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Give yourself a taste of Steep & Mellow's natural, day-enhancing nootropic tea blends.

Includes 1 sachet of Groove Green Tea, 1 sachet of Flow Black Tea, and 1 sachet of Dream Chamomile Tea — enough for 1 cup of each flavor!
Premium Adaptogens - Specially selected herbs and mushrooms proven to help your body adapt to anything life throws your way. Nootropic Benefits - Each of Steep & Mellow's blends has one big power-house natural nootropic to feed your mind, and boost your creativity. Sustainably Created - Steep & Mellow is committed to protecting the earth and creates fully compostable packaging for their products. Natural Ingredients - These aren't your average, boring teas that are filled with chemicals and micro plastics. Steep & Mellow is on a mission to create some serious change — starting with what you put in your cup. Ethically Sourced, Delicious Teas.
Please see individual teas for specific ingredients and usage instructions.
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About Steep & Mellow

Functional teas made with nootropics and adapotgens.