thought we'd see what it was all about. WOW! It really does intensify the experience!! Convinced. Hooked. Possibly addicted."

Awaken Arousal Oil



"If I could give these more than 5 stars I would! I'm 34 and I've been dealing with horrible periods and severe endometriosis since my early teens. I'm always looking for natural remedies because I was over prescribed medications in my younger years that has left my stomach damaged. These suppositories help me SO MUCH."

Relief Suppositories



"This product is now an absolute must-use for me. I usually have some PTSD related vaginal pain as well as really painful inflammation, and this completely neutralized both. I think Foria has shown me what s*x is SUPPOSED to be like! I almost cried out of happiness!! THANK YOU for making this product!"

Intimacy Oil


6. Great for me-time or us-time

Foria's products are great to share, but they are just as fun to use on your own. Whether you're enjoying a self-care spa day, or getting back in touch with your sensual side, Foria is sure to deliver a sensational solo experience, too.

Foria Wellness Tonic with CBD


Wellness Bath Salts with Hemp & Lavender

Starting at $27

Formulated to renew you in body & mind. The Epsom salts are infused with the tension-relieving benefits of organically-grown kava, lavender, calendula, ginger, and hemp. This blend uses botanicals to nourish skin, encourage circulation, relieve discomfort, and leave you feeling revitalized.


7. Hassle-free shipping and satisfaction guarantee

Foria Free shipping

All Foria products ship free for  orders over $50 and a $5 flat fee for any orders under $50 within the contiguous US.

Foria also offers a 60-day customer satisfaction guarantee on your initial purchase. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, just contact them within the 60-day time period, and they'll refund your purchase price to your original form of payment.

8. Foria fosters empowerment and community 

Foria is on a mission to make innovative sexual wellness solutions and foster empowerment, community, and dialogue about sex, sexual health, and intimacy. To inspire and encourage others to engage in this effort, Foria gives back 1% of all sales to organizations that are doing the work that shares these values.

Foria Intimacy Bath Salts with CBD

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