Sleep Savers

8 Editor's Picks to Help You Catch More Zzz's

Modernist Weighted Robe


This 3 lb. wrap harnesses the fan-favorite Gravity Blanket feel in a super soft wardrobe staple. Throw it on after your evening shower, or robe-up while you work from home to keep your body and mind relaxed.

Blue Light Glasses

Warby Parker

Warby Parker offers lenses that filter more blue light than standard polycarbonate or high-index options.

Not sure if these glasses are for you? Pick five frames to test for five days, and WP will ship them to you for free! Add that to the list of ways you can avoid the headache of shopping for sleep aids.

The Original Mattress

Leesa Sleep

This premium cooling, contouring mattress gives you pressure-relieving support for a solid night’s rest. With a durable foam base that provides support at the mattress’s core, it’s the perfect option for sleep positions of all kinds.

See how much deeper you sleep with Leesa’s 100-night trial!

Dream Capsules

beam CBD

These CBD infused capsules help you get more restful sleep, wherever you are. Filled with a mix of cacao, cinnamon, magnesium, reishi melatonin, and beyond, take 2 of these capsules 30 minutes before bed, and you’ll find yourself snoozing more soundly.

Sleep + Restore


Sleep cycle need a serious refresh?

Enter Sleep + Restore, Proper’s circadian rhythm balancing sleep aid. Free of sugar and artificial binders, these natural, non-GMO capsules are sure to deliver restful sleep while creating equilibrium in your body.

The Tub Kit


Bath time? More like spa day.
Soak in some ultra-clean, skin-brightening nutrients with Maude’s The Tub Kit. Whether you’re bathing solo or have a partner to join in, these vegan and cruelty-free products are sure to turn your evening rinse into a relaxing, rejuvenating dip. 

Sleep Tea

Sakara Life

Sakara’s caffeine and stimulant-free blend is your new, sleep-friendly nightcap. Filled with herbs that support deep, therapeutic sleep, this tea is brimming with notes of chamomile and lavender to supercharge your rejuvenation. One cup at bedtime produces some seriously sleepy results.

Straight Facts Trio

Spoken Flames

From spark to scent, Spoken Flames' immersive candle experience engages your senses.

Light one, two or all three for a peaceful evening as you prep for bed. Each has 165 hours of clean burn time, so you’ll be relaxing for many nights to come.