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Try both flavors of Human Improvement's Chocolate and Vanilla protein powder. Made with sustainable cricket protein to support gut health, digestion, muscle toning, and recovery.

Includes packets of hi! Chocolate and Vanilla protein powders. Available in Mini, 12-Serving, and 40-Serving sizes. Mini: Includes 3 packets of Chocolate protein powder, 3 packets of Vanilla protein powder. 12-Serving Pack: Includes 6 packets of Chocolate protein powder, 6 packets of Vanilla protein powder. 40-Serving Pack: Includes 20 packets of Chocolate protein powder, 20 packets of Vanilla protein powder.
Crickets are one of the most sustainable and nutritious ingredients in the world. A complete protein that is full of iron, fiber, Vitamin B12, and prebiotics. For example, it has 7x more B12 than salmon, 3x more iron than spinach, 2x more fiber than green beans, 1.5x more calcium than milk and 100% of your essential amino acids per serving. Each pound of cricket powder contains 70% protein, while beef, chicken, salmon and eggs are at 33%, 23%, 22% and 12%, respectively. More benefits: Builds Lean Muscle - Helps tone and define lean muscle with 22g of organic protein. Supports Gut Health - With prebiotics, fiber and psyllium husk. Easy To Digest - Scientifically formulated to reduce bloating and improve digestion. Reduces Cravings - The combined amounts of high protein and fiber help keep you full longer. Boosts Mood + Energy - High amounts of B12 and iron elevate your mood and increase energy levels. Improves Recovery - A complete amino profile helps your body recover faster and prevents injury. Organic protein. No added sugar. No dairy, soy, or whey. Non-GMO. Gluten-free. Keto-friendly. Paleo-friendly.
Please see individual flavors for specific ingredients and nutritional information.
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The most sustainable protein powder made from a unique, all-natural ingredient.