Ridge Wallet

The sleek solution and compact way to carry your money and credit cards.

About Ridge Wallet

Don’t let the name fool you; wallet is only one of the many excellent products produced by multi-functional accessory brand, The Ridge. From backpacks and multi-tools, to mobile chargers and signature swag, The Ridge is an excellent go-to for anyone seeking stylish outdoor and on-the-go essentials. All Ridge products uphold the same standard: incredible durability, maximum portability, and enhanced functionality.

Why We Love Them

Basically, these everyday tools are built to travel anywhere, sporting a distinct, minimalist design that’s ultra-tough, extra-useful, and effortlessly cool — all while taking up the least amount of space.Whether you’re out camping, hiking, or crossing country, The Ridge is a brand built to help you do more with less. In the words of the brand itself, you don’t need everything to be prepared for anything — and with The Ridge on your side (or, in your pocket), what you’ve got will definitely get the job done.

Origin Story

Father and son founding partners Daniel and Paul Kane had a vision of a better, simpler way of carrying essential, everyday tools by seamlessly integrating helpful features into the familiar feel and frame of items we regularly use.As opposed to most bulky, cumbersome, bi-fold wallets, The Ridge’s signature line of multi-functional wallets uses a sleek, minimalist design to securely carry your cash, cards, and other on-hand necessities. Each Ridge wallet is built for maximum durability, comprised of long-lasting, weather-resistant materials such as aluminum, titanium, forged carbon, and carbon fiber. Designed to fit a variety of individual preferences and lifestyles, each wallet also arrives paired with your choice of convenient, practical attachment options such as a spring-loaded money clip, elastic cash strap, or both.


  • Small, compact pieces that pack an impressive list of helpful functions and upgrades
  • Thoughtfully designed details and meticulously considered features keep you effortlessly prepared for everyday obstacles, whether you’re off-the-grid or on-the-go
  • Light, easy-to-carry, and extremely durable
  • Beautifully sleek, minimalist design
  • Accessible pricing (and you’ll have plenty of room for all the money you’ll save)
  • Lifetime guarantee and easy replacements for all components
  • Father-son founding team

The Science & The Soul

The Science

While The Ridge is known for its sleek styles and tough, durable casings and finishes, it’s what’s inside the compact layers of its signature card-holding products that sets the brand apart from lookalikes and competitors. Across its selection of backpacks and wallets, The Ridge applies a strategic use of layering and material function to integrate protective, RFID-blocking ability into their everyday gear.

In addition to eliminating the risk of electronic theft, Ridge Wallets also reduce common musculoskeletal health risks that develop as a person’s body adjusts to sitting on a bulky wallet. What seems like a non-issue can actually worsen posture over time as the body adjusts to the constant weight imbalance. This can eventually lead to spinal misalignment, migraines, and even nerve dysfunction. The slim, compact, lightweight design of the Ridge Wallet is virtually unnoticeable, making it a comfortable, balanced, posture-saving piece in-pocket, and a bold, smart, and stylish statement when on display.

The Soul

With a focus on helping eliminate animal product use and reducing carbon footprints, The Ridge extends their philosophy to their business practice: always doing the most possible with the least amount of resources. And if the brand’s dedication to waste-elimination and product durability isn’t convincing enough, all Ridge wallets sport a lifetime guarantee, honoring the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional quality, support, and confidence to Ridge Wallet fans around the world.

For a brand dedicated to demonstrating how a little support can go a long way, family is also a crucial element at the heart of The Ridge. What began as a father and son team has expanded into a supportive professional family and collaborative network of small businesses, creative entrepreneurs, and rising entertainers. Through a desire to encourage a community as strong and enduring as its wallets, The Ridge also partners with many small business owners, creatives, photographers, and independent entertainers to help promote their products and services. These partnerships have allowed many aspiring entrepreneurs kickstart their own professional journeys and business adventures, accomplish meaningful goals, write their own success stories, and discover thriving customer communities of their own.

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