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Aluminum - Matte White

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A white wallet? That’s right, Ridge has made one of their greatest creations with this gleaming alabaster Aluminum Matte White wallet. Get ready to turn some heads with this combination of beauty and protection.

Like all of the Ridge Wallets, this one comes with a host of amazing features. Complete RFID protection, the ability to hold up to 12 cards, a lifetime guarantee, and free returns within 45 days all make this wallet the white choice.
When you buy the Aluminum Matte White, you’re buying a wallet for life. Forget about bulky, unwieldy wallets that make you do the constant butt-scoot while sitting. This wallet is light, thin, and can carry 12 cards and 20 bills in its elastic cash strap.
Weight: 2 oz | 86 x 54 x 6 mm.
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