PROVEN Skincare

Scientifically formulated skincare for you based on 45+ lifestyle factors.

About PROVEN Skincare

Just when we think that every avenue of the beauty industry has been explored, we are PROVEN wrong. PROVEN Skincare throws away the typical, collectivist approach of a traditional beauty company, replacing it with an incredible focus on the person behind the skincare.

Why We Love Them

PROVEN uses their scientific approach to create the skincare regime tailored for your skin, and your skin only. How’s that for one in a million? Visitors to the site are given a “Skin Genome Quiz,” in which they share details regarding their skin type, lifestyle, skincare concerns, and the skincare solutions most important to them. Gene expression, lifestyle, location, and skin concern — These four core skincare components form the foundation of PROVEN’s personalized skincare sets, and create the regimen roadmap to have you looking your finest.

Origin Story

Dr. Amy Yuan and Ming S. Zhao became the first skincare business founders in roughly five years to truly evolve the skincare industry. Their data-driven, hyper-personalized approach was a clear disruptive force, and as their story and philosophy spread, the world listened and was hooked. Using a unique AI-assisted software program, Yuan and Zhao have stirred up a once stagnant industry, offering unique and personalized products made for individual skincare issues. The era of “one size fits all” skincare products has passed, and these two founders have PROVEN that personalization is the future.


  • Personalized, tailor-made skincare products for each individual
  • Made from scientific, clean, and non-toxic ingredients
  • Allows you to focus on the aspects of skincare most important to you
  • Provides product formulations and pairings using the Skin Genome Project; the largest active beauty database in the world, allowing for the advancement of skincare worldwide
  • Recognized by MIT and received the AI Technology of The Year Award. Also awarded ‘Personalied Skincare of the Year’ by the Independent Beauty Council.

The Science & The Soul

The Science

In order to create the most effective personalized skincare products, Yuan and Zhao have developed what they call the Skin Genome Project. The Skin Genome is, to date, the most comprehensive database of effective ingredients for skincare, as well as the winner of MIT’s 2018 Artificial Intelligence Award.

Using the data collected, Yuan and Zhao developed a simple, AI-assisted quiz, suitable for any customer. The resultant database, along with PROVEN’s partnerships with fellow leading dermatology experts, allows for a highly personalized skincare set, focusing on the most prevalent skin issues an individual consumer is facing.

So far, 84% of PROVEN users feel their skin is more well rested, 87% claim it is softer, and 94% of customers say that their skin feels smoother.

The Soul

According to founder Ming Zhao, PROVEN began as a personal mission. As a young professional working in finance, Zhao’s life was plagued by the ravages of time and overwork. There was no remedy available on the market, until she joined forces with Dr. Amy Yuan, a computational physicist from Stanford who had her own skin struggles.

With the creation of the Skin Genome Project, women and men with various skin concerns no longer need to rely on faceless corporate skincare entities or mass-produced “solutions” to resolve their problems. Now, there is a scientifically-PROVEN system giving back years of life to those struggling, and every new customer is another person adding to the project.

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