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The 5 Baby Products Every New Mom Can't – or Shouldn't – Live Without

Reviewed by Sharon Quinn

Last Updated February 2022

New Mom Products

For some, becoming a mom is easily the most rewarding experience of your life – and the most life-changing. Between sleepless nights, hasty diaper changes and the constant need to throw a load in the wash, you quickly figure out how much you can do single-handedly. I mean literally with one hand.

So, what if I told you there were 5 products that completely change the game – supporting you where you most need it across the board. Whether you’re new to parenting or just being introduced to these multi-functional must-haves, it’s time to pull up your baby registry – or get ready to add to cart – because every new mama needs these bestsellers.

1. Elvie Pump

ISO efficient ways to do more with only 24 hours in the day? Meet Elvie, the silent, electric breast pump modernizing expressing with two dome-shaped hubs that slip seamlessly into your bra — freeing you from outlets, tubes and loud noises — beyond your babe’s cries, of course. With 5 BPA-free, dishwasher safe parts that quickly assemble, you can max out your pumping time while choosing from 14 intensity settings controlled from an app. And, not just any app – one that tells you the volume of milk you’re expressing as you pump. 🤯 Elvie's all-around ease and effectiveness makes pumping – dare I say – enjoyable. And perfect for getting the job done, whether it be suctioning or freeing your hands to wrap up work. Def not pumping rn...

Elvie Pump


Elvie Pump


A silent, wearable electric breast pump. No tubes, no wires, no hassle. Fits in your bra, and your life.

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2. Lalo's The Chair

There’s a reason this is called The Chair – it’s the only one your little will need from the time they can start solids until they’re coloring the sh*t out of books with half-broken crayons. Made from non-toxic materials including FSC Certified sustainable beechwood, Lalo’s The Chair epitomizes growing with your child since it transitions from a modern parent’s dream high-chair – aka it doesn’t destroy your home’s aesthetic – into a sleek seat. Available in 5 neutral colors, each with an accompanying chic, removable cushion, The Chair feels as luxurious as it looks. Since it's made to last, expanding your kiddie chaos with multiples means you'll be set for years to come.

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3. Esker Beauty Belly Oil Duo

Oh baby, did my belly grow during pregnancy. And oh boy, did I need clean body care to help my itchy, tightening tummy. Esker Beauty’s Belly Oil was the perfect dynamic duo to carry me from the third trimester into the fourth, where my need for moisturizing relief transitioned to wanting to wave buh-bye to stretch marks. 👋 Each bottle is brimming with certified organic ingredients that made me feel as good about lathering them on pre-delivery as it has postpartum. Plus, their unique scents crafted from essential oils give your body a sensory boost quickly. Mama, I know you have about 30 seconds for self care these days. Wind down with lavender or power up with lemongrass and ginger — believe me, your skin will thank you.

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4. Nanit Pro Camera and Wall Mount

Choosing a cam was one of the most challenging decisions when picking out baby gear. It’s your eyes and ears anytime that bundle of joy is out of sight. Needless to say, I wanted visual access at my fingertips anytime, anywhere through an app. Nanit’s Pro Camera checked all of my boxes, plus some. The sleek accessory easily mounts to the wall, giving you a modern aesthetic and bird’s eye view of baby — plus the ability to track his or her breathing, growth, sleep metrics, and even serves as a scrapbooking tool since you can snap endless photos of your babe (hopefully) resting like an angel.  

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5. Dreamland Baby Weighted Sleep Swaddle

Doesn’t getting a full night’s sleep sound dreamy? The first time I put my baby down wearing this Weighted Sleep Swaddle he slept for 7 👏 hours 👏 straight 👏. Needless to say, it's the one (and only) swaddle-turned-sleep-sack we use. From its soothing combination of gentle shoulder to toe pressure to its snug interior band that keeps your little's arms tight against their body, it's no wonder they zonk out...and stay that way. The best part? The machine washable, doctor-approved swaddle transitions into a one or two-arm sack — so, as your baby develops and no longer needs swaddling they continue getting long stints of deep sleep, and so do you. 

Dreamland Baby Weighted Sleep Swaddle


Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle


A gently weighted swaddle to help your newborn feel calm, fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The weighted swaddle features exclusive CoverCalm™ Technology, evenly distributed weight from your baby's shoulders to toes to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.

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