So-Cal-designed comfy athleisure that takes you from your AM pump to your PM hangout.

About Vuori

The company certainly offers an extraordinary range – bottoms (shorts, broadshorts, pants), top (tanks, short and long sleeves, hoodies and jackets) and accessories (such as headwear), Vuori has the answer whether we’re planning a getle yoga session or a hardcore triathlon.

Why We Love Them

What a difference it makes when activewear is designed by someone who cares — not just about the performance of their product, but about how those products enhance and improve the experiences of those who use them. Vuori’s purpose is to fuse, fitness surf, sport and art into products we can be proud to wear – and that enable “extraordinary lives”.

Origin Story

Joe Kudla had been raised in southern California’s surf culture, where he’d through himself into team sports such as football and lacrosse, before moving to the world’s fashion capital – Milan, Italy – for a modelling career. In his own words, he’d spent “a lifetime beating up my body”. But when he turned to yoga to heal his back, he was appalled to find the gear lacked both style and comfort – especially the men’s ranges. Vuori was created to be a “new take on activewear, brining in an almost surg-inspired DNA into performance,” with an upbeat message of healthy, active living.


  • Activewear clothing that blends performance and style
  • Great looking choices for both men and women
  • Shorts, tops, jackets, headwear and more – all made with durable materials
  • Ethical manufacturing and 100% carbon offsetting
  • Free shipping on $75+ orders, free returns

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Each piece of Vuroi clothing is, they say, functionally built with durable performance material to withstand the toughest workouts.”  We’re not sure of the precise science (hey, gotta respect trade secrets) but Vuori showcases fans of their products from the realms of professional snowboarding, mountain riding, surfing and much more.  We figure that, if it meets the exacting standards of people such as Elena Hight, Khalil Rafati and Rob Machado, then the science is probably going to be OK by us.

The Soul

The Vuori product guarantee is called ‘Our investment in happiness’, which is a wonderful four-word summary of the company ethos. But the company also recognizes happiness isn’t just about surfing the ocean waves – there’s also a side which is extremely serious.  That’s why all suppliers are quired to sign and adhere to the Vuori Code Of Conduct which covers working conditions and more, as well as a multipronged approach to sustainability and community – not least a 100% offset of the company’s carbon footprint.