In Vol. 1 of Nik's picks, our resident brand whisperer, "Mr. DTC" himself, Nik Sharma, shares the brands he's crushing on right now

Nik's Picks: Vol. 1

Black Wolf

Ethically-sourced, American-made skincare products, designed by men, for men

Use Black Wolf every day and love it! 


Delicious, all-natural, low-alcohol aperitifs, farmgrown in California. Enjoy drinking all night, sans hangover.

Helena and Woody have made something truly special with Haus.
The Spiced Cherry flavor is 🔥


Prepare for the unpredictable with JUDY's line of emergency preparedness kits. Voted one of Oprah's Favorite Things.

2020 was a disaster! You need a JUDY for 2021 🧰

Authentic olive oils and vinegars, with no fillers or preservatives. Farmgrown in California and shipped direct to you.

These are a legit must-have if you care about quality ingredients.



Oxford scientist-created hydration mix, giving you more electrolytes with less sugar

Hydrant is amazing for staying energized, healthy...and hangovers 😂

Caraway Home

Thoughtfully-designed colorful, non-toxic ceramic cookware to up your kitchen game.

When you're ready to upgrade your old pots & pans, there's really no other option. So good!


A revolutionary new way to try and buy fragrances you'll love.

snif is amazing. Like Warby Parker for fragrances. They're changing the game!


The Modern Intimacy brand that's designing the stigma out of women's sexual wellness

I love bold, audacious missions and Maude has that in spades!