Last Updated: April 2021

Ridge Wallet's Latest Drops: The Damascus Ridge Wallet and The Topographic Ridge Wallet

The Bottom Line: Why we love the Topographic and Damascus Ridge Wallets

The Damascus Ridge Wallet and the Topographic Ridge Wallet showcase some of the brand’s finest work. Both laser engraved, the Damascus Wallet is an homage to the forge welding technique of Modern Damascus, imbuing the iconic pattern in 304 Stainless Steel.

The Topographic Ridge Wallet, in celebration of the National Park Service’s 104th Birthday, maps out the Half Dome of Yosemite National Park on 6061 T6-Aluminum.

Both beautifully crafted and meticulously designed, each of these Ridge Wallet styles comes complete with a microfiber cloth, an extra elastic strip, the Cash Strap, AND Money Clip —  as well as The Ridge’s signature RFID blocking technology and lifetime warranty. Minimalism never looked so good.


  • Beautiful, laser-engraved designs
  • Microfiber cloth for clean and care
  • Replaceable elastic
  • Holds 1-12 cards easily
  • Both include cash strap and money clip
  • RFID-blocking technology
  • Additional screws included
  • Free shipping available
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free returns within 45 days


  • Single design choice for both — no variations in pattern or color
  • Credit-card-size only

Key Features of The Damascus and Topographic Ridge Wallets

Damascus ($175)

Topographic ($105)

Modular Design

Ships in compact box

RFID blocking (wireless theft)

Free shipping

Torx screwdriver with additional screws

Cash Strap and Money Clip

About The Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet is an excellent go-to for anyone seeking a stylish, convenient, on-the-go, essential accessory. All Ridge Wallet styles promise incredible durability, effortless style, and enhanced functionality.

These accessories are designed to function as everyday tools — built to travel anywhere and carry the key items you need throughout the day. Each variation sports The Ridge’s distinct, minimalist design for an ultra-tough, extra-useful, and effortlessly cool pocketable piece.

Ratings Breakdown


Bold, compact, elegant, durable, stylish


On the pricier side, but worth the investment. Offers financing options

customer experience

Ease of purchase, free shipping, unboxing, customer service


Story, community, data theft protection, social impact, values


Lifetime warranty, free shipping, RFID blocking, free returns in 45 days

Unboxing the Latest Drops

It’s easy to tell just how much work goes into each design when you open a wallet box from The Ridge. These premium editions are beautifully crafted with a matching box and feel extremely strong yet also lightweight. The Damascus wallet design immediately harkens back to a bygone era: its blueprint inscribed on swords and shields.

The Topographic is no less brilliantly etched (maybe more so), complete with accompanying coordinates of the Half Dome. The Topographic is also smoother to the touch, while the Damascus is a bit rougher and more textured due to its steel frame.

The inner aluminum panels that block RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) are also well constructed leaving more than enough room for your credit cards. (No business cards, sorry!) Each comes with a Cash Strap, Money Clip, replaceable elastic strip, a “Welcome to the Ridge” pamphlet, a microfiber cloth, a Torx screwdriver, and additional screws for emergency purposes.

Everyday Use: The Cash Strap and Money Clip

Using the Torx screwdriver to unscrew the back of each wallet, I played around swapping the Cash Strap for the Money Clip and vice versa.

Funnily enough, I found myself using the Cash Strap more with the Damascus and the Money Clip with the Topographic. Yet, I prefer the Cash Strap overall. The Money Clip feels bulkier (holds up to 12 bills comfortably) for such a minimal product and the Cash Strap feels more secure while holding the most cash (up to 15!). Replacing the inner elastic holding the wallet is also easy, and only takes a few minutes. However, keep an eye on the screws. They’re tiny and quite easy to lose.

The Ridge Wallet Latest Drops: Final Thoughts

The Damascus Ridge Wallet and the Topographic Ridge Wallet are both great additions to The Ridge’s stylish utility collection. Personally, the Topographic, visually, is striking and more my style (it’s also less expensive, which is a plus). However, both wallets have stellar designs, and are well worth the investment for their extreme durability, easily interchangeable enhancements, RFID blocking tech, and that coveted lifetime warranty.

Simply put, each of these designs definitely deserves a double thumbs-up.

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