Rae Wellness

Power-up your body's natural feel-good functions with an easy to maintain wellness routine.

About Rae Wellness

From women’s multivitamins to capsules that rebalance women’s hormones and support sexual wellness, Rae offers products to support your needs so you can shine from the inside out. All products are all-natural and packed with science-backed ingredients to help you reach your goals. They are also free of harmful fillers, chemicals, artificial preservatives, and GMOs.

Why We Love Them

Rae is on a mission to make wellness simple and approachable for women around the world, and they live that value by creating educational content in their blog Shine Culture. Rae also donate 5% of revenue to Girls, Inc., a nonprofit that helps women be strong and bold through service and advocacy. Rae is creating an accessible culture of wellness for all.

Origin Story

After a successful thirteen-year career working in Target’s corporate team, Angie Tebbie decided to branch out on her own and focus on something that was near and dear to her heart: wellness. Growing up in a holistic household with a mother as a nurse and a father who had interests in homeopathy, meditation and reiki, Tebbie saw firsthand the power & importance of taking care of your mind, body and soul. But as what happens to so many people, Tebbie began to neglect her personal wellbeing as she prioritized the responsibilities of balancing a full-time career and a family. By taking a step back and focusing on her own wellbeing, Tebbie realized that part of her solution to finding an affordable, accessible approach to wellness would also be shared by so many other women.Tebbie worked to create all-natural formulas that were good for the body with science-backed ingredients that targeted women’s health issues from sexual wellness and hormonal balance to stress and sleep. Tebbie was shocked at the price tags and the lack of accessibility that other wellness brands on the market had, so she made sure that Rae’s supplements would be accessible both online and in stores. She also launched a blog called Shine Culture that partners with doctors to create educational content to help women shine from the inside and outside.


  • Natural wellness supplements to support body, mind, sexual wellness, skin, and overall wellness
  • Rae donates 5% of all revenue to Girls Inc, the non-profit organization inspiring girls to be strong, smart and bold through direct service and advocacy
  • Science-backed ingredients. Vegan, non-GMOs, cruelty-free, and gluten-free

The Science & The Soul

The Science

Rae’s daily supplements are made with gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO ingredients that are free of sugar artificial preservatives, harmful fillers and colors. Rae has 20+ products spanning across categories from skin health, sexual wellness, mood, stress, sleep, and more. Each product is filled with hand-chosen good-for-you ingredients and nutrients that your body may be lacking. For example, the Multivitamin Capsule, a customer favorite, contains essential vitamins like A,B,C, D and E as well as Biotin to promote skin, hair and nail growth and herbs like Ashwagandha to reduce stress.

Rae’s products come in pill, liquid, or powder form so you can integrate your product into your routine in the way that works best for you. Products can also be taken together, so you don’t have to worry about them counteracting the positive effects.

The Soul

Rae Wellness believes wellbeing is for everyone and wants everyone to shine from the inside out. They are focused on creating products that are inclusive and accessible. Rae removes wellness cultures’ high cost of entry by creating a great, affordable product that helps women shine and nourish their body and mind.

Rae also promotes accessible education through its blog Shine Culture featuring articles ranging from how to destress and recipes to improve the brain-gut connection. Rae partners with doctors to write these articles and provide women with resources to create a wellness routine that is good for their mind and body. Last, but certainly not least, Rae donates 5% of all revenue to Girls, Inc., a nonprofit that helps empower young girls through advocacy and service.