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Resale Is On The Rise, And These 7 Fashion Brands Are Leading The Revolution

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Reviewed by Maggie Gibson

Last Updated January 2022

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Single-use or fast fashion is one of the most environmentally damaging industries when it comes to pollution and waste. And as today's shopper becomes more aware of the business practices their purchases support, and as we, as a community, place more value on sustainability, ethics, and positive change, resale, or the practice of recycling and repurposing used, previously-purchased consumer goods, has become an increasingly popular trend among brands and shoppers, alike.

The Resale Revolution

At the end of 2020, ThredUp released a report that resale, as a both a business model and market trend, is starting to soar. Secondhand goods are expected to make up 17% of individual, personal closet space by 2029, which is a substantial leap from just 3% in 2009.

As sustainable clothing brands focus on reducing waste generation by featuring smaller collections of better-quality, versatile, longer-lasting pieces, resale is rapidly becoming one of the most convenient, effective, and eco-friendly ways to get rid of unwanted clothing and upgrade your wardrobe — while reducing carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Recently, Etsy purchased reseller site Depop for $1.625 billion.

And if that valuation doesn’t say something, then we don’t know what does.

It’s clear that today’s customer community, specifically Gen-Z, is letting their dollars do the talking. Having recently surpassed Millennials as today’s largest living generation, Gen-Z is using their purchasing power to amplify and sustain the positive impacts of resale, thrifting, and recycling.

As a result, many fashion and apparel brands have launched their own resale programs and recycling initiatives. We’ve done some digging, and we’ve rounded up some of the best from Fascination brands, so you can shop stylish, sustainable wardrobe staples; discover new, eco-friendly ways to dispose of your old or unused clothing; and support positive change led by the brands you love — all while protecting our planet.

#1: Girlfriend Collective

Fascination Top Pick

Recycle. Reuse. ReGirlfriend.

Old clothes can take 200 years to decompose, so Girlfriend Collective is doing their part to keep their products on trend, on you, and out of the landfill.


This sustainable activewear brand already makes their leggings out of recycled plastic bottles and their swimsuits out of recycled fishing nets. Now, Girlfriend Collective is diving into the resale market through their Recycle. Reuse. ReGirlfriend. Program that allows consumers to send in their old Girlfriend Collective compressive pieces for store credit.

Girlfriend Collective then recycles the material into brand new, top-quality Girlfriend gear. Old clothes can take 200 years to decompose, so Girlfriend Collective is doing their part to keep their products on trend, on you, and out of the landfill.

#2: Tradlands

Fascination Team Fave

The Worn Well Exchange

Tradlands customers can sell and shop pre-owned Tradlands pieces the brand’s Worn Well Exchange.


Sustainable women’s fashion brand Tradlands creates stylish wardrobe staples that last. Their new program, the Worn Well Exchange, decreases the cost per wear of each piece, while helping customers avoid needless waste. Tradlands fans can shop pre-owned styles or sell their lightly-loved Tradlands looks through the Worn Well Exchange resale store.

Tradlands also sells sample styles and one-of-a-kinds on the exchange to ensure responsible recycling of all products no longer in use. Read our review for a closer look at some of our favorite Tradlands pieces, and then head to the exchange to snag a few looks for yourself.

#3: Knickey

Fascination Top Pick

Recycle Your Rejects

Underwear doesn’t exactly have the longest shelf life; it ends up in the trash more than other piece of clothing. Knickey transforms those ready-to-retire intimates through their unique recycling program.


Sure, when you’re purging your dresser or closet, repurposing your underwear probably isn’t top-of-mind, but hear us out. The lifespan of briefs tends to be… well… brief (we had to). So, without a clear alternative to tossing them in the trash, a lot of underwear winds up in landfills.

Thankfully, Knickey is on a mission prevent this panty pollution by encouraging the greater community to Recycle Your Rejects. Through this recycling program, Knickey allows anyone to ditch their drawers in a way that effectively reduces waste while generating a sustainable textile resource.

Knickey transforms old underwear, bras, socks, and tights into new, functional materials like insulation, carpet padding, and more. As a “thank you” for choosing to recycle your underthings rather than throwing them away, Knickey will add a free pair of their organic cotton underwear to your next order.

#4: Boyish

Fascination Top Pick

The Boyish Consignment Shop

The Boyish Consignment Shop allows consumers to purchase pre-worn items at reduced prices and sell their styles for credit or cash.


As a sustainable denim brand, Boyish already makes long-lasting high quality jeans in authentic washes. But as jean styles evolve (RIP Skinny Jeans), Boyish created a way to help you stay on trend, and sell the old styles sitting in your closet.

Through the Boyish Consignment Shop and resale platform, customers can shop and save on pre-owned pieces or sell their styles for store credit or cash.

Boyish @maggiekeating

#5: Universal Standard

Fascination Team Fave

Reset, Recycle, Refresh

Universal Standard launched their Reset, Recycle, Refresh program, giving more women more access to fashionable, responsible clothing in sizes 00-40. 


As part of their commitment to sustainability, Universal Standard launched their Reset, Recycle, Refresh program in partnership with Marimole. Through the program, customers can order a pre-labeled recycling bag for $4.50 and fill it with 1-4 pieces of clothing — from any brand. The clothing will be recycled into new resources and goods, and customers can enjoy up to $100 of Universal Standard store credit to redeem on new styles.

#6: Amour Vert

Fascination Top Pick

Amour Vert x ThredUP

To encourage recycling and support sustainable sourcing, Amour Vert partners with ThredUP, allowing customers to exchange their old and used clothing for store credit.


Amour Vert looks to make every aspect of their production and sales process sustainable, so they partnered with ThredUP, which allows consumers to send in their used clothes and receive credit to use at Amour Vert.

ThredUP bags come with Amour Vert order, so you can take full advantage of the “buy something, donate something” rule that many stylists recommend. And when you do send in clothes, you’ll get a bonus credit to use at Amour Vert.

#7: Harper Wilde

Fascination Team Fave

Recycle Bra

Harper Wilde is helping women get rid of their old bras in a more sustainable and responsible way with their bra recycling program.


Did you know that bras only have a 7 to 9 month shelf-life? Even so, many women wear bras way longer than that. When it’s finally time to get rid of them, donation centers don’t accept them, so they usually end up in the trash. And that’s why Harper Wilde created a bra recycling program.

When you buy a bra from them, it comes with a recycle bra bag. Just add the prepaid label and send back any old bras. Harper Wilde takes care of the rest. So far, they’ve recycled over 30,000 bras, and their goal is to recycle 50,000 by the end of 2021.