W&P Design

Modern-chic, environmentally-conscious kitchen and home essentials.

About W&P Design

W&P wants you (yes, you) to live your best life — with the best possible products. Their collection of thoughtfully-designed, practical product line includes everything from kitchen essentials like bowls and utensils, to cocktail sets, popcorn poppers, and specialized recipe books built to craft a kitchen you love. Each piece is innovative, convenient, and affordable — designed with real life and real people in mind.

Why We Love Them

If mealtime is nbd, if your cup of choice is “the clean one,” or if you describe your kitchen as “a room for food,” then you’re definitely not using the functional, stylish food, beverage, and lifestyle essentials made by W&P.

Origin Story

After meeting on their first day of college, Josh Williams and Eric Prum combined manufacturing knowledge and culinary training to create W&P, inspired by the idea that the things we use to cook, eat and drink can impact our lives and lifestyles in a positive and joyful way. One successful Kickstarter later, and W&P was in-market and on the map with its first product, the Mason Shaker; a cocktail shaker in the form of a mason jar. Since then, the brand has expanded its collection to resealable bowls, to-go mugs, glass water bottles, and much, much more. Williams and Prum took advice and feedback from real people to build their business, and regularly asked each other and the community what they would like to see on the shelves. W&P is on a mission to eliminate the prevalence of plastic in food and beverage products, and they remain dedicated to designing innovative, affordable, environmentally-conscious solutions.


  • Affordable, stylish, functional, innovative kitchen and lifestyle essentials
  • Offers personalization for select products
  • Uses responsible supply chain practices to help eliminate plastic waste
  • Uses real, ongoing, actively-sourced community feedback to design and develop the best possible products
  • Gives back and supports social good through partnership with Edible Schoolyard NYC
  • Partners with other mission-driven brands on thoughtful initiatives and collaborations

The Science & The Soul

The Science

The way W&P make their products is fairly simple — they just don’t rely on plastic. Instead they use innovative design and responsible manufacturing practices to create their convenient, functional, and stylish kitchen essentials.

Instead of plastics, they use ceramic and glass, protected by a layer of matte-finish, food-grade silicone. Every single product is safe for the dishwasher, BPA free, and FDA approved. Some can even be personalized!

The Soul

From the very beginning, Williams and Prum knew that they wanted to have a positive impact on the greater community. W&P‘s reusable bowls, cups, and bottles greatly reduce waste, and the lack of plastic used to produce them means that everything can be responsibly recycled.

W&P also partners with Edible Schoolyard NYC to offer children access to healthy, nourishing meals, while providing them with the knowledge and skills to prepare those meals themselves.