Every ponytail's dream — strong gripped, damage and crease reducing, no-fuss hair ties.


Kiss your traditional hair tie (and all the ripped out hair and headaches that come with it) goodbye — and say hello to TELETIES a modern hair accessory that doesn’t hurt your hair and doubles as a stylish bracelet.

Why We Love Them

For every purchase, TELETIES donates to FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered), a non-profit that improves the lives of people and families of patients affected by hereditary breast, ovarian and related cancers.

Origin Story

Like many other people with long hair, Lindsay Muscato found that her normal hair ties were not working properly. When she was young, she found herself always redoing her ponytail on the soccer field because it wouldn’t hold up during high activity. As she grew older, not only were hair ties ineffective at holding hair in place, but the materials used in the hairband tangled hair easily, causing split ends and ripping it out. These problems continued throughout the next decade, and Muscato worked for years to design a prototype that would best fix the many, frequent malfunctions of the common hair tie. After many trials of her homemade prototypes, using different materials, sizes, and strategies, she settled on the signature TELETIES design. Muscato launched TELETIES in 2016 from her garage with help from her friends — while raising her two kids. Thanks to the product’s numerous 5 star reviews and enthusiastic social media support, she’s been able to expand her collection to include other hair accessories and dozens of colors.


  • A new hair tie that is designed to be better for your hair and scalp health
  • Doubles as a fashionable bracelet
  • Woman-founded and run brand
  • A portion of the sales are donated to FORCE to help families with inherited

The Science & The Soul

The Science

TELETIES’ no-rip, fashionable hair ties put traditional hair elastics to shame. TELETIES firmly holds hair in place but does not pull on hair follicles like an elastic hair tie does, which reduces headaches and scalp tension while wearing a bun or ponytail. The spiral shape of TELETIES makes it easy to remove from your hair without breakage or pulling. TELETIES are also water and sweat resistant, so you can wear them anywhere, and the band’s grip and strength keeps your hair up, comfortably, across a range of activity levels.

Plus, TELETIES are more durable than your average hair elastic, so you never have to deal with a hair tie snapping and leaving you tie-less, ever again. Once removed, TELETIES do not leave bevels or impressions in your hair like elastic hair ties do, and they  doubles as fashionable bracelets to wear on your wrist when not holding up your hair.

Basically, TELETIES has revolutionized the hair tie for good — and we’re not looking back.

The Soul

TELETIES Founder Lindsay discovered that her father carries the BRCA1 mutation, a hereditary genetic mutation that increases a person’s risk of cancer. A child of a parent with a BRCA mutation has a 50% chance of inheriting the mutation, making it extremely important to get tested when the option is available, and, if necessary, take precautionary measures to fight cancer in the future.

While Lindsay tested negative for the BRCA mutation herself, she was no stranger to the devastating impact of BRCA on carriers and their families; having lost her grandmother to breast cancer.

When Lindsay created TELETIES, she made sure the brand included an educational element in an effort to give back and advocate for awareness of the BRCA1 mutation. In support of this mission, TELETIES donates to FORCE to help families of patients affected by hereditary cancers.