Top-tier makeup and skincare designed for men's skin.

About Stryx

Stryx provides men everywhere with discreet, convenient, and affordable products to cover-up and treat blemishes when in need. Formulated specifically for male skin that is more rugged and oily than women’s, Stryx is great to quickly cover up a stubborn zit, hide bags under your eyes, or soften acne scars so you feel confident and ready to go.

Why We Love Them

For too long, men have been kept from the world of concealer, proper moisturizer, and tinted skincare products. But why should they be? Men suffer acne and skin blemishes, but wearing makeup to cover it up is usually frowned upon. Stryx is here to balance things out.

Origin Story

Like something out of a bad dream, Devir Kahan woke on his wedding day with a new pimple right on his nose. Were he a woman, there would be entire aisles dedicated to concealing and smoothing his skin. Kahan instead had to wear his pimple uncovered during the day and go through the process of photoshopping out the pimple from all of his wedding photos later on. His co-founder Jon Shanahan had a similar experience on his wedding day that included chin breakouts and photoshop. They both believed that if makeup was normalized for men, this whole process would have been a lot easier for them. And then they started thinking, why isn’t it?Instead of just giving women’s products a rugged, masculine label, Stryx was founded to work on male skin specifically, which is normally more oily than women’s skin. It’s not quite makeup, but it will cover up any blemishes or skin imperfections and make skin softer. Now when you wake up with acne, there’s a reliable cure for every man.


  • Convenient concealer, moisturizer, and other great beauty products for men
  • Made to match any skin tone and adapt to the texture and contours of the male face
  • Easily carried anywhere in a pocket, extremely discreet no matter the situation
  • Absolutely no animal testing

The Science & The Soul

The Science

All Stryx products are designed specifically for male skin, skin that differs from women’s due to unique hormones in the body. All products are paraben-free, reef safe, cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic.

The Soul

Thirty years ago, these essential products would have been unthinkable for a man to use. Even today, the vast majority of men get by on aftershave and generic face washes, and just tough it out through breakouts. Stryx is part of a changing culture, one that laughs at archaic notions of masculinity. Is it more manly to show up to your wedding with a pimple? No, it’s just stupid, and Stryx is helping everyone realize it.

Stryx also offers resources like how-to blog posts, youtube tutorials, and even TikTok, bite-sized content to help men of all ages understand and treat their skin problems. From teaching why hand soap is not the same as face wash to how to properly apply concealer under the eye (you pat it in vs. rub it in), Stryx is taking the shame out of men caring about their skin.