Western Rise

Say buh-bye to dad jeans and hey, hey to performance clothing made from technical fabrics.

About Western Rise

This one is for the guys. Western Rise ensures that we’re outfitted to look and feel our best no matter the season. Made for versatility, simplicity, and style, these outfits withstand the natural elements while offering comfortable, everyday design — ensuring that you’re always dressed to can take on the challenges of daily life.

Why We Love Them

Origin Story

Family-owned businesses come in all shapes and sizes; they’re not all corner drugstores or diners. Kelly Watters and her husband Will are a couple you might see on a Red Bull commercial — hiking, rock-climbing, and skiing are just a few of their passions. When their outdoor “performance clothing” failed to perform, the Watters embraced their experience in textile manufacturing and founded Western Rise. Their dream was to make a set of clothing that could work for travel, daily life, as well as outdoor activities. Since its inception, Western Rise has been a dream come true not only for the Watters, but for millions of people whose daily lives have been elevated by their clothing.


  • Versatile, comfortable clothing designed to take on daily life
  • Sustainable fabrics ensure a durable and responsible
  • Style is timeless — looks great anywhere, anytime

The Science & The Soul

The Science

The Watters family spans three generations of textile manufacturers, and they use this history well. Built for performance and sustainability, the clothing of Western Rise is engineered for everything from temperature regulation, to stain resistance, to UV protection. Their unique fabric transforms into dozens of pants, shirts, jackets, and accessories, all designed for maximum style and comfort.

The Soul

Instead of focusing on profit, Western Rise dedicates themselves to the highest possible clothing standards. They have devoted thousands of hours creating activewear that works anytime, and anyplace. In the midst of an industry dominated by false promises, overpriced and poorly made, Western Rise is taking the high road toward a better world.

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