Oil-Cleansing Starter Kit

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CRUDE’s Oil-Cleansing Starter Kit helps you cleanse, polish, and moisturize your skin without the inflammatory agents and microbiome disruptors common in modern skincare products. CRUDE steers clear of soap, detergent, and harsh exfoliants and instead rely on plant-based, flora-loving organic ingredients. CRUDE’s Oil-Cleansing Starter Kit has helped thousands of CRUDE customers say goodbye to inflammatory skin conditions for good.

Cleanse ~ 1 oz. Oil Cleanser, Makeup Remover + Moisturizer: CRUDE’s top-seller for a reason. Cleanse is a non-comedogenic, certified microbiome-friendly oil cleanser that removes even waterproof makeup without wreaking havoc on your skin’s natural moisture barrier or microbiome. Plus, it doubles as your moisturizer. Score. Detox ~ 1 oz. Purifying + Balancing Clay Mask. With two simple and purifying ingredients, CRUDE’s Detox face mask polishes your skin without the inflammatory effects of scrubs or peels. Pull ~ 6 Oil-Absorbing Cloths. Water and oil repel, so you can't rinse Cleanse with water alone. Enter Pull—CRUDE’s super-soft, super-absorbent cleansing cloth. An oil -cleanser's essential sidekick.
Massage a quarter-sized amount of Cleanse into the skin for 60 seconds, 1-2 times per day. Wet a Pull Cloth with warm water and ring out. Lay on the face and take a deep breath. Then remove oil using small, circular motions. Pro tip: Remember to wash your Pull cloths after every use! Moisturize with 2-3 drops of Cleanse for nourished, happy skin. Use Detox 2-3 times per week, or whenever your skin is feeling congested or dull, by thoroughly mixing one teaspoon of mask with one teaspoon of water. Apply with fingers or brush and let dry completely (approximately 10 minutes). Rinse with water alone or use Cleanse with a Pull cloth. Apply a couple of drops of Cleanse to detoxed skin as a post-mask moisturizer. If possible, avoid using other skincare products for at least one month to avoid interrupting the skin-healing superpowers of our tried and true oil-cleansing system.