Sienna Naturals

Scientifically-formulated clean haircare that revives your textured tresses, making them shine.

About Sienna Naturals

Featuring a lineup of Shampoos, Conditioners, Elixirs, and Masks that leave hair feeling smooth, soothed, and healthy, Sienna Naturals specializes in all-natural, cruelty-free products formulated specifically for textured hair.

Why We Love Them

Ensuring a healthy scalp for all is Sienna Natural’s main goal for their products, and they have scientifically formulated each haircare product to help people achieve it.

Origin Story

Hannah Diop, founder of Sienna Naturals, could not find natural products that were good for textured hair, so she decided to start a haircare line for textured hair without toxic ingredients and with ingredients that specifically targeted her concerns. Emmy Award nominated writer, director, producer and star Issa Rae, joined as a co-owner in September 2020. Rae had experimented with different products for her textured hair for years until she started using Sienna Naturals and found relief. Also serving as the face of the brand, Rae is working with Diop to relaunch the brand, expand its product line, and reach new women. Their products have already sold out three times, and their success is just beginning.


  • Products that focus on nourishing the scalp to generate lasting, truly healthy hair — rather than relying on hiding ongoing damage or dryness with a quick, temporary, artificial fix
  • No artificial or harmful ingredients
  • Educational information on the function ad benefits of the brand’s natural ingredients

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Textured hair is the most versatile hair type in the world, and Sienna Naturals has created products formulated with ingredients that specifically enhance textured hair, regardless of how you wear it. All of Sienna Natural’s products are free from sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, petroleum, mineral oil formaldehyde, and artificial fragrances so they are good for your hair and for the planet.

Responsibly sourced ingredients include Baobab Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Blue Tansy Oil, Silkening Shea Esters, and Sebacic Acid, all of which are clearly outlined on each product page so you can learn exactly why the ingredient was included in the product and how it works. Sienna Naturals aims to leave hair feeling soft while soothing the scalp, and is vegan and cruelty-free.

The Soul

Sienna Naturals was born out of a need for people with textured hair to be able to express themselves however they feel most authentic by ensuring first and foremost that their scalp is healthy. The brand helps users take care of their hair health by educating users on how ingredients affect hair through their content. While the natural beauty industry often ignores the needs of textured hair, Sienna Naturals is advocating for and creating products that embrace the beauty of textured hair, however you wear it. Their hashtag, #beautyuncompromised, empowers their customers to share their health journeys and embrace their style.