S'well Bottle

Keep your food and drink cool (or hot) with portable, eco-friendly bottles and accessories.

About S'well Bottle

It's time to switch out your plastic bottles for something more stylish and sustainable. S'wells bottles, containers, travel mugs and more make it easy to bring your favorite drinks and food with you, without having to contribute to the plastic waste clogging earth's landfills.

Why We Love Them

All is not swell in the world of plastic bottles. With 29 billion plastic bottles bought in the US alone, and only one in six recycled, we are reaching a point of overflow. Thankfully, S’well is here with an alternative that is truly…nice. Their flagship, 17 ounce, triple-insulated reusable bottle has completely replaced the modern thermos. Its sleek, compact design and incredible ability to keep drinks at optimum temperature makes this one swell bottle.

Origin Story

Several centuries ago in 2010, Sarah Kauss realized ahead of the curve that throwaway plastic bottles were quickly becoming a devastating source of environmental waste. Kauss knew that if we were to end the constant landfilling of these bottles, the people needed an alternative. At the time, options for reusable bottles were fairly slim. As she put it, “stylish products weren’t sustainable and sustainable products weren’t stylish.” S’well became founded at the intersection of function and fashion, blowing the competition out of the water with their flagship bottle. Easily carried, incredibly sleek, the 17 ounce bottle keeps hot drinks hot for 18 hours and cold drinks cold for a record 36 hours! After their initial success, S’well expanded into larger and smaller bottles, as well as food containers, all using their fantastic Therma-S’well technology.


  • Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for an entire day or longer
  • Completely condensation-free exterior
  • Manufactured from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel
  • Reusable bottles and containers help rid the world of plastic waste

The Science & The Soul

The Science

At their inception, S’well knew that if they were to break the chokehold of plastic bottles, then their product needed to be more convenient, more capable, and far more reusable. Developed on what they call “Therma-S’well” engineering, the bottles are triple-layered and vacuum-insulated, meaning that any drink will stay at its same temperature for up to 48 hours! Be careful not to burn yourself when you go to gulp down seemingly lukewarm coffee at the end of the day, and still find it scalding hot.

The triple-insulation means that the outside of the bottle will never become too hot or cold, nor will it sweat; these bottles are completely condensation-proof. High-grade stainless steel results in an environmentally-friendly bottle that looks great anywhere. Did we mention how s’leek it looks?

The Soul

Sarah Kauss founded S’well with a single goal in mind: completely eliminating single-use plastic bottles. Americans buy 29 billion plastic bottles every year, and 80% end up in landfills. Every single plastic bottle takes up to one thousand years to decompose, constantly transmitting harmful chemicals into the groundwater as they do. For every S’well bottle purchased, thousands of throwaway bottles will be kept from polluting our Earth. But S’well goes even further, pledging millions of dollars of revenue to environmental organizations, dedicated to cleaning up our planet. The world is in dire trouble, but with their help, our planet can be swell again.

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