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F, Yes Trio Set

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The F, Yes Concept from Spoken Flames: Focused. Fearless. Favored. Because you know no other way. Applaud your foresight, praise your feats, and engage your senses with each candle in the set to help you feel more grounded, inspired, and connected. When you listen to the crackle of the wick and feel the soft glow of the flame, there’s only one thing to say: F, Yes.

This trio of candles from Spoken Flames is the ultimate bundle of positive affirmation. Every single candle engages the senses with their crackling wooden wicks, the golden glow of melting wax, and the scent of three unique perfumed varieties. Altogether, the F, Yes bundle makes up over 165 hours of pure relaxation.
The F, Yes trio allows you to pick and choose between equally delightful meditative candlelit experiences. When it’s time to indulge yourself, lighting a candle will fill the room with a peaceful, inspirational aura.
Made from all-natural coconut wax, these hand-poured candle are infused with vanilla, sandalwood, orange, cloves, cedarwood, jasmine, ylang-ylang, and geranium by master perfumers. The combined wooden wicks burns slowly over 165 hours, giving off a gentle crackling sound that helps erase the world’s distractions and grounds you in the present moment.
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Immersive candle experiences that engage your senses.