The Edit / 5 reasons why Splendid Spoon is kickstarting my New Year’s Resolutions


5 reasons why Splendid Spoon is kickstarting my New Year’s Resolutions

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Reviewed by Erin Boyle

Last Updated January 2022

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Ahh, the New Year. A fresh start— the start consisting of new habits, and the drive to a new and improved you. Embarking on a new wellness journey can be overwhelming at first, especially when you have so many other responsibilities to tend to.

Splendid Spoon makes the switch to a healthy lifestyle a breeze. Their pre-made smoothies, wellness shots, soups, grain bowls, and noodles are all vegan, gluten free, low in sugar and sodium, and delivered ready-to-eat— so you can forget about slaving away in the kitchen in order to have healthy, nutritious meals that aid you in your wellness journey.

Here’s 5 reasons why Splendid Spoon is the perfect solution if you’re looking to build lasting habits in the New Year.

1. They offer healthy, plant-based meals, delivered directly to your door.

Starting out switching to a plant-based or clean diet can be intimidating. Having to search for hours on recipes, prepare grocery lists, and make the trip out to the grocery to find specific ingredients is a chore. Splendid Spoon takes away the stress of meal prep by providing you with pre-made, delicious recipes that you can select from in the comfort of your house (or when you’re killin’ it on that treadmill).

Healthy Smoothies Delivered

2. Saving time on meals = reaching more goals.

Switching to healthy smoothies

Splendid Spoon is the perfect option for those of us who are always on the go. I found it incredibly convenient in the morning to grab a smoothie along with my lunch of choice, and head out the door. Not having to worry about preparing my breakfast and lunch before work gave me that extra time in the morning to get in my self-care routine and peace of mind before my day started.

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3. There’s a variety of selections, so you don’t get bored.

Switching to a plant-based diet with Splendid Spoon sets you up for success in hitting your daily nutritional needs, without compromising on boring flavors or bland bowls.

In fact, Splendid Spoon offers over 50 options of smoothies and meals weekly with rotating menus. The smoothies consist of a variety of fruit and veggie combos,while sneaking in some amazing health-boosting ingredients like chia & flax seed, spirulina, wheatgrass, cacao, & more. Also, each smoothie contains pea protein, which will keep you full until lunchtime.

The rice, noodle, and soup bowls all have a variety of cuisine— from the Vegan Meatballs & Marinara to the Kimchi Fried Quinoa Grain Bowl, you’ll be introduced to plenty of unique and delicious flavors.

Splendid Spoon Pasta
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4. Switching to a plant-based diet has immense health benefits.

Studies have shown that individuals that follow plant-based diets have lower risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, and hypertension.

They also tend to have lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, have healthy weights on average, and live longer in general, According to Meredith Price, a registered vegan dietitian.

Splendid Spoon Rice Bowls

5. Choose a plan that’s custom to you.

Splendid Spoon provides a variety of meal plan options to cater to your specific needs and goals. Options range from just having their breakfast options, up to their breakfast, lunch, dinner, + reset option. You can also choose how often you want your meals delivered; weekly, bi-weekly, or once a month. I personally enjoy cooking, so the breakfast + lunch reset plan was perfect for me. I had my breakfasts and lunches covered, and occasionally would swap one of my lunches in for dinner when I was in a rush.

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