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For those seeking a more advanced regimen, Stryx offers The Pro Blending Wedge. It’s the ideal tool for a professional, natural-looking, application of Stryx cosmetics. Designed with a full array of contours in soft polyurethane, for detailed coverage of both handsome and extra-handsome facial types. Great for use with Stryx's Concealer Tool or Tinted Moisturizer for a more precise application.

In order to use the Pro Blending Wedge, one need only gently brush it along affected areas, such as around the eyes or nose. The contoured edges make application far easier than competitors' products. Combing with Stryx's Concealer or Moisturizer ensures a blemish-free face.
The Pro Blending Wedge comes with a 3-in-1 design: Flat sides for use on the eyes and nose, precision tips for those hard to reach areas, and rounded sections for full face application. The Wedge is also entirely latex-free, so no one needs to worry about allergies.
The Wedge is comprised of contours made entirely from soft polyurethane, ensuring a gentle, comfortable application experience, regardless of the face.
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