Performance sportswear that takes you from the golf course to the office without a change of clothes.

About TravisMathew

Too often when it comes to their clothes, men are forced to make the impossible ‘pick two’ choice of comfort, style, or functionality. TravisMathew sees no reason why we can’t have all three, and they’ve designed their entire product line to fulfill that ideal.

Why We Love Them

Take their breathable polo that’s not only incredibly soft, but also stretchable. Put it on and you’re ready for the golf course, date night, or drinks with the boys. That’s just the tip of this iceberg with TravisMathew’s performance clothing for work and play.

Origin Story

Though the name may confuse, it was actually the golfer Travis Matthew Johnson who founded this amazing company in 2007 (dropping the second ‘t’ out of humility). Johnson drew inspiration from the golfer’s attire, which required comfort and sports functionality while retaining a certain professionalism, and Southern California’s surf, sand, and sun lifestyle. He wanted to create a brand that allowed men to seamlessly transition between work to play in high-quality, fashionable clothing. Innovating constantly and experimenting with fantastic new fabrics, TravisMathew took off. Between their huge online presence and stores in eleven states, TravisMathew is going strong after fourteen years of outfitting men in some of the most comfortable performance clothes out there.


  • Extremely versatile men’s clothing that blends comfort with functionality
  • Huge variety of clothing, hats, shoes, and accessories
  • Fabrics are easily washed, with enhanced stretchy and wrinkle-resistant material
  • Rewards program for discounts and exclusive offers

The Science & The Soul

The Science

In order to create the perfect mix of comfort, versatility, and style, TravisMathew needed something a bit better than your standard cotton blends. Most items in the product line have been made with an innovative polyester/spandex blend, which allows for not only easy wash, but also a breathable, lightweight feel, an enhanced stretch, and even the ability to naturally resist wrinkles. Their pants feature a stretch waistband for 1-2 inches of stretch and total recovery. This is fashion science at its finest, and it’s never felt so good.

TravisMathew is also known for stylish and snapbacks. Their Flexfit 110 technology, which is available in all of their snapbacks, adapts perfectly to 10 sizes. Because the last thing you want to worry about when you’re out and about is your hat falling off. One size really doest fit all with TravisMathew’s snapbacks, which is why they have become a recognizable symbol of the brand.

The Soul

With their Life on Tour program, TravisMathew shares the stories of inspiring and amazing people like athletes, veterans, podcasters, entrepreneurs, or just uniquely awesome human beings. Telling these tales allows for a community to grow and gives the subjects the chance to share their story with the world.