Public Rec

High performance comfortable essentials for men and women that you can wear anywhere.

About Public Rec

Getting dress shouldn't be complicated, and thanks to Public Rec's line of activewear and performance clothing, it doesn't have to be. Public Rec sells clothing for men and women that you'll want to wear All Day, and you can!

Why We Love Them

Life is full of tough choices. Whether to live in the city (great social life!) or in the countryside (fresh air!). Whether to spend our vacation in Vietnam (adventure!) or with our parents (home cooking!). Whether to spend Saturday morning on the sofa (recharging!) or at the gym (staying active!). Public Rec hasn’t solved all of these dilemmas, but it has reduced the number of tough choices by one. Now, we no longer need to decide between comfort and style — because Public Rec’s men’s and women’s apparel delivers both. We no longer need to separate our stay-in and go-out styles. Public Rec is perfect whether we’re in the basement or the bar; the market or the mountains.

Origin Story

Zach Goldstein was frustrated with his sweatpants. Why were jeans sold in a waist and length sizing, but sweatpants weren’t? It seemed bizarre. So, instead of waiting for the garment industry to get its act together, Zach decided to sort it out himself. He spent 18 months developing a tailored leisure pant available in waist and length sizing for a perfect fit – more comfortable than jeans, more stylish than sweatpants. With Kickstarter funding secured, Zach put together a network of business partners who were expert in manufacturing, distribution, service. The results speak for themselves. Due to the massive success of their men’s line, Public Rec released their much-anticipated women’s line in December 2020.


  • Performance clothing that combines comfort and style
  • Great range of tops, bottoms, outerwear and accessories for men and women

The Science & The Soul

The Science

We’re all different sizes! We all know this and yet sweatpant manufacturers have treated us identically for years. Public Rec delivers pants designed to match your waist and inseam measurement, creating a comfortable, flattering relaxed fit. The elastic waistband has an internal drawstring for versatility and flex, and the zippered pockets are deep to protect and secure valuables. And Public Rec’s signature synthetic fabrics are designed for lasting, quality comfort and breathability.

The Soul

We love the Public Rec tagline “Because plans change, but now you don’t have to.” In the modern madcap world, our days rarely follow a prescribed plan.  Who knows how the evening will unwind?  How often do we find ourselves in a situation (brunching, movie going, traveling, grocery shopping) wearing clothing that’s entirely uncomfortable – too tight, too loose; too warm, too light. With Public Rec, we simply jump into their aptly named “All Day” pants and jackets or “Go-To” tops and we’re set for anything.