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Not to be awkward, but ladies, it's finally here. Meet the after-sex cleanup tool that we've all been waiting for (but didn't quite know how to request). Designed to quickly absorb excess fluids, internally, Awkward Essentials' Dripstick is a soft, medical-grade sponge and the first post-sex, feminine hygeine, self-care product of its kind. Compact, easy-to-use, and discreet, Dripstick delivers quick, effective results, so you can clean up, dry off, and get back to business. *Dripstick® is not a form of birth control, STD/STI protection, or menstruation product.

Grip the handle with one hand. Slowly and carefully insert sponge into vaginal canal. Maintain a grip on the handle. Gently swirl and twist sponge while inserted in the vaginal canal. Use the handle to slowly and carefully remove the sponge from the vaginal canal. If excess fluids remain, repeat these steps with an unused product. Notes: If you're having trouble with insertion, wait a minute for gravity to do it's thing! Only use Dripstick if there are excess fluids present in your vagina. if you are feeling sensitive or sore to the touch, use extra caution or wait until there is less sensitivity. Always pee after sex (even if you use a Dripstick) to help avoid UTIs (they suck). *Dripstick® is not a form of birth control, STD/STI protection, or menstruation product.
Say goodbye to sitting and waiting over the toilet, drips and leaks, wet sheets, and ruined underwear.
Dripstick's sponge is made from medical grade polyurethane (this is the same material as some condoms, the contraceptive sponge, and various hospital instruments!) and polypropylene handle — with no additives. Store package in a cool, dry place at room temperature and avoid exposure to direct light.
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About Awkward Essentials

Meet the new women's post-sex hygiene brand that's making cleanup a little less awkward — and a LOT more comfortable.