Swoveralls - Dark Athletic Grey

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Who doesn't love a comfy groutfit? The groutfit, aka grey outfit, is a staple to any comfy wardrobe, and these dark grey Swoveralls are simply designed to be exactly just that. Made out of Swoerall’s bestselling super soft and sustainable fabric.

Made out of a super soft blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester. Inside-bib, secret front pocket with zipper closure Deep front bib and side pockets Jogger Pant Cuff Adjustable Straps Zipper fly Unisex Sizing Made inThe USA
Swoveralls uses a special blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester in an effort to use the most sustainable resources available. Each fabric production batch is different, and the color hues might differ slightly from what is pictured. There may be very small, naturally-occurring imperfections in the fabric.
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About the Brand

About Swoveralls

Sweatpant overalls (yes, really) made out of sustainable materials.